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Submitted on June 18, 2021

Fixing a Hole (The Beatles 1967 – 2021 = 54 years)

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in

And stops my mind from wandering

Where it will go

I’m filling the cracks that ran though the door

And kept my mind from wandering


Where it will go

And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong I’m right

Where I belong I’m right

Where I belong

See the people standing there

Who disagree and never win

And wonder why they don’t get in my door


I’m painting the room in a colourful way

And when my mind is wandering

There I will go

Ooh-ooh-ooh ah ohh

Hey! Hey! Hey Hey

And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong I’m right

Where I belong I’m right

Where I belong

Silly people run around

They worry me and never ask me


Why they don’t get past my door

I’m taking the time for a number of things

That weren’t important yesterday

And I still go

Ooh-ooh oh ah ohh

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in

And stops my mind from wandering

Where it will go

Where it will go

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in


And stops my mind from wandering

Where it will go

Song written by Paul James McCartney, born June 18, 1942; credit Lennon-McCartney

‘Fixing a Hole’ video:

This is a response to the article found here the same as

Anna Von Reitz: “No Fifth Dimension” Posted By: hobie on Sunday, 13-Jun-2021 at

It looks like we are on the same wavelength.

No Dimensions



“There are no dimensions. There is just one ever-expanding non-delimited morphogenic information field. Period. No “fifth dimension” to go to.”

One point of view is that the structure of the morphogenic field is an infinite number of dimensions in the octave format.

Duality came from the idea that we are less than God; that we exist in a lower vibration or dimension.

Deepak Chopra teaches: ‘All points of view or no points of view‘. Note the duality of choices.

The good Doctor also espouses ‘pure potentiality’ – all things are possible – in concert with quantum physics (and Biblical teachings).

Here, I take ‘all’ to mean infinite – as far as I can conceive that concept.

In The Law of One Teachings by Ra at David Wilcock’s

Ra teaches of the characteristic separateness of the various dimensions behind the veil of forgetfulness (illusion) in great detail, yet in the end states that Its own teachings are a distortion – there is only the One.

Everything we think, do and see is a distortion – limited to one or some points of view out of the infinite all points of view of the Creator.


Lightworkers see the Flower of Life as the source for all shapes, geometry. It is all circles.

Years ago I learned that the water wheel was an early Chinese invention which functions through the motions of an imperfect circle – a distortion.

Viewpoints are distortions in the field.

Distortions are energies of duality.

Derived from above:

Each individual point of view is a distortion in the One, the ever-expanding non-delimited morphogenic information field.

Mathematics and Science


“Our mathematics is hopelessly imprecise and wrong-headed.

As a result of our math being incorrect, everything else is incorrect– and we can’t get straight until that fundamental flaw is addressed.


This means that our language and our science and everything else, including our thinking process, is more or less fubar, too.

It means that “Einstein” was no Einstein.

And 90% of what we have been taught is bunk.

Members of the military and the scientific community have been shown this, but they have refused to correct the math.”

I see our math as fine, but our science as the product of massive misdirection, for example there are an infinite number of models of the beginning of our universe that don’t have anything to do with a big bang.

Math describes an infinite number of fields. Put them all together and you have the One field.

With their incompleteness theorems, Godel and Heisenberg have shown us inherent limitations in our current math and science models respectively. Note that they used the same science and math to do so.

How does anyone correct the math if it is incorrect in the first place?

Changing to another base, say 12, other than 10 is already part of math.

I have been recently restudying the written-in-language foundations of math. I feel the derivations from those axioms are correct, but at the same time it looks like either all the foundations are not in yet or they need to be altered and / or we don’t understand them. We can go further, deeper with what is already presented. Some unpredicted concept may appear, a new idea.


Einstein’s relativity is based on duality using ‘the observer and the observed’ (model).

In general relativity, the equivalence principle is the equivalence of gravitational and inertial mass, and Einstein’s observation that the gravitational “force” as experienced locally while standing on a massive body (such as the Earth) is the same as the pseudo-force experienced by an observer in a non-inertial (accelerated) frame of reference, such as being in a rising elevator.

How did Einstein leap from being on an elevator to the idea that space-time is curved?

Tesla did call Einstein a shill.

A basis of science is that matter always maintains the same size, is non-expanding. Mark McCutcheon challenged this in his book about expansion theory entitled ‘The Final Theory’ with cover notations: The Next Scientific Advance Beyond Einstein and Newton, Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy, and Inspired by Einstein’s Famous Thought Experiments.

McCutcheon states that during his career in subatomic particle experimentation he witnessed different sized electrons simultaneously. He proposes that all matter expands at the same rate and therefore that expansion is invisible to our ever-expanding eyes – proportional relativity. This would account for gravity – a ball thrown up in the air, although expanding itself, would be hit by the larger expanding Earth just the way we have already seen. All creation would expand outward into the void forever.

The cabal attacked expansion theory with ‘it doesn’t explain (planetary) orbits,’ but I saw a beautiful mathematical proof that it does, very elegantly at that.

However, given that a channel from God stated that if we weren’t spinning we would fall off of the Earth, and that Kryon (through Lee Carroll) stated that gravity is the weak electro-magnetic force misnamed, I believe just that.

Maybe another universe could operate on an expansion force.

Nonetheless, McCutcheon’s model for magnetism as multi-dimensional (quantum) is brilliant. He proposes that the expansion pressure from an unseen higher dimension balances within the magnetic energy field or structure in this dimension. This is a model for infinite zero-point energy.

At there is a different model for gravity involving a repulsion force due to graviton pressure, and much more.

How can anything, including science that is part of the morphogenic information field, be fubar or bunk?

One answer is from certain points of view.

James Clerk Maxwell developed our theory of electro-magnetic radiation showing that electricity, magnetism and light are manifestations of the same phenomenon. He stated there is only one energy.

Quantum physics theory has all creation being energy that is entangled – each packet, wave-particle, photon of energy is connected to and cannot be separated from every other one.

Stephen Hawking developed (formulae describing) information theory, which could be renamed consciousness theory.

Scientists have shown the energy of human intentions can be graphed or mapped and they continue investigating human energies including feelings and emotions.

Science has not stopped.

For instance, after listening to Mike and the Quantum Mechanics’ ‘All I Need Is a Miracle’ for these ‘living years’ I put on

‘Phil N the Cracks’ new rock release on a brand spanking new system – wireless versus wires everywhere and better surround sound with 7 speakers than with 24 previously. Phil flew into The Eagles’ ‘Life In the Fast Lane’ with Rock N Rolls greatest image of Creation in just four words:

‘Everything, all the time’

There is only now, time is an illusion

Eight words from ‘When God Pinched My Toe’ © Kathryn E. May

‘separateness and togetherness at once, difference and sameness’

All that is or ever will be

Putting these ideas together:

All that is: the morphogenic field with no dimensions, no time, and infinite dimensions all of the time, now

One of the problems with the standard model for science is aligning the seemingly reasonable and accurate but separate explanations for the behavior of astronomical-sized objects versus subatomic objects.

This example shows that the large and small scale models are (becoming) compatible.

An episode of the TV series ‘How the Universe Works’ discusses a recent white dwarf star sky event. Investigation of the observations led to discovery of degenerative electrons at work. Quantum physics demonstrates that when those electrons cool down, the star’s core transforms into a (diamond) crystal.

Articles and channels about the coming crystalline golden age are numerous, and many say we just have to remember, not learn anything new.

Consciousness is the substance of the morphogenic field and the research subject of organizations like the A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce) and The Monroe Institute. The science and math of consciousness is emerging – and it seems quantum physics and the mathematics of probabilities, likelihoods and geometry will remain.

Visual geometry, shapes versus the corresponding equations, seems natural. Draw a circle with a diameter and ask your intuition if the ratio is correctly represented by an endless, apparently non-repeating line of numbers.

Lightworkers learn that the language of light is shapes, like the circle, the merkaba and the hexagon.

A while back there was an OpDis article about the hexagonal consciousness movement. I saw a sea diver film the bottom side of an iceberg up close and the submerged bottom was nothing but hexagonal holes.

There is the bedazzling bee consciousness, their dapper dance and hexagonal honeycombs.

A Cobra meditation mentions honeycomb tunnels throughout the Earth’s underground.

In nature we have found and proven the existence of a collective consciousness on and in the forest floor among the mycelium, lichen, trees, stumps and roots, all plants; demonstrating that all life is connected.

Yet duality is a part of consciousness, for one, we take nature as a whole, and two, we look at the plants on the forest floor, or the animals or the minerals.

‘I am’ affirmations have power since they are truths congruent with the natural source, all that is, the morphogenic field; and the speaker is part thereof.

Math has numerology, guidance from higher dimensions. D = 4 so 5D = 54 = the number of playing cards in a deck including the two Jokers

We come out of amnesia a piece at a time, fixing a hole, filling the cracks, to remember to think like the light beings we are.

And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong I’m right

Where I belong I’m right

Where I belong

In love and light


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