Part Two: Salus Mea En Fuga


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 30, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The germ theory is the evil spirit theory of the ancients in a modernized form. It is purely superstitious. The main causes of disease stem from the moral degradation of the population. If we look at AIDS one of the primary causes of that disease was the mortal sin of sodomy. It created a breakdown of the immune system of the body. The sodomists used to have orgies in New York City with multiple partners in one night using drugs as a form of stimulation. Doctors that were forced to attend to the crisis would take case histories of the patients, and one doctor who was rich told me that he was so disgusted that he resigned from the hospital being independently wealthy as he would not attend to such filth. The Greek physician Galen said 99% of premature deaths was due to moral degradation which was the view of Henry Ford and Dr. J. H. Kellogg. Kellogg and Anthony Comstock created legislation in America against contraceptives as being both immoral and the primary cause of massively accelerating the aging process, destroying beauty and creating ill health. The immoral movies in the US are therefore a great cause of disease as they promote hyper-degeneration. We have here the basis for censoring immoral movies on their promoting disease. 

Therefore, it is not surprising to find in the west a giant medical-big Pharma alliance for inorganic medicines which at most suppress symptoms but later cause cancer. The western governments do not act to prevent disease but to make money for Big Pharma whose lobbyists swarm like locusts over the Congress which is bought and paid for.

This was scientifically confirmed by Bridget Bardot when she explained how she had aged and become so hideous at 80 for having given her beauty and youth to men. Her hundred paramours damaged her health, and even her hips received a measure for measure punishment that required operations.  See footnote five. Essentially what she was saying that the frequency of the conjugal act caused her premature aging and the destruction of her beauty.  When these views became popular in the US through Henry Ford and Dr. Kellogg, the beauty of American girls became in 1900 renowned all over the world and the US became a great power. Morality came first.  I conveyed this observation to Cardinal Egan in New York City that he should add to the boys and girls education that not only is immorality the ticket to Hell but it will destroy the beauty of the girls and the handsomeness of the boys.  They thus had a selfish reason for being good to be beautiful and not age as the 89 year old Sarah of the Bible who at 89 was such a stunning beauty that kings desired her.

David Lifschultz



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