Thomas Anderson’s Response to David Lifschultz and Operation Barbarossa


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 18, 2021

Dear Readers,

Dear David,

Let me ask you something David.

You already revealed that you see yourself as a member of the so called Deep State.

And now you come up with one of your, as always, good written articles with again some informations in it, which contradict itself.

I would like to understand, why.


In the beginning you write about

“the Suvorov thesis that Russia was about to attack Germany and therefore Hitler’s invasion of Russia was defensive in nature.

This is a Cold War theory invented by Suvorov, a traitor to Russia, being resurrected today as part of the effort by the US to encircle Russia and China who are allies.”

Then later you write:

Stalin alerted his front commanders in the west but they did nothing. The later Field Marshall von Manstein said in his memoirs that the Russias were sunning themselves and were taken completely by surprise.


what army, ready to attack at any time, would allow their commanders such behaviour?
surely not the Russian Army.


this would be allowed only to parts of the army, when it is clear that you still have some time.

You were not there and I wasn’t there, to.

But my Granduncle, who was one of the leading Generals there, was there on site.

And what he wrote in his memoirs, a US Letter forma 400 pager, clearly points in the direction,

that Suvorov did not simply invent this theory, but there are numerous facts to underline he was right.

how can it be that the Russian troops were ligned up in attack formation pointed West, clearly showing

line after line ready to move forward?

how can one explain the fact that indeed Russian officers were sunning themselves within these formations?
what would they do there if they were not ordered to go there?
were they on vacation and took their tanks with them?

green holiday for the army, fully equipped and ready to move in attack formation just as a kind of weird holiday hobby?

you write later:

Then, Stalin started to receive intelligence reports that Germany was planning to invade Russia in the Spring of 1941 via Sorge and the Red Orchestra. This forced on Stalin into a military buildup in the west from less than 2 million troops in early 1940 to more than 7 million troops in 1941.”


so, why are you writing the contrary in the first lines of your article?
To let those people get a wrong picture, who don’t read more than 10 lines?

You clearly write correct, that the main acting and planning masterminds were elsewhere: UK and US.

“England wanted Germany and Russia to destroy each other again as in World War One to protect India from Stalin.“

They wanted to have Germany acting against Poland and Russia.

They had enough traitors in Germany to let them do this.

Their plan actually seems to have been actually not some geopolitical strategy to let Germany go here or there and have then a power here or there which could balance whatever somewhere else.

Their plan can be compared to what we see today.

It was possibly and most probably simply to have as many people killed on both/ all sides as possible.

And they did.

In the Ukraine the people were starved to death because the Russian side took away even the smallest rest of food supply and the people were buried alive(!)..

In Russia many many millions of people died under Stalins Governement.


The war itself costed again many millions on both german and Russian side.

And by the end of the war this strategy did not stop.

After the war 12 million german people were starved to death using the same method as the US did with guantanamo by today.

german soldiers were not regarded as military, so they didn’t get any legal trial and the Red Cross was not allowed to enter the camps to give them food or carpets.

They had to sleep barefoot without any warm clothing without a tent on the ground. IN WINTER!

12 Million were murdered like this.


perhaps also here here we can finally stop this game of misinformation and wrong picture painting.

the wars were not planned are wanted by either Germany or Russia.

And also nto by “the” U.S. or “The UK.


The masterminds behind ALL those wars were elsewhere and not related to any government in the world.

however they were very well connected to ALL governments in the world so that they could carry out their evil plan against humanity.

To get the complete picture why WE, THE PEOPLE are forced into these damn wars I strongly recommend to read the first of my books.

it is IMPORTANT to understand, why WE, THE PEOPLE are in a process of finally ENDING this circle of violence against BROTHERS.

For diving deeper into this my second book is available.

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