“Yggdrasil”, the World Tree Found?


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Has the famous Yggdrasil tree been found?

Through a randomly found post on the Internet, I became aware of a report

that could lay the foundation for groundbreaking new insights.

It’s about Yggdrasil. This is the name of the “world tree” from Nordic mythology, an immensely large ash tree, which “raises its branches up to the sky and extends all over the world. Three roots nourish the same: one goes to the gods Asgard after their stay, the other to the giant country of Jotunheim and the third to Niflheim (underworld). The three holy fates of fate live at the Urdarborn spring, which water these roots daily with the water of the fountain; this Born is in the Asenlande; in the other, root in Jotunheim is the Mimirsbrunnen, and in the kingdom of Hel the spring Hwergelmer, from which the rivers of hell arise. The tree is inhabited by various animals, such as the deer Dunair and Duratror, ​​which devour its leaf buds; an eagle dwells in the summit, carrying the hawk Wedurfölner between its eyes; at the very bottom of the root lives the snake Nidhögr, which gnaws roots of the tree; a squirrel, Ratatösker, runs up and down between them, trying to create discord between the eagle and the snake. The latter eternally gnaws the roots of the tree to cut it down, like the deer gnawing its branches, but it is preserved by watering, and even in the doom to which the gods gather every day in its shadow to hold Rath, it will not go under, it will only be shaken violently.”

So far so good. So it’s about a tree that is huge, has three roots that extend very far and deep and whose branches reach up to the sky and almost span the earth.

The scenario is somewhat reminiscent of the movie “Avatar”, which was released a few years ago. It is about a distant planet on which stands a giant tree, the branches of which reach up to the sky, in which animals live and which is felled by the evil aliens (in this case, humans).

The article mentioned at the beginning shows a map section of an area on the island of Madagascar.,47.2425842,126994m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=de

on this section three striking features can be seen in a triangular formation.

Let’s take the lower of the three first and look at this section enlarged.,47.3773383,15846m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=de

we actually recognize a formation that is very strikingly reminiscent of a sawn-off tree, of which only a flat stump remains, the transition to the root.

The same applies to the other two.,47.26902,15901m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=de


Even this third formation, although less clearly recognizable, very similar to a tree known to everyone, could reveal an outwardly protruding root which, as can often be seen in the forest or in the case of felled, very large tropical trees, tapering outwards for static reasons,

We note:

According to tradition, Yggdrasil had three roots and was huge.

The possible formations to be seen here could be tree stumps. Their diameter is several kilometers each, which suggests an enormously large tree. If a tree has roots, the tree trunk stands above it, which takes up less space in diameter than the outer circle around the roots.

The “roots” in this picture have a diameter of 5-10km and are 60-70km apart. Even if we assume that the possible tree above was a very, very slender tree, we can certainly assume a tree diameter of 5 km. In my opinion, however, it is probably more than 20km.
If we take a “normal tree, which is perhaps 1m in diameter and about 20m high in our latitudes, then a simple mathematical three sentence leads us to an assumed minimum height of 100km, but probably more 300km!

That is really VERY high. Commercial aircraft fly at an altitude of approx. 10 km.

Even if the tree had the flattened shape similar to a baobab, a tree typical of Madagascar (and ONLY for Madagascar), it would have reached into the uppermost layers of the atmosphere.

I have never seen such formations anywhere else in the world.


Should a crime scene have actually been found here, from a world ash Yggdrasil, THE tree of Nordic mythology, which was felled anciently?

Should the contexts shown in the film Avatar possibly give an idea of ​​what is happening on Earth, only in this case with the people as local victims?

If so, who were the alien invaders who felled this tree?

And why did you cut this tree down?

Should it be mineral resources?

Madagascar has enormous deposits of graphite, and there was once an abundance of opals and precious wood forests.

Graphite is the raw material for graphene. Graphene is THE raw material when it comes to superconductivity at room temperature, i.e. for superfast computers.

As is well known, Madagascar is located in today’s southern hemisphere. According to tradition, Yggdrasil is said to have stood in the north. Is this another indication that the earth turned not so long ago and the former north was now the south and vice versa? You can find more information on this with many details and historical evidence of this fact in my book WORLD CONSPIRACY.

Who has an idea how to find out which raw material is the basis of these formations? Could it really be petrified wood of this size?

I’m excited to see how this story continues!


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