(Reader: Mary Monica) Letter to the Universal Leadership, Part II


Reader Post | By Mary Monica

Dear Universal Leadership, The Creator, the General Counsel, the Galactics, ET’s, Angels, etc.,  The New Universe, a Proposal   6/8/21 

*The New Universe I propose is as follows:
#1. No Duality principle — Only Positive Energy, e.g. Love, Respect, Sharing & Peace.
#2. No Genesis #6 Rothschild Domination ethic, Only Stewardship, Partnership & Harmony with humans, animals, ecosystems & the Planet Earth.
#3. No Kill to Eat philosophy, Only Vegetarian lifestyles or 5D Energy Beings
#4. No Negative, Doom & Gloom, Armageddon predictions, Only, I Do Not Give Consent to Negative timelines & Dark forces in life.  I pray for a Benevolent timeline & Ascension.
#5. No 13 Bloodlines (e.g. Rothschilds) enslaving the human race, animals. ecosystems & the Earth — Only equality & cooperative existence for all.
#6. No Old Testament Eye for an eye Revenge philosophy, Only legal justice & prayers for Offenders of crimes.

Thank you. Respectfully, Mary Monica  USA

Letter to the Universal Leadership, Part I

Dear Creator, General Counsel over the Creator, the Galactic Federation, ET’s, Angels & all Other Universal Leadership members,  6/2/21

*PAIN & SUFFERING:  I write this letter to you having witnessed all the Pain & suffering on the Earth.  I am only a low Dimensional human being, but I have eyes & ears that see & hear the cries of the Universe.  You all are of high Million & Billion dimensions; You are all powerful & all knowing.  But I question your Rothschild Satanic Babylonian wars, DNA corruption, Mind Control, African American slavery, the Native American genocide, pedophilia & child sacrifice, animal abuse & torture, ecosystem destruction, Fukushima terrorism, Hiroshima & Nagasaki nuclear bomb attacks, the Holocaust, Stalin mass murders, cancers, heart attacks, strokes, COVID pandemics, racism, poverty, famines, etc. that have plagued the human race throughout Earth’s history.

*WHY?  I question Why you gave your creation — the Rothschilds — the power to Dominate the Earth in Genesis #6 — to perpetrate their evil acts on the human race?  I question Why you created the Kill to eat philosophy — which drives humans to slaughter & kill animals to eat?  I question Why you hide  behind your Free will & Non-Intervention policy — while you handicap the human race with Rothschild Mind control propaganda?  I question Why you plague the human race with negative Doom & Gloom Armageddon agendas such as the COVID vaccine genocide to kill 90% of the human race.  I question your Duality principle, which is an old outdated principle — much like the Old Testament Eye for an eye philosophy of Revenge — For example, as I walk through a beautiful meadow — the sun shines on my face, the wind gently blows the grasses to & fro and a songbird sings to the wild flowers — I do Not need to be bitten by a Wolf — to know the beauty of this meadow.


*ANDRES MORENO:  Galactic Mr. Andres Moreno is the only higher level being/Galactic/human I know of — who cries when he sees an African American man’s look of quiet terror — when he runs an EMF meter across his COVID vaccine shoulder — acknowledging that the COVID vaccine is an evil thing.  Mr. Moreno is the only Spiritual being who wishes a Benevolent timeline & Ascension for all life forces. Mr. Moreno grieves when he witnesses pain & suffering.  All other Universal Leaders just stand by & witness the gang rape of the human race by Satan — & do nothing.

*SPOKEN from the HEART QUESTION to the UNIVERSAL LEADERS:  Holy Creator, the General Counsel, the Galactic Federation, the ET’s, the Angels, & other Spiritual Leaders of the Universe — Please Stop all the Violence & Chaos on Earth.  Do you as Voyeurs of Violence & Chaos — experience Schadenfreude pleasure in the Pain & Suffering of humans, animals & ecosystems on Earth?  

Respectfully Submitted to the Universal Leadership on June 2nd, 2021

Mary Monica.  USA


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