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Submitted on May 26, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

We received a euphoric note from a friend on the end of the lockdown in New York City and the great happiness and prosperity is so visible he feels that all our troubles are over. Everyone is outdoors again in restaurants, theatres, etc. It looks like our self-induced tribulations are all over.

However, one of our investors is a major real estate holder. He said that in a office building he owns at 57th St. near the center of town which always was fully rented is so far 1/3 empty, and this goes for other buildings. It is a disaster. However, the office buildings he owns in Florida are booming. There is a massive move out of New York City based on anticipated rise in taxes and rise in crime.

Generally, markets do not go straight down. Even after the stock market crash in 1929 there was a significant recovery before it declined further to about 90% below the pre-crash levels. Between 1929 and the end of 1932 New York City real estate lost 72% of its value.  

Gigantic federal deficits and printing of money are holding the economy together. New York was bailed out by about 29 billion dollars for the New York State, local governments, and New York City. In fact, all the blue states were bailed out. This was part of the deep state rationale in rigging the elections other than the deep state did not like Trump complaining about how our allies were rigging their currencies against our industries. They are correct that this was disrupting our alliance system but what good are reliance systems if the US has to suffer the destruction of its own industries to hold it together.


A Bank of America research note said New York would receive $12.7 billion, its local governments would get $10.6 billion, and New York City would get $5.6 billion. 

Biden’s stimulus may have just saved NYC — and countless state and local governments

These letters below support Trump’s correct assessment that our allies were rigging their currency against the US.:

Robert Rubin Correspondence – David Lifschultz

The question is how are these gigantic Federal deficits being funded which is and will be largely from the Federal Reserve creating credit. Here is a little history lesson.

It was great in 1929. The stock market was soaring; they were dancing the Charleston dance, and the champagne overflowed. It was all based on an artificial credit expansion pumped into Wall Street. My grandfather was placing his gold dollars in a vault as he did not trust the banking system which was overexposed to the stock market as today in their financing the hundreds of trillions of dollars in derivatives discussed below, nor the currency and economic rigging at the Federal Reserve.  Our business interests in the 1920s were in deep trouble as we were largely in transportation and hijackings of valuable cargoes was a major problem. In order to have insurance we had to follow each cargo with a car with a rifleman. My uncle road shotgun behind the cargoes. One hijacking was so grave that our future was in doubt around 1925. But we did not borrow then and we do not borrow now which is why the Lifschultz Organization is still here 122 years after our founding.

In the 1930s depression my grandfather had the gold dollars and prospered like never before. Our transportation network spread all over. Eventually, we covered the whole world.


When the US goes down it will drag down the world into a monumental depression as it did in 1929 and we will see the rise of nationalism that will make what happened in the 1930s look like a picnic.  Germany 1933 is a good example with 50% unemployment compared to our 25% unemployment in 1933. Then the revenge against the Trotskyite financiers starts.  Note below our real unemployment in the US is higher than 1933 but it is covered by transfer payments that are so high that 9.8 million unemployed do not want to go to work as their unemployment compensation is higher than their former wages. Also, a good part of this is tax deductible which is not the case if they had their job back.

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 changed the tax code so that the first $10,200 of unemployment benefits you received in 2020 is free of federal taxes. That means that only the money you received over $10,200 counts toward your taxable income.

The above enhanced Federal unemployment benefits last until Labor Day and could be renewed, but 23 states are planning to opt out in June. If you review the list of states, you will not find the major blue states looking for the early opt out as California, Illinois, New York, etc. but would cut the incentive not to work for about 3.6 million unemployed.

More states plan to end unemployment benefits and pandemic aid early. What to know

What makes our Bureau of Labor Statistics figures today so distorted is that they drop those unemployed for over a year from the statistics which makes our statistics today a fraud like the inflation rate as they deduct from inflation the rapidly rising in price products or services for cheaper substitutes that are really not comparable.

Unemployment Data Series    Last Updated: May 7th, 2021
April 2021 ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment is 25.5%

These issues are covered in detail in the following essays. The deficits in the Federal Budget are only partly due to the lockdowns but also to the destruction of the blue collar industries who have been shipped abroad based on currency rigging requiring transfer payments to the unemployed. That is compounded by mass immigration which is what Karl Marx called the reserve army of the unemployed that is used as a whip over the domestic wage. That is how Trump brought havoc upon the former Democratic stronghold of the unions. Labor voted for Trump.

The trade deficit increased 5.6% to an all-time high of $74.4 billion in March, the Commerce Department said on Tuesday. The trade gap was in line with economists’ expectations. Imports soared 6.3% to a historic $274.5 billion in March. Goods imports shot up 7.0% to $234.4 billion, also an all-time high.

The U.S. international trade deficit increased in 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and the U.S. Census Bureau. The deficit increased from $576.9 billion in 2019 to $678.7 billion in 2020, as exports decreased more than imports. 

The deep state did not allow Trump to take any action against the trade deficit. Trump was shot down on my idea which I suggested to him to buy the currencies of the surplus nations who were dumping their products on us in a reverse rig.  The idea was so original that it created a world sensation if I do not say so myself. The idea had a lot going for it.  


The US has a net deficit position with the world of 14 trillion dollars which means we owe that much more than is owed to us. What follows is part of the Goethe study below that was written when we had 11.7 trillion in a hot money liability.  

Now, I just looked up at the Federal Reserve balance sheet to find 24 billion in foreign currencies. So our nation’s liquidity is 307.47 billion at today’s gold price plus 24 billion in foreign exchange plus IMF SDR quota of 83 billion. The US can draw up to its quota of 83 billion. The demand on the US in hot money is 11.7 trillion. Generally, a sound company likes to operate on a two to one ratio of current assets over current liabilities or 2 to 1. The US current assets over current liabilities comes to a ratio of current assets to liabilities of the US of 379.47 billion over 11.7 trillion or a ratio of about 1 to 31 using 58% of the dollar value for SDRs. This is a very unsound basis of finance.

What this means is if there was a run on the dollar whereby Japanese holders of over a trillion dollars in US dollar assets sold all of their dollars on the open market, the US could only buy up of this debt of 379.47 billion dollars to support the dollar. Then, it would have no reserves and go bankrupt. 

What is unique about my idea of the reverse rig is that we only would be doing what had been done to us, and it would lower the value of the dollar in foreign trade until not only there was no trade deficit but the 14 trillion net liability could be paid off too. The dollar would fall until we made for ourselves what we needed rather than imported it.

What I am telling you, my dear reader, is the deep state overthrew Trump rigging the election over this issue more than any other as it was linked to our defence relationships such as NATO and the ghosts of SEATO.

David Lifschultz


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