Starship Earth: A Planet in Crisis; How Much Crazier Does it have to Get?


Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

May 12, 2021

May 12, 2021: A Planet in Crisis; How Much Crazier Does It Have to Get? [videos]

Are you ready? Because I know I’m ready. It’s insane out there. How much more do we have to endure before this charade is ended and we get real? What are they waiting for? You got me. All the indicators are that it’s time to GET THIS DONE. No more procrastination.

It’s hump day but my dog did that last night so I’m over it. In a few minutes he’s taking me for my walk.

I had a pow-wow with one of my sources yesterday under the cone of silence and we don’t know what the holdup is. The planet is going to hell in a hand basket.

Perhaps it has something to do with this?

Israel is a mess and supposedly on the verge of war, the US stands with Israel, and several Hamas commanders have been killed, they report.


The Arizona Audit and even Antrim County Michigan election results are a global spectacle but nearly everything seems hysterical and absurd at this point.

Phoenix Police Plane Now Flying Right Over Coliseum Where Election Audit Is Taking Place – Must Be Lots of Stolen Cars In That Area?

Will we soon be hearing, “I shot the Sheriff”? Are they taking him down, too?

Soros-Tied Maricopa Sheriff Panics As Arizona Senate Requests Auditing The Routers The County Uses For All Departments, Including The Sheriff’s Office…

The lockdown and vaccine scene are uproarious across the planet, and Mike Adams’ monologues are clearly just token Hunger Games movie scripts telling people what WOULD have happened if the New World Order had not been stopped.

In fact, I think the approved scripts ran out because we were led to believe this was supposed to happen on MAYDAY. I think he’s just winging it now.

—and the gas shortages… come on.


Have the American People not been through enough? No one believes the “hack” story. Multiple states have declared emergencies now and are outta gas.

Florida Gov. Declares State of Emergency Due to Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

…hacked by the group “Dark Side”. Give me a break.

It gets better. A guy named Catturd and his sidekick Il Donaldo Trumpo have taken over the positions of most entertaining and truthful personalities on Twitter and Tucker Carlson said Joe Biden is a hologram. He did. He said that. (with a straight face and the Tucker scowl) Watch on Telegram.

My other half secretly got the jab so he could go to Iceland on Friday and take aerial shots of the volcano. I want to lie in the sun with a gin and tonic on my pool float and get blissed out listening to old Hearts of Space programmes.

The crew just wants to watch videos of animals hugging Humans. We can’t take much more of this.

I even heard about one place in America where they are offering a new car to get the Covid vaccine. The world is going bananas.

Below is the May 13 Q drop from last year and Trump’s Tweet. Link to Telegram.

“It’s happening safely.” What’s happening? Let’s GO! Just do it. We’ll get through it. “The world is watching”, remember?

Telegram is playing a symphony with more news updates than I’ve seen since Epstein didn’t kill himself—


AND, the Schumann resonance bursts are massive. There was one at 5 am (Pacific) this morning that apparently woke people up.

The judge has given Ghislaine Maxwell a new court date of November 29 for her “Human trafficking” crimes. Outrageous. Will it ever end?

Civilians in Myanmar are attacking Junta military forces, and now this headline below with another hack: Link to Telegram

Top Russian Submarine Design Bureau Hit By Cyber Attack With Chinese Characteristics

This isn’t insane enough for you?

Shall I go on? Liz Cheney was voted out of the Republican Party and can’t shut her foul mouth about Trump.

What did they expect from the daughter of a guy involved in 9/11?

BREAK ==========================================================

Okay, I’ve had my walk. Ommmmm… I hear the buildings they say were bombed in the middle east today were taken down by controlled demolition. Not all is what it seems.

Q said the White Hats were saving Israel for last. It’s happening now, so it must be the end.


Gali Lucy, a medium in Israel, gives us her perspective TODAY on what is happening and she has some very interesting things to say about what is REALLY happening there. Listen to the 22 minute audio on Telegram.

She says “heaven on Earth” is coming, don’t worry. This is all a show.

This is too much to bear, Canada. We know some care homes abuse the elderly but this is a nightmare. Unbelievably cruel.

Sometimes I need an escape hatch. Videos like this with interesting theories about our potential reality take me away for awhile and broaden my horizons. You may remember Q speaking of time travel. The video below includes that drop.

Stargate Time Travel Inside the Dome

We’re all over the map today with no appropriate segues. At the grocery store yesterday in Scottsdale there were a few more naked faces, which is encouraging. This is perhaps the best logic I’ve heard.

I see a few remarks from the Trumpinator and looked up the corresponding Q drops for the time stamps. Some of them might be relevant.


#715 – which points us to this website. Sounds ominous, as there are probably a LOT of key whistleblowers out there.


And today…


The psychos continue to make their moves.

BREAKING: Amid Current Energy Crisis, Michigan Governor Whitmer Orders Immediate Closure of ANOTHER Pipeline

To be fair, there is good news, too.

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: MI County GOP Chair and Lawyer Haider Kazim Withdraws From Antrim Co. Voter Fraud Case

Do you pay attention to hands?

How about this one? LOL… Bang! He’s shot, too?

I think “WWIII” is almost upon us. It will wake the world when we all get locked down, flights cancelled, Internet outages, perhaps phone outages, borders closed, curfews, troops in the streets—depending on the locations, of course. Removing the fuel is one way to keep people stationary, I guess, and when there is already a state of emergency declared, and cyber hacking going on, it’s not a leap to losing the Internet, power, or “martial law”. What a different world it will be after the masses hear the bad news in loops of video created just for them and no other channels broadcasting at all. Sickos.

That’s it for now, me hearties. At ease, but at the ready. I don’t know if we’ll get much notice to be able to put out the “man your battle stations” order. You may be on your own. We’ll see how it unfolds. Some claimed there would be an announcement from President Trump and the military would be in charge in the public eye. I can’t believe it’s almost the middle of May already.


In the mean time, we have our chuckles. (If you believe in accidents)

GOOD Morning Britain’s Alastair Campbell was forced to apologise after “accidentally announcing the death of the Queen” in a HUGE live TV blunder today

Okay one more.  ;0)  You have to see this super-short video on Telegram.

These are indeed exciting times and we are fortunate to be here to witness them first hand. What stories we will tell.  ~ BP


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