Santa Surfing: Lib Cheney Ousted, Spineless RINO’s, Trump Amazing Power


Source: Beach Broadcast | By Santa Surfing

May 12, 2021

Lib Cheney ousted! Spineless RINO’s! Trump amazing power!









Okay, so Lib Cheney, the warmonger, gets ousted from her leadership position.  Why?  Because she doesn’t agree with President Trump, heck, her daddy is probably rotting in GITMO and she had a vendetta against Trump.  President Trump states the election was stolen and spineless Lib Cheney was against his fact and doesn’t do the kind of homework we do about the events that unfolded on Jan 6, 2021.  

Ummm….Liz, if it wasn’t stolen then why are there Audits happening right now?  Is Liz scared that President Trump will return and expose the Cheney family?

Where the heck is her daddy?  He sure hasn’t done the media circuit to defend her…is it because it is difficult to do from GITMO?  

What really did happen on 9-11?  Yes that day of horror was for several reasons and remember, Cheney, former CEO and had a huge stake in Haliburton and Haliburton was awarded the contract to rebuild Irag / Afghanistan.  

But who else are buddies with Dick Cheney…Enron!  What scandal was brewing and ready to expose around 9-11?  ENRON!  


The Enron scandal unfolded while the whole world was watching and grieving the loss of thousands of lives!  

Does Liz Cheney ever bring up 9-11?  HECK NO!!!  She only cares about saving her family’s legacy…well that she perceives it to be!  Was 9-11 this the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield/ Silverstein/Central Banks crime of the century?   Remember, Bush Sr. said this:


The hidden gold…is now in the hands of Trump’s White Hats:


President Trump Power!!  He lives in their heads / lives / occupation 24/7/365!!!  That’s a lot of power!  And President Trump hasn’t been in the public eye for 4 months now and gets the RINO’s exposed / ousted / booed at without being in the public view!    Oh my gosh, get a grip RINO’s!  This is a lot of power!

So this kind of tells me that while this ousting is happening and the world is watching events in Israel, Gaza and America, something bigger is brewing!

Remember this movie has to play out.  Suddenly liberals on Twitter are on Liz Cheney’s side.  Now things will get very interesting!  

You are all a part of this movie.  Including the Liberals.  The movie will eventually end and our New Beautiful Beginnings start!  Yes, we’re all very tired and those that are bottom line types of people, it is hard to watch.  It has to be this way!  The left is trying so hard to keep us in fear and isolated.  If we continue to stay positive and forge ahead to build the greatness within you, you will be amazed how these distractions are just in your way!

But as we enter into GESARA, the cabal corruption ends!  Constitutional Everything comes into play and most of all, Helping Humanity begins to roll out!  There is a great group chat that just started yesterday and already has over 1000 patriots that joined. It’s all about Greatness Ideas to Help Humanity!  Now right now, there are a lot of people so happy to have found each other, yet the chat is to help share ideas of how to help Humanity.  It’s so beautiful!



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