Will the Ukraine Trigger a European War?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 30, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

There is a vast difference between 1950 and 1960 and today as to US power as China dwarfs the US today industrially as the US did the world in 1919.

In 1939 75% of the cars in the world were made in the US. A few comparative figures show Chinese steel production at a 996.3 billion tons a year to 87.9 billion for the US. Car production is about 25,225,242 cars per year for China to about 8,822,399 for the US.  It is the same all along the industrial line. The world does not realize that China is the largest industrial economy in the world and not the US as China greatly understates its GDP.

The US has become industrially hollowed out into giant rust belts since 1980. It was based on currency rigging to maintain our alliances which was ridiculous..

Robert Rubin Correspondence – David Lifschultz


It’s naval fleet is antiquated and largely useless.  The key weapon is the submarine and battle by submarine missiles.  We lose that one hands down.  And there will be no more ocean commerce in war as the submarine wolf packs roam the seas which means our just in time supply chain based on imports is worthless. The Chinese are outbuilding us in submarines like there is no tomorrow. Aircraft carriers are now designed for air attack for onshore targets but the planes and missiles are long range for missiles of the Chinese on shore as we see along the Straits of Hormuz on the Iranian side and short range for US planes and Tomahawks on our aircraft carriers. The US cannot use their aircraft carriers for on shore battles as shoreline missiles will take them out.  The 11 aircraft carrier task forces are worthless.  Nor will the US risk 250 million citizens for Europe in a nuclear war. The very thought is absurd. The US will not defend Europe with nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons will be relegated to the level of gas warfare in World War Two.

Russia can supply by land all the natural resources that China needs and steer it away from Europe. The China-Russian-Iran alliance controls over half the world’s oil with 25 million barrels a day in Russia and its former eastern provinces that it controls, and 22 million barrels a day that go through the Straits of Hormuz. China produces 5 million barrels of oil a day. It would hardly take many Russian troops to take the eastern provinces so it could focus its shock armies on Europe where Germany has half its equipment in shop. There are hardly the troops there as in 1960s for NATO is a shell of its former self.

Our predominate air power in Europe is useless as the Russian hypersonic missiles will take out in five to ten minutes all the NATO air fields and commercial air fields if necessary. If the F-35s crowd the fields they will be go up in smoke The Russian S-600 defensive missile seals their air space so that the concept of mutually assured destruction is over. Russia wins. China can field a 100 million man army but none will be required. We can’t as 70% of those tested at US recruiting centers are rejected. Nor does any man of honor want to go into the US homosexual army where there is danger of molestation while asleep in the bunks nor does anyone want to defend with their lives the sodomite military. The US power is a myth of the 21st Century as France was in 1940 who were defeated in twenty days. And it may be that in our affirmative action army as in Vietnam that there will be a black on white civil war that is going on in the US today all over its cities. Black on white rape is so horrendous that Obama ordered the statistics not to be published. If Biden moves all the blacks out of the cities by building high rise apartments in white residential areas for the rapists as planned in his infrastructure bill, there will be no place for white women to flee.

When the Russian tanks roll into the Eastern Ukraine they will be greeted as liberators as the German Armies entering Danzig in 1939. If Europe mobilizes which is conceptually a joke, the Russian propaganda will be to liberate Europe from sodomy, abortion mass murder, and the immigrant rapist invasion where all of the immigrants will be sent back to Africa or wherever else they came from. There will be no differentiation. All immigrants will be expelled. The Russians will be regarded by the trampled down masses of Europe as saviors. No more martial law lockdowns.  The nations will be free and will not have the EU telling countries as Hungary that the have to have gay pride day for the sodomites to parade their unnatural and perverted vice and sin against God as an execrable example for their children.  The EU ultimatum to Hungary to sodomize its population or leave the EU (for a military alliance with Russia) should be accepted by Hungary.

Lord Halifax in 1694 said: “Englishmen, look to your moat.” England had the choice not to be involved in the continent of Europe if it so chose. It never should have entered World War Two to carry out the Rothschild grudge against Hitler but Churchill was a bribed agent by Baron Eduard de Rothschild who traded Chartwell for the English Empire.  Admiral Sir Barry Dornville reiterated the stance of Lord Halifax in the 1930s and Sir Barry would have maintained the naval treaty with Japan in the 1930s nor would he have entered the European War over Danzig that was 99% German.  Germany had a right to retrieve Danzig that was ruthlessly taken from them by the Versailles Treaty. All German actions in the late 1930s were to return to Germany their people that were forcibly removed from Germany by that treaty. Russia faces that same problem today when the Russians in the Ukraine were removed from them by the Rothschild agents as they had done to Germany at Versailles.

David Lifschultz



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