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April 24, 2021

April 24, 2021: Time to Change Roller Coaster Cars? [videos]

The “precipice” has either arrived or been surpassed for many of us who have been on this ride for years. We’re so done with it and just want people to wake the hell up.

For maximum impact, the Earth Alliance is looking for an optimally fed-up, angry, or aware percentage of the populace. We’re close, but not quite there, we hear.

London is in an uproar again this weekend.

Unfortunately, while we can get off the roller coaster for a short pee break and switch cars, this ride ain’t over.

NCSWIC, for those who don’t know, is a military acronym that stands for Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming, but more importantly…



…which I believe was created specifically to deal with the current situation. We’ve got this.

How’s this for a bomb? Now we know that there’s an effective “jabbus interruptus”.

Dr. Judy Mikovits tells us the antidote to the vaccines in this interview with Jason Shurka. It’s “Suramin”. Just 1 minute of your time.

Learn more here.

Research on Suramin for the Wu Flu.

And what’s the big idea of keeping the news about Suramin and autism on the hush-hush? A simple, trusted, blocker like this is a game-changer for families with vaccine-damaged children.


As for the Arizona audit, expect plenty of BS around it. When you deploy one hundred lawyers to AZ to contest and block the audit, who is really doing the undermining? Propaganda doesn’t end because we’re taking them to task.

The enemy is not cowering in a corner licking their wounds—they’re loading the canon because they will fight to the death. It’s all they know. Lie, cheat, steal, coerce, blackmail, bribe, cover up, threaten—and brainwash the masses with their propaganda the snoozers have come to accept as “news” or—as the case usually is—“truth”. Oh, and I forgot “conjure up their demons”. Yes, black magic is common, as are their sacrificial rituals. The average guy or gal on the street has no idea who we’re dealing with here.

This excerpt from What Does It Mean speaks volumes as to the lengths the New World Order must go to try to keep their dirty deeds a secret from the American public.

Hillary Clinton’s top attorney Marc Elias, whose socialist legal forces are desperately trying to stop a 2020 election ballot audit in Arizona—is most certainly known to Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger, who is desperately fighting to keep 2020 election ballots hidden—and is most certainly known to the socialist forces that offered $10-million to Jovan Pulitzer if he immediately stops auditing 2020 election ballots from various States.

We aim for transparency and live streams from the audit facility will enhance that. More details below this video on the YouTube platform.

ARIZONA Vote Audit Livestream

Coca-Cola is in the news again. Based on this and their recent lobbying to overturn proposed election reform legislation, is it difficult to believe that their Dasani water is tainted and their products toxic? They steal our water to make their potions that are designed to harm us and sell them back to us for profit and it doesn’t stop there. Disgusting—but we have a choice. Boycott? You bet. Bolivia threw them out of their country and India is not the only problem area. This scourge on Humanity needs to go.

And who is at the root of this particular problem? You guessed it. China.

Coca Cola Researcher Convicted For Stealing $120 Million In Trade Secrets

Is this the kind of government Americans want? Of course not, so they have to fight back. They have obviously forgotten that their government works for them, and they sign their government paycheques for doing the Peoples’ bidding. If they don’t follow our demands, they have to leave. They no longer have a job. It’s not rocket science.

Biden Just Threatened to ‘Cancel’ Fourth of July


This planet is one hot mess after more than a year of psyops, lies, coverups, reversals, disinformation, fear campaigns and junk science.

OMG—in India they are saying oxygen is in short supply. Give this video a thumbs down, would you?

India’s hospitals in ‘apocalyptic’ battle against COVID-19 | DW News

The farmers in India are pissed. After the 3:30 mark we hear an on-site doctor say Covid is only the flu. Their treatment for cold and Covid is the same; Ayurvedic herbs. Thank you very much.

Covid is Modi govt ‘conspiracy’ to end protests, farmers at Singhu, Ghazipur say

Since we’re still trying to wake the dead, here’s another honest health practitioner (video below) telling us there is no pandemic… and she goes there… with the sinister twist. The controllers on our planet have made no secret of their desire to depopulate (again).

Unfortunately, some very intelligent people believe they know everything, have made up their minds, and they bought it hook, line and sinker. It’s going to take a MOAB to get their attention and see the inconvenient truth—and it’s coming. Trust me.

From Red Pill University… click this link to read or watch the video described below and other high quality content.

The COVID Con Game and End Game

“Dr. Lee Merritt, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Onawa, Iowa, is interviewed by Jeff Dornik and delivers a comprehensive overview of the motives behind the COVID-Pandemic theater. She shows that there is no real pandemic and that the public-health practices being mandated are scientifically absurd.


Then she reasons that, if obscene profits were the only motive for this crime, it would not be necessary to put so many exotic and toxic components into the vaccines. A simpler product could be sold at the same price with a greater profit margin. Therefore, there must be some additional purpose for the vaccines.

She makes a compelling case that the end game is nothing less than human enslavement and massive depopulation – both of which are long-held ideals of those who direct the pharmaceutical cartel.”

Parents and college students should be able to deal with the current nonsense after listening to Peggy Hall’s updates. Will students have to get the jab to return to college? Know the strategy of their game, folks, and the language. This whole scamdemic has been a psyop enforced by the deep state’s goons and paid off corporations. Know your rights, and go to the source. Peggy is in California. Check it out the same way in your state.

Peggy says…


  • Covid vaccines are not approved by the FDA.
  • Covid vaccines have an “emergency use authorization” (EUA).
  • That means the covid vaccines are medical experiments.
  • Masks and covid tests are also medical experiments.
  • No one can force you or your child to participate in a medical experiment.
  • You have the right to refuse consent.
  • Medical and religious exemptions to covid vaccines, masks and tests must be accommodated by law.

This is the Common Sense Revolution. If people would just think this could have been avoided, or at the very least ended long ago. But no—we have to baby the masses and coax them along and get their faces out of their electronics long enough to show them what we saw many, many years ago.

Here’s an example. Fight back, patriots! Refuse to comply and stick together.

University System of Maryland to Mandate CCP Virus Vaccines for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Questions for Liberals:
1) If masks work, then why are masks not working?
2) If socialism works, then why do people risk their lives to escape it?
3) If high taxes work, then why do liberals refuse to voluntarily pay more?
4) If “gun control” works, then why do places with the strictest gun control have the worst problems with crime & gun violence?

Is there good news? Sure. Lots of it. We’re winning, and calling the criminals on the carpet.

Ontario Scientists: Ontario Premier Doug Ford Open Scientific Debate Challenge


GREAT NEWS! Arizona Justice Confirms Lower Court’s Ruling — FORENSIC AUDIT WILL CONTINUE — Until At Least THURSDAY!

It’s 3:00 and all’s well—except maybe for this enemy ship over southern France. Link to Telegram video. Could be a fireball, but I don’t believe most are these days.

Here’s a video intel summary to take under advisement but it’s scuttlebutt and interpretations from many sources and we cannot confirm. Everything can change, but it’s a good broad swath of what we’ve been hearing for awhile. The future is uncertain. If you prefer to listen than read your intel, this may help.

RV/GCR Update as of April 24, 2021

I’ll sign off there. Have a lovely Saturday night, peeps.  ~ BP


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