Starship Earth: The People have been Activated to Deliver the Storm


Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

June 21, 2021

June 21, 2021: The People Have Been Activated to Deliver The Storm [videos]

The information is flowing like the water in China. I’ll provide links, you can explore at will and I’ll provide commentary where appropriate. Deal?

Storms hit Chicago big time.

It’s supposed to be Freedom Day in the UK today but the People’s concept of freedom differs from that of their government and the police are having to deal with it. It’s going to be that kind of a summer.  ;0)  3 min. video

Chaos Erupts In LONDON 21st June 2021 BREAKING HAPPENING NOW

I may have created a monster. I loaded Telegram on my iPad and my Galaxy phone because I want to remain current on the expected developing situations. It’s hard to shut it off, it’s so interesting but I’m no gadget addict.


However, it does enable me to sit outside early in the morning after walkies and collect the news for you, rather than at my desk and that is a glorious start to my day here in paradise. It’s much cooler today.

There are struggles going on to bring the RV/GCR into being. Simon Parkes reports:

Banking system refusing to comply with new exchange rates.

Dow Jones shedding stocks.

Fed Reserve close to political and financial collapse.

Here is evidence of the DUMB destruction, similar to what we have seen in other places; the UK, California. There have been flames and smoke sighted in multiple locations and citizen journalists sharing the footage on social media. Here’s more. Link to Telegram.

Breaking this morning is a breathtaking coincidence.

Here’s another.

Female Tycoon Who “Rubbed Shoulders” With Hillary Just “Fell” to Her Death…

Why the discrepancies in the date of her death? Was it January 6 or January 11? They’re eager to chalk it up to “post-natal depression” in the article below. And why is this coming out now, 5 months later? I don’t recall hearing about it at the time.


The alt news is a-buzz with the fly on the head of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who made a derogatory remark about cicadas. Why did she say that, and why are cicadas so prominent in our dialogue these days?

Viral Moment: Reporter Lets Jen Psaki Know There’s A Fly In Her Hair: “At Least It’s Not A Cicada”

John F. Kennedy [Jr]

Yes, he’s real. Watch the video. Not Diana, no, but definitely Jr.  I heard we have a date for July 4th. It’s not far off and we have a haunting reminder for the future from a historical publication owned by John. Coincidence?

How about this? Another ghost from GhostEzra? Those telltale hands, eh? I assume GhostEzra posted this without comment for a reason. No idea of the date, but it’s an interesting getup he’s wearing. It almost looks like a gown they might put on you to do makeup or cut your hair.

Are we to believe that Jobs didn’t die of a fast-growing cancer? Did he enter a witness protection program? Does he have stories to tell?

I heard there will be no more Microsoft in our new world. Will Jobs help with that?

If you’re in the Valley of the Sun and want to watch the LIVE screening of The Deep Rig, here’s the rundown for June 26.


“The Deep Rig” Movie Premiere Event in Phoenix!

June 26, 2021
4pm to 9pm (MST)



Sign Up For Livestream:

Directed by: Roger R. Richards
Produced by: Steve Lucescu
Starring: Gen. Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne
Featuring: Joseph Flynn, Jesse Binnall, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Bobby Piton, Col. Phil Waldron, Matthew Deperno, and Joe Oltmann.

Q & A Panel with members from the cast will follow the screening.

Important: The live event in Phoenix has a cap of 3,200 attendees and the livestream will cap at 30,000 viewers.

I had a hard time nabbing this on Twitter because it leapt around the page like a hooked fish. A mouse isn’t as good as a net for catching a fish.

We are under no illusions that Canada could have broken free of the talons of the dark cabal were it not for our American cousins as part of the Earth Alliance.

WATCH |  Saskatchewan to remove all COVID-19 public health restrictions on July 11 – VIDEO


At some point, the truth about the Getty Museum has to become common knowledge. Link to Telegram.

Here’s your woo-woo clip for today. Fascinating. Link to Telegram.

If you wish to hear Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call from last night you can listen to the archived call. It was fantastic, as always and I marvel at his ability to keep it all straight. Use the following number:

1-712-770-5402  Access # 767664# and # again.

Signing off for today, my friends. There is no excuse for anyone being uninformed any more, is there?

Go wisely, go safely, go calmly, and maintain situational awareness. It’s that kind of a summer. Big hugs to the crew for all the offerings.  ~ BP


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