All is an Illusion: The Truth about the Monetary System, How Human Minds are Controlled


Source: Final Wakeup Call| By Peter B. Meyer

All is an Illusion 1/3

  • Toxic allopathic versus natural homeopathic medicines
  • Food Crime
  • Free to choose
  • National Debt is not existent, it is Fake

You are infected through Self-Replicating bio vaccines

On one side, there are the Dark Forces that have had almost unlimited free reign on the surface of the planet for hundreds of thousands of years, but now on the other side are the Light Forces, the Digital Soldiers and the Patriots that are making great efforts and progress to remove these negative forces as soon as they can.

The force, President Trump, General Flynn and the patriots are up against; is basically the CIA, Mossad, and the military industrial complex – MIC, headed by Draco-reptilian officers, known as the Dark Forces, who are sabotaging positive initiatives, making it impossible to break through the negative Quarantine. This is the reason why i.e. commercial space travel cannot commence, even though the technology to make it happen is readily available in the public domain for at least 70 years. But trust the Plan, every day we the people are coming one step closer to full Disclosure. The waiting now is for mass awakening, as grass root movements have to remove the oppression of their respective governments and authorities.

Understandeverything in our world is fake! The sooner people wake up to the lies and deception the better for all of us. Above all, bear in mind you can be real and true in the midst of all this. Don’t let it put you down; let it be a challenge to help to rise to our potential. Our world is absolutely filled with an awful amount of lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fakery, half-truth, fraud, veneers, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing. The good thing though is that once awaken to the deception, people are able to raise their consciousness.

Most, if not all, of the news published by the MSM is fake phony and false. All news corporations are owned by the Deep State for profit who are legally forced to return a profit for their owners. The employed and freelance journalist are censored and not allowed to report investigative true stories.

Entertainment is impregnated with Satanism, lies, fantasies, propaganda and empty false impressions. Whilst, the corporate ‘public relation’ and advertisings are nothing more than fake feel-good marketing tricks. Valid, to associate the audience with happiness, giving feel of concern, equality, or any other feel good assessment, that cannot exist in a negative environment. It basically is weaponised psychological marketing propaganda.


Toxic allopathic versus natural homeopathic medicines

Big Pharma owned by the major Rockefeller archon bloodline members, is the force behind fake and dangerous synthetic medicine, in general called allopathic drugs, as a replacement for natural homeopathic medicine, made for a tenth of the price from herbs, minerals, plants, etc. Big Pharma’s synthetic drugs don’t heal but make and keep patients sick. Among these are vaccines, chemotherapy, radiations and the likes. These drugs kill hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Pharma scientific research has turned out to be fraudulent and cannot be trusted, in accordance to an insider whistle-blower scientist. The majority turns out to be junk science in order to deceive patients and health workers. So is the idea be born, that vaccine induced immunity could certainly be identical to natural immunity, once successfully warded off a disease, like measles, or chickenpox.

Vaccinated proponents went so far as to insist that the unvaccinated are endangering the vaccinated by not getting the vaccine, which is underlined by the herd immunity argument, but defies the logic; if vaccine really worked, there would be no need for vaccinated to worry about catching anything from unvaccinated, anyway.

However, it is rather the other way around with the Covid bio weapon vaccines, because vaccinated people have become walking bio weaponry that infects the unvaccinated! Because, this whole vaccine operation, which is not a vaccine at all but a toxic injection, more precisely a transmissible bioweapon with a spike protein to shed infectious particles to infect healthy unvaccinated people. This injection which is not a vaccine has been designed decennia ago to obtain the most perfect autonomous population reduction ever invented on planet Earth. Akin leprosy disease, where patients were removed from society because they were contagious to others. Experts already talk about batches to be worn by injected citizens. In short, authorities have violated their own existence without regard to legal rules, promoting hoax vaccines to exterminate human existence on Earth.

People who refuse to be injected will die through infection from long-lasting self-replicating bioweapon vaccines through vaccinated individuals. For eugenics the perfect method to reach their target of 90% population reduction, eradicating humanity for once and forever from planet Earth. At any degree, you are warned to stay away of vaccinated people!

The great danger of the self-replicating bio-weapon has now also been confirmed by vaccine pioneer Jonas Salk, in his recently published scientific paper confirming that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is in fact the cause of vascular damage in recipients of Covid injections, causing strokes, heart attacks, migraines, blood clots, impaired vision and other damaging reactions, that have already claimed the lives of thousands of vaccinated people.


These vaccines deliberately inject people with the spike protein, and in the case of mRNA vaccines, the body turns into a self-replicating bio-weapon by ejecting deadly particles from the spike protein plant into their bloodstream and into the environment, which spreads to infect others. Covid vaccinated people are weapons of mass destruction and a great danger to smart healthy survivors.

Only stupid people and zombies get vaccinated because it is free. They do something that they think is OK, when the reality is that it is potentially fatal, but they cannot get up from their behinds to examine the facts, so they believe the lies instead of the truth.

The public is not being told the truth about Covid, masks, social distancing, lockdowns, mortality or vaccines. In fact, the only thing of which people can be 100 percent certain, is that governments, public health officials and the media have been lying persistently and mercilessly on virtually every topic. Lying, as usual, has become the official state language.

In a shocking new report on COVID-19 vaccines, it has been discovered that Pfizer coronavirus vaccines may have long term health effects not previously disclosed, including “ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological degenerative diseases.” The report declares;

“The current RNA based vaccines were approved in the US using an emergency order without extensive long term safety testing.”

“In this paper the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was evaluated for the potential to induce prion-based disease in vaccine recipients.”

Prion-based diseases are, according to the CDC, a form of neurodegenerative diseases, meaning that the Pfizer vaccine is potentially likely to cause long term damage and negative health effects with regards to the brain. The Globalists have created the self-replicating vaccine in order to put an end to humanity on Earth once and for all.

The Globalists have created the self-replicating vaccine in order to put an end to humanity on Earth once and for all.

Food murdering

Our food today has become so processed and packaged, it is full of preservers and plastics, next to toxic, thus in reality; fake food. It gets churned out of a factory rather than grown on a farm or field. It’s full of artificial flavours and synthetic tastes. Some of it is so refined and over-cooked it barely has more nutrition inside of it than a piece of paper. When GMOs are added the food has become poisonous, people must understand this food is nothing else than a crime against humanity.


Just as with fake food, there also is fake water. Real water is flowing and alive, as you can find in a river or mountain stream. Unfortunately, most of consumptive drinking water today is dead, having passed through long distant pipes with angles, being treated with chlorine and fluoride, that both are toxins. Most of the time, water also contains remnants of antibiotics, glyphosate and Big Pharma drugs. It may do just enough to stay alive, but it’s not bolstering the immune system supporting humanity to thrive.

Free to choose

Western nations like to pride themselves with slogans like; being free, open and having a wide variety of choice from food to drinks to whatever. But is this really true? What kind of choice is it when you can choose from over 1000 channels on cable TV and 25 flavours of frozen yoghurt, but when it comes to running society, all major politicians have identical policies on things that really matters?

Is there any real choice when one politician is slightly tougher on immigration, but both support the current parasitic monetary system? Which, is privately owned by the Rothschild central banks and the Federal Reserve cartel. The continuation and expansion of the US-Empire through constant war and military base acquisition shows a different approach.

Crony capitalism where politicians reward corporations at the expense of ordinary people, is nothing else as plain fascism, just to mention this side of corruption. Real choice is the power to have a say in the direction of society, not what material variety people have as a consumer.

National Debt is not existent, it is Fake

A nation can never truly prosper, when in name being free and fair. It is an egalitarian fascist society as long as it has a manipulated unbacked privately-controlled monetary system. With debt backed money, that enslaves the people. The controllers, who own a government-sanctioned central bank in almost every country on earth, long ago convinced the government to adopt their worthless money and rule that it be made legal tender.

This paper of digital money is fake money, because it carries no intrinsic value. These are just pieces of paper with ink on it, or just digits typed into a computer. Called fiat currency based on someone else’s debt, in other words fake worthless monopoly money.

The word fiat means “by Government decree”, so funny money gets its value just because your ‘chosen’ Government says it does! The inventor of this fake money is Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812). After, he once said,

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”


And, his son Nathan Rothschild said,

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne. As long he follows our rules.”

Anyone who has looked at the rapid and almost hyperbolic rise of debt and borrowing in the last 12 years knows every nation is in deep trouble. These countries owe staggering amounts of fake money in the trillion, they all are in debt to the international Rothschild owned banking cartel. What kind of economy relies on constantly borrowing money from tomorrow just to stay afloat today? In real terms all are fake economies bound to crash sooner or later when debt destroys itself.

No one is immune to debt, and the majority of us are in some form of financial debt. Not having enough money, and especially being in debt, causes serious physical and mental distress. This is why banks put people into debt, while a world without any debt is possible.

The world’s central banks have the sovereign power of control over almost any government. So they have created far more debt as is known. For example, have a look at America’s “Unfunded Liabilities.” It turns out these are at least $163 Trillion, more than 5x national debt.

By design, every government runs on debt money, accumulating more debt every day, which is termed “National Debt”. This debt is composed of Promissory Notes, I.O.U.’s, or legal tender, commonly known as fiat money. All these activities are fraudulently administrated in the criminal government bookkeeping systems.

Think about it in another way; every time debt is created; credit of an equal amount is created as well. Because mathematically, debt and creditshould always cancel each other out. There cannot be created e.g. 20 Trillion dollars of “National Debt”, without the existence of an equal 20 Trillion of “National Credit”.

Governments on the whole, have been very careful and diligent and have accrued no equal debts, so that 20 Trillion-dollars in National Credit, that actually is a great deal more than that, has been accrued on the people’s side of the ledger. It’s time to start with accurate bookkeeping, zeroing out the “National Debt” against the “National Credit”. It should be a routine process akin to balancing a check book, but instead, it has been morphed into an excuse for fraud and theft on an unimaginable scale.

There is much more wrong and fake in our society, far too many subjects to handle in one article, to be correctly explained. That in a follow up issue will continue. But don’t forget;

Source: Final Wakeup Call | By Peter B. Meyer


All is an Illusion 2/3

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  • Banking system is a gigantic criminal enterprise
  • The economy is False and Rigged
  • Artificial currency prices
  • The truth about the monetary system
  • Phony Government
  • Nep Democracy
  • Elections Fraud

All Covid-injections are poison turning injected people into bioweapons

Fear is man’s worst adviser. It is the main weapon of the genocidal Deep State globalists. By keeping the population in constant fear, they can control eight billion people at once. The world’s population today is in the same situation as the Europeans were in WW2 under Hitler, where the Nazis imposed fear and coercion on the citizens in the same way, to keep them stupidly in constant deprivation and misery. Fear disengages healthy thinking. Without fear, no one is willing to stand in line for a free poisonous fallacious injection.

For that reason, it is important to reduce the knowledge gap between the awake in the know and the sheeple at sleep. ‘Nothing is what it seems’ and this must become common knowledge to everyone. No  scientist has been able to locate this Covid virus, they have not found any evidence whatsoever to support asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus. There is no pandemic and Covid-virus doesn’t exist, their treatment is not even a vaccine but a poisonous injection to make every recipient a walking bioweapon.

So, it is the other way around, as now is known. Covid mania has been transformed into a bioweapon of mass destruction, by making vaccinated people walking bioweapons that infects everyone else. Vaccinated or not vaccinated! This whole vaccine operation, which is not a vaccine altogether, is a toxic injection more precisely a transmissible bioweapon containing a spike protein to shed infectious particles around in order to infect anyone.

This poisonous injection thus not a vaccine has been designed decennia ago to obtain the most perfect autonomous depopulation medicine ever invented on planet Earth. Akin leprosy disease originated by the Europeans about 500 years ago in Africa and South America, where patients were removed from society because they were contagious to others.

As another reminder; is one of the most devastating plagues in human history, known as the bubonic or black pest plague that resulted in the death of about 1/3 of the European population in the early 14th Century, when homes and work places were inhabited by flea-infested rats.

Now, experts already talk about an insigne to be worn by injected citizens. – In short, authorities have violated their own existence without regard to legal rules, promoting hoax vaccines to exterminate human race on Earth.

Understand; it is quite appealing to the elite cabal that is bent on depopulation, to create pandemics. However, the fact remains that earlier pandemics witnessed, especially the Ebola pandemic, were exaggerated and fake like the latest Covid.


Banking system is a gigantic criminal enterprise

Nobody knows the actual honest value of anything anymore, because criminal Crooks and Robber Barons have manipulated about everything to suit themselves for as long as two centuries at least.

It gets even more complicated when taken into consideration that all the collateral assets used to back the Banks, largely belongs to private people or private trusts and not to the Banks themselves.

The Banks are selling the public big lies, claiming that all these private assets have been “abandoned” and are in their care and that these assets are actually their assets now, legitimising their issuance of up to ten times the value of those assets as debt credit.

What happens when the actual legitimate owners show up and want to move their assets elsewhere? What happens when they want to spend some of their assets? The bank is already grossly “over-extended” and cannot afford these assets being reclaimed.

So, they continue to lie and steal, refusing to let the legitimate owners have access to their deposited money. They tell the trustees and owners, “we don’t know who you are” and “no such assets are on deposit here”, and despite all the receipts and proofs, many people have showed by proving indisputably their claims from the time onwards when their deposits were made and what they consisted of and who signed off on them, the banks continue to stonewall. Their final reply is, “it’s a matter of National Security”. Our banks are “too big to fail”.

People would be better off keeping all their money under their mattresses, especially if they have a considerable amount of money, because although it is anti-intuitive, the more money that is deposited, the more likely it is you will be the victim of this kind of Bank Theft. Once the money is out of the bank, buy hard assets like gold or silver in exchange, in order not to lose hard earned value by inflation, that soon is going to skyrocket.

The economy is False and Rigged

The economy is a central bank manipulated economy, more precisely a debt-based economy, not based on assets, education, hard work and free market principles. Not generating prices and accountability a real free market economy typically does. Instead, the economy is based on fake manipulated prices, for speculative control of commodities, supporting currency by Deep State puppets, manipulated and falsified official statistics, orchestrated propaganda by financial media, and disengagement of countries, such as Russia and China, being directly harmed, both economically and politically by the US-dollar payments system.

For centuries the Rothschilds are in control of banking and governments, hey have been able to dictate laws for the financial system and introduced ‘fractional reserve lending’. This allows the banks to lend ten times of what they have on deposit. In other words, they lend ‘money’ they don’t have. It simply doesn’t exist – called credit – attached with interest on it. That has made the banking system a fantastic, lucrative business model; they lend money they don’t have and charge the borrower interest on it, invented by Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812).


Artificial currency prices

All Currencies have been fixed, propped-up, and “set” by the Exchange Stabilisation Fund (ESF), which has been used as a giant Commodity Price Fixing Mechanism. This ESF-mechanism was designed and implemented by the World Bank on behalf of the Rothschild camp.

And as the judicial system has also been bought and paid for by the cabal, this allowed commodity price fixing of precious metals and currencies. This is a serious crime and otherwise would have been punished.

The reason that commodity price fixing and especially currency price fixing is a crime, is that it results in market and economic manipulations undermining the national independence and sovereignty. This gives unjust advantages to some countries at the expense of others via the artificial manipulation of the value of their currency.

The free market defines the value of everything. The prices of all Precious Metals have been suppressed, curbed and fixed by the Rothschild-owned London Gold and Silver Boards, while the members of Parliament have been kept in the dark, like all the rest of us regarding the volumes of precious metals, equally in the ground and above.

When prices are not known; how much of a commodity is available relative to the demand for that commodity, there is no objective indicator available about what the market value of that commodity really is.

Most people are totally clueless that their money has no value, and that the Central Bank, financial system, and Governments are totally corrupt. Understand, we, the people and our country together are simply one nation under God, as all are equal, like all other 208 sovereign nations of the world.

Regrettably, most people have lost their shining light as a beacon of self-esteem. To address this short-coming; every citizen should take note of this article to understand how and why we the people have been manipulated into perpetual debt slavery.

Most people really don’t know what money is, and what it is not. It is taken as a given but actually that shouldn’t be the case. One of the principal mistakes made is that money is seen as being equal to debt, which it cannot be. As, obviously debt is the opposite of money. Nevertheless, the entire world monetary system is based on debt, which is a fraud and a contradiction in itself!

As result, the financial system is inevitable heading for a disastrous failure. There won’t be a way around it, as debt can’t be used as money. Just, by legally equalising the money created by ordinary people who trust each other, called trust-money, with money created by the central banks which is debt-money, acquires the latter the trust placed into the first.


This results in inflation, which in itself is forthright theft: The increase of the money supply goes far beyond social trust. The conflict between the two kinds of money – trust versus debt money – is clear: because a dollar can be spent only once – in principle for private transactions between citizens, but that same dollar is again being promised to pay off the public debt, through the schemes in which governments are engaged, without consent, nor knowledge of the people.

To keep it simple: the creditor of the money is to be paid back – which is the Central Bank – with the same money created out of nothing. Between the Central Bank and the abused citizens, is a smoke screen placed: by the government’s requirement citizens to pay their taxes in central bank currency. Which, in a sense is the commitment that defines the essence of the debt money fraud.

This scam results in the following consequences: if all debt is repaid, then there is no money left in circulation. Because the first component of the money supply – trust money – serves as collateral for the second – debt money – and the second is for the purchase of the first, while both support the illusion of money. In other words, Public debt is required to create money while the people are told that their money is needed to pay off public debt, which of course is complete nonsense and a huge lie!

The pledge of trust money is a promise. The collateral of debt money that arises from “debt” requires collateral for which taxes are created, collected by the government to pay off the ‘never-ending’ or perpetual debt to the Central Bank in the currency that the central bank itself has created out of thin air. That then is mixed with the trust money already in circulation, making the scam invisible.

The truth about the monetary system

This scam is rooted in the principle of perpetual loans, imposed by central bankers on governments that borrow money that did not exist prior to the loan, against the collateral of tax money from the people, with interest attached.

Money that governments themselves could have created interest-free.

But governments have been forced into an enterprise owned by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and consequently are required to borrow from the central banks.

A free market actually means markets where everyone is freed from regulations to exploit whomever and whatever required. And not the wrong way round where Governments willingly destroys free markets to put into operation injections to benefit their Big Pharma masters. And, simultaneously refusing to guard the public against the created dangers.

Fake Government

Our Government itself is also an entirely fake creation. They should derive their powers with the consent of the people. All current Governments around the world are fake – they exist to exploit rather than protect the public. Governments are not de jure entities but rather de facto. They are secretly incorporated and have become legal. corporations with the sole purpose to maximise profit. Conveniently, the fake Government is headed by fake leaders, these are the puppets of the Hidden Government, whose souls have been bought and paid for by the ruling powers behind the scenes.

Fake Democracy

People use the word “democracy” to mean a system where the common people have a fair say in public affairs. But democracy in fact is a dictatorship, where 51% rules the other 49%.  The proper form for having a say in public affairs by the citizens is Anarchy, derived from the Greek word anarchia that correctly translated means ‘without ruler’. Essentially, Freedom not being enslaves and forced against your will. Freedom means voluntarily, to associate with whomever one desires under whatever conditions or intrusions that doesn’t interfere or diminish the ability of others to enjoy the same Freedom.

Elections Fraud

We live in a world where few people can see the difference between reality and fantasy. And maybe there is no difference. Just looking at the US-election and meanwhile other elections in Spain and The Netherlands, where the results visibly have been rigged, to get the Deep State puppets re-elected.

Elections have become a farce, since the introduction of rigged electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail. If you can’t trust that your vote will be counted properly, how can you possibly think an average person could have any say at all in public affairs? Stalin Has once said; “people who cast their votes, decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

There is much more fake and wrong in our society, far too many subjects to handle in one article, to be correctly explained. There will be more in a follow up issue. But don’t forget;

Source: Final Wakeup Call | By Peter B. Meyer

All is an Illusion 3/3

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  • Fake News
  • Fraudulent State Bookkeeping
  • Welfare Economy out of whack
  • How human minds are controlled
  • No Healthcare but Sickness is the objective
  • People are not aware how subtly their lives have been influenced
  • The economy and financial markets have been falsified by phony money
  • Bogus Defence
  • Covid mRNA spike protein injection is infectious human bio bomb
  • COVID Vaccine Creates Variants

You are being lied to and deceived

Most people lack critical thinking, but it is time for all of us to be armed with the truth, so read on and spread this knowledge. These subjects are outrageous because it affects all of us.

‘Nothing is what it seems’ and that must become common knowledge under the public over-all. There is no pandemic and Covid-virus doesn’t exist, no scientist has been able to locate this virus. We are being depopulated by our own government, that has been bribed and stays under control of the Satanic Deep State. This satanic control is the result of very well organised long-term conspiracies with the only purpose to establish the New World Order, based on the Luciferian revolution against God and Nature.

Everything is fake phoney and false! The sooner the better you wake up to this deception. Think about it, you can be real and true in the midst of all this deceptiveness. Don’t let it get you down; let it be a challenge to help you and all other around us, to rise to our potential.

Humanity has given its power away to fake authority. The real Authority are we the people in our true and original form of self-governance. We make decisions for ourselves. People have been tricked into giving away unquestioning obediently their right to self-rule to an authority that doesn’t exist. Without critical thinking and questioning why to do so, not even understanding the consequences for humanity.

Our civilisation, the product of thousands of years of striving, hangs in the balance. Corruption is everywhere plummeting us into tyranny. Will people defend their liberty and their souls, or will they fall into the dictatorship of totalitarianism?

The Deep State once moulded by the secretive Luciferian Satanists, want the implementation of the new world order by not later than 2030. This obviously, is now taking place all around us. Their powers have infiltrated every aspect of society, from consumables to news item topics. They bring about the greatest financial catastrophe ever in history permissibly being able to introduce their new world order.

Their censorship has disabled our subscriber service. Remember; they don’t want, to get the true message across. Be helpful and spread the messages by sharing our articles with everyone you know. Everyone must be informed about the true state of affairs in which they live. And about what is going to happen!

Fake News

Fake news, it seems, is what people want. News is seen as a form of entertainment. People want entertainment that makes them feel smart, heroic, and honourable. This is the reason people want lies! They don’t want to feel uncomfortable, inadequate, or stupid. So the last thing they want is any serious information or real insight.

The truth is too difficult to accept and too bitter to swallow. People seem to want news that goes down smoothly, and makes them feel taller and smarter. Instead of first-hand experience, the farther away from the hard facts, the falser the news becomes.

The news read in the newspapers is all-over the same, usually takes place far away, based on motives people cannot understand, often founded on compounded fantasies, myths, and disillusions. Published, for example, as financial or economic news.

News is rarely what it pretends to be. It is not a bloodless account of indisputable facts, like a list of temperatures recorded at the North Pole. Instead, every bit of it is influenced and shaped by a web of ideas, myths, and misconceptions. Otherwise, the news would be meaningless as a tool of the elite in pursuit of their goals. For that reason, journalists today are not the true investigative reporters of the past.

Fraudulent Bookkeeping

Monetary system is top down corrupt, based on fraudulent accounting practices; having the power of money creation a bank never can go broke. They create all the money they need, but don’t book that money in their ledger. More precisely, money that isn’t accounted for in their cash flow account. Having the power to create money out of nothing and lend it out against interest is usury.

But what widely not is known, is that issued loans often are not booked either! So having no debt with the power of money creation banks cannot go broke! Hence, loans that are not or partial repaid are never a loss to the bank. Every tiny bit of the loan plus interest that has been repaid, is a one hundred percent profit for the bank!

When for example €100 is created and lent but not accounted in the ledger, and only €20 is returned, the bank still has a profit of €20, because the other €80 of phantom money laundered at its lending was never booked as a claim on debt, that is why it cannot be a loss! And the reason the returned € 20 is a profit for the bank. This exactly is the core of the banking secret, deliberately centred on fraudulent accounting, giving the banking industry in combination with the creation of phantom money immense power.

Welfare Economy out of whack

The Monetary system, Welfare system and Warmongering elites, threaten to destroy today’s economy, leaving ordinary people crippled in the subsequent ruins. Debt worldwide is approaching an astounding hundreds of trillion, with no end in sight. The paper fiat monetary system has run for 50 years in a row, while, the last one lasted only 35 years. Today’s monetary system is long overdue to be destroyed. Peoples’ assets, savings, retirement, in short everything people have worked for is at risk.

Numbers, charts, stories, everything is Fake, Phony and False. The signals are noticeable all around us. They are unmistakably clear. Unfortunately, people are unaware of the facts and the truth and they believe in the grand deception. Only those who are awake know for sure that almost everything that is said about today’s economy is fraudulent, incorrect and misleading. The economy is “doing great,” says the Central Bank. It’s the “best economy we’ve ever had,” says the government, and it’s going to get a lot better. None of this is true. Nothing at all!

How human minds are controlled

Nothing is as it seems. People are told Anarchism is bad and democracy is good. Anarchists are hooligans on a rampage through the streets, hurling bricks, stones and Molotov cocktails, generally forming a nuisance, is the disinformation. But in reality, anarchy is essentially ‘Freedom’, free from enslavement; free from being forced to act against one’s will. On the other side of the coin, a democracy is nothing more than dictatorship rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.  Point of fact, democracy is a fraud as it simply distributes peoples’ wealth, that in the long run, is destructed anyway. Always think mirror; if they say black, the reality is white. When they say turn left, is a right turn better.

The Truth always turns out to be the opposite of what is sold to the people. Take the case of 5G, that is promoted as an innovation for the well-being of humanity, whereas it is nothing less than a weapon of mass destruction, to genocide the population over 90%.

No Healthcare but Sickness is the objective

Health care is a pathological lie, there never has been the intention to cure people from illnesses, since health care has been confiscated by Rockefeller’s Big Pharma industry. It has been initiated by John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) who found competition a sin and was a plain proponent of monopoly, away from the free market. As he explained; competition comes at the expense of excessive profits. So the Rockefellers began to buy up all rivals in their industries, who either were incorporated as partners or as shareholders. Those who did not want to participate were crushed. So they became the monopolist and repeated that in industries as well, like; Banking and Finance Institutions, Energy, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Food Processing, Media, Arms Trade and Production, Information Technology, Education, and a few branches more.

Even so with Facebook, Google, and Alphabet, to bring all entities under the Neural-link. Which, allows Deep-Mind control for an optimal digital brain that connects to the internet; all digital and bio-digital networks, human bodies, machines, robotics, etc. Making available; Enlarged Reality; Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Holograms and other technologies, that can be use available for surveillance, to track, manipulate, control, social engineering, re-engineering, reprogramming, brain washing, children hunting, quarantine, threaten, arrest, committing cultural genocide, and killing of human beings by machines. Bio-Digital AI, Digital AI, make robotics connected to the 5G, 6G and other networks and Deep State command centres.

There has been resistance against this platform, but lately and secretly the EU has given the all clear for all these types of human interventions, because the same families that control all these companies and many others, control the EU too.

The Deep State, through the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, sought control not merely over oil, and all other emerging new energy sources for world economic advancement, but they also expanded their influence over medicine education, and psychology, as well as increasing their control over the authentically science of life itself, biology, health care, and its applications in the world of plants, herbs and agriculture.

People are not aware how subtly their lives have been influenced

For the most part, their sinister efforts have passed unnoticed by the population at large. Few people were aware of how their lives were being subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, influenced by some or other project, financed with the immense wealth of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Researching this subject, it soon became clear that the history of these types of developments were inseparable from the political history of these very powerful families.

The Rockefeller brothers started out by creating the very concept of multinational bio-agribusiness. It is the story of the genetic engineering and patenting of plants and other living organisms.

They financed the Green Revolution in the agriculture sector of developing countries in order to, among other things, create new markets for petro-chemical fertilisers and petroleum products, as well as to expand dependency on energy products. Their involvement is an inseparable part of the story of genetically modified crops today.

Actually, the story of GMO’s is that of the evolution of power into the hands of the elite, during which time it was determined that they would bring the entire world under their control, no matter what the cost. Already, decades earlier, this power was based around the Archon families Rothschild and Rockefeller.

Soon people will discover who and what really has been going on, and who they really are, when we discover our true origin. On one side, there are the Dark Forces that have almost unlimited free reign on the surface of the planet and have had so for tens of thousands of years, while on the other hand there are the Light Forces – the Patriots that are making great efforts to remove the negative forces as soon as they can.

The implications of mass sleepwalking are obvious: with billions of people asleep, those in power who are awake have the advantage. Sleeping people are easily controlled. Their conscious soul exists within a mental prison, harnessed for time, labour, and energy. Those people possess little or no freewill. Read the century old Illuminati-Protocol 3:1;

“I can assure you that we are now only a few yards away from our goal. Once the circle closes, all the states of Europe are clamped like in a vice.”

People act like sheep, and never will break away from the madness. Wakeup and stay grounded to fight for your freedom and a free world without any dictatorship.

Covid mRNA spike protein injection is infectious human bio bomb

The Covid vaccine is also an illusion; it is not a vaccine but a toxic injection that makes people believe they are protected against something that is not, but reduces their life expectancy to a maximum of three years. Worse still; Up to thousands of people “not vaccinated” report having side effects from Covid-vaccines, but without being vaccinated. The fact is people who are not vaccinated, but have been in contact with “vaccinated” people are infected with unprecedented amount of diseases originated from the Covid-vaccines. Those people after close contact with “vaccinated”, report pericarditis – a swelling and irritation of the tissue surrounding the heart causing chest pain; autoimmune diseases; shingles – a viral infection with painful rash of blisters around their torso; thrombosis; Bell’s palsy – symptoms of sudden weakness in facial muscles.

It has already been confirmed: the mRNA “vaccine” with synthetic spike protein + nano-technological hydrogel, produces many cases of side effects on the female reproductive system, plus thousands of other cerebral, cardiac, neurological, neuromuscular effects, blood clots, thrombosis, thousands of deaths too, now that “vaccinated” have spread around the world.

According to official propaganda; Pandemic-curves and statistics show that the number of people supposedly sick with this new ‘Covid- variant’ is exploding in all countries that have ‘vaccinated’ massively like Israel, Brazil, India, USA, etc.

COVID Vaccine Creates Variants

Nobel Laureate Professor Luc Montagnier points out; Mass Vaccination is an enormous mistake. A scientific error as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.

For the original virus, there are antibodies, created by the vaccine. What does the virus do? Does it die or finds it another solution? They are producing new variants as result from the vaccination. You see it in each country, it’s the same: the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths. People became sick with Corona after being vaccinated. I will show you that they are creating the variants that are resistant to the vaccine. It’s unthinkable. They are silent; many people know this, epidemiologists know it too. It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable an infection to become stronger. It’s what we call Antibody Dependent Enhancement, which means antibodies favour a certain infection.

The antibody attaches to the virus, from that moment it has the receptors, the antibodies, we have them in the macrophage (increased emission of pro-inflammatory). It pokes the virus and not accidentally, but because of the fact that they’re linked to the antibodies. It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination.

Mankind thinks and acts according to cleverness, maturity or consciousness and arranges life according to inner conviction and ideas. One cannot convert or warn anyone to do something permanent that still wants to be lived or experienced. Nobody is forced to take this injection – and yet many people feel forced to do it. Because it is free while their fear mechanism motivates acceptance of these hoax vaccines meant to exterminate human race on Earth. Even, doctors refuse to treat vaccinated patients.

Remember; There is no single saviour of this planet. There are many saviours, when people wakeup en mass, and unite. Start to look at the world today; it is tempting to think of it as the global mafia is falling apart. We have arrived, in a transition process. Humanity is moving into, higher awareness and now people have more positive energy on the planet than there is negative.

For hundreds of thousands of years, people acted from old, negative consciousness of war, violence, cruelty, and the need for power and money. This is now changing. The change may seem slow; but, humanity is shifting toward peace, cooperation, respect and kindness.

There are many more illusions, for which additional episodes will follow.


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