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Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 17, 2021


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This refers to reactivated support by Sean McMeekin, Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II of the Suvorov thesis that Russia was about to attack Germany and therefore Hitler’s invasion of Russia was defensive in nature. This is a Cold War theory invented by Suvorov, a traitor to Russia, being resurrected today as part of the effort by the US to encircle Russia and China who are allies.  In fact, we have made them look to each other in our growing animosity to them solely for geopolitical reasons.  It is geopolitical in nature and cannot use the ruse this time as a war against atheistical communism anymore as neither China or Russia are communist. It is purely a power play.

If Stalin wanted to attack Germany, he would have attacked when Germany attacked Europe when most of their army was there. He would not have waited until Germany defeated France and England in Europe. He could have easily overrun Germany as most of their forces were invading Europe in the west. If you want to talk about deceit, the allies who had a defensive treaty with Poland never attacked Germany and the German Army had 80% of their forces attacking Poland. Poland was betrayed and Stalin saw that. England and France wanted Poland out of the way so that Germany would fight Russia.  England wanted Germany and Russia to destroy each other again as in World War One to protect India from Stalin. Stalin wanted to avoid that which is why he made the treaty with Germany in the first place. Stalin kept his agreements with Hitler delivering all the raw materials punctiliously to Germany right up until the day of the invasion. 

Franklin Roosevelt had written two geopolitical notes in 1941 to Stalin and Hitler. He who started a war would be opposed by the United States as he was not going to let Germany or Russia control the Eurasian land mass. Roosevelt was a student of Mackinder and Mahan. Germany was not to link with Japan and Russia was not to destroy Europe and then Japan. National Socialism and Communism meant nothing to Roosevelt who in fact could be construed to be a national socialist in his US economic polices though he did not have a talented Schacht to implement them so they largely failed until the war conveniently ended unemployment.

This was realized in this exchange between Goering and Hitler:


Goring: They (Britain and America) entered the war so that we would not reach the east (Japan in China), but not so the East (Russia) would reach the Atlantic.

Hitler: That’s quite clear.

Source: “Hitler And His Generals”, the stenographic record of military conferences, page 649.

And by Stalin:

We (Milovan Djilas and Stalin) stopped on our way to the dining room to view a map on the wall of the world where the Russia was colored in red. Stalin waved his hand over Russia and said: “They (the US and Britain) will never accept the idea of such a great space should be red, never, never!”

“Conversations with Stalin” by Milovan Djilas, page 74.

The following exchange between Hitler and Molotov outline the very fears England had regarding India as their motivation for destroying both Russia and Germany again as in World War One:


In fact, Hitler offered the Crown Jewel of India to Russia as related by Molotov in “Molotov Remembers” on page 15 if Russia left Europe to Germany.  


“What’s happening? An England, some miserable island, owns half the world and they want to grab it all – this cannot be tolerated! It is unjust!

Molotov: “It surely was intolerable and unjust and I sympathize with you.”


“Russia has to have a warm-water port. Iran, India, that’s your future”


“Why that is an interesting idea, how do you see it?

Hitler then expanded on his desire to see England liquidated (which the US carried out after World War Two), and Russia should thrust its way into Iran and India. 

Then, Stalin started to receive intelligence reports that Germany was planning to invade Russia in the Spring of 1941 via Sorge and the Red Orchestra. This forced on Stalin into a military buildup in the west from less than 2 million troops in early 1940 to more than 7 million troops in 1941. Sorge and the Red Orchestra kept him informed and even gave him the date of June 22, 1941 which was the anniversary of the invasion of Russia by Napoleon on June 22, 1812.


Stalin alerted his front commanders in the west but they did nothing. The later Field Marshall von Manstein said in his memoirs that the Russias were sunning themselves and were taken completely by surprise. Here is a question of what happened to the Russian Army that was notified by Stalin from the Sorge report and others from the Red Orchestra that there was to be an invasion on June 22, 1941. If you talk to Russian intel, they will tell you that the Russian officers were close to Trotsky who had been Military Commissar and were against Stalin. They were part of the Mikhail Tukhachevsky group who were close to Trotsky who had acquired evidence that Stalin was a former member of the Okhrana spying on the Bolsheviks. The Thkhachevsky group was summarily executed and the trial followed as they were in a hurry. These front line commanders of Russia were part of that group so they failed to prepare for the invasion to sabotage Russia and Stalin executed them for treason. Again, this is the view of Russian intel.

Suvorov is being elevated now as part of the geopolitical planning process to justify the reactivation of NATO and the ghost of SEATO. 

We have to see this for what it is.

David Lifschultz


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