The Third Millennium


Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 22, 2021

“In these pages, we address you in a succession of different modes to ensure every possibility of your understanding and to maximize your opportunities to catch these thought currents and ride them beyond mere words to remembrance of your eternal nature and your root purpose for currently being incarnate on earth in human form. Therefore, we speak to you at times as if you were still sleeping beneath the blankets of material plane illusion. For in fact, this is the present state of the human majority. At other times we speak to you as if you yourself were the One who is awakening into the collective field of human consciousness. This is valid; it is how you will soon understand the ‘I’ behind your outer roles and images of self. To the extent that you oscillate back and forth, at times experiencing moments of lucidity and oneness with the unified field of awareness, and at times lapsing back into the familiar thought patterns of the prevailing cultural mythology, you will find both forms of address of equal value. Allow your understanding of who you are to relax as you move through these pages. The historical limitations in which you have defined yourself are no longer valid; indeed, they never were. 

Your eternal nature is much greater than the conceptions of time in which you have kept it defined. Release all that you are from the prison of your self-concepts, that we might become one in your understanding as we have always been one in reality. Allow present-moment awareness to flow freely among your thoughts. You have created your body as a terrestrial terminal for the habitation of eternal awareness. You have designed eyes to interpret a portion of your energy spectrum and ears to interpret another. You have created five senses to have a window into these times upon this world, that, biologically clothed, you might better monitor and interact with these physical dimensions. You can no longer afford to sleep in the illusions of this culture, allowing the wonders of sensory input to confuse your sense of being with the information you receive. The times you live in require the activation of the full range of your eternal capacities. They call now—as we do—for your incarnation.

When you define yourself without regard to your source in the Eternal Presence out of which this universe unfolds, when you continue to play out variations of the historical theme, which keep your eternal spirit at arm’s length by imagining absolute ‘others’ in the world around you, the illusions of the material realm weigh heavily upon your consciousness. Forces that were intended only to hold energy firmly within atomic structure bind and limit your perception. Your outlook becomes sober; your vision blurs beneath the emotional mists of excessive subjectivity.

As gravity draws objects to fall, so too does it draw the thoughts of those who define themselves without reference to the Source. And with their thoughts, their identities fall as well, back into matter, again and again. So it was said to the first egos who began to think of themselves in this fictitious way, ‘In dust you have conceived yourselves and to dust you will return.’ For all thought is dust in the minds of those who deny the reality that seeks birth in the manger of human form. When you define yourselves in isolation, your senses deceive and blind. They lock you into a fractional perception of the universe in which you live. Cultural illusions become your reality, filtering and misinterpreting everything you perceive. Like murky glass, they intervene between you and your understanding of self and world. They cut off awareness of your eternal origin and leave you with an inadequate sense of self. 

In the historical condition human beings undertake the arduous task of self-definition. To receive assistance in this monumental work, they accept the help of others in their sleeping society and in time come to think of themselves as a loose assortment of images and illusions, often contradictory, always uninspired. The vibrancy of their eternal presence is blocked by ancestral preconceptions that have not known fundamental change since their forebears huddled in the hollows of the ancient hills. Those who later in life realize the limitations of this ‘poor self-image’ often seek to improve their image of self. Yet in undertaking a task that in the natural order belongs solely to the life force itself, they succeed only, if they succeed at all, in remodeling their prisons; they may replace bars of iron with bars of brass, but the prison remains. Within it their awareness stays limited and confined. There is but the finest veil between you and a full dimensional perception of reality, the filmiest of screens between you and your eternal self. 

You require no elaborate technique or ritual to release this veil. You need only open to the organic current of awareness that in every moment flows to you from the source of all life. When you accept the understanding that accompanies the awareness of your life force, you are defined no longer in the static images of yesterday’s experience but in active universal participation. You know yourself as an agent of the continuing creation that is the great purpose and the great joy of these material realms. 

Though opening to life force awareness is as easy as relaxation, deliberation is needed to sustain such openness in a society where subconscious patterns continuously beckon you back into their familiar habits. Yet if your love for reality is sufficiently strong, such deliberation is not difficult. Nothing can stop those whose hearts burn with genuine passion for the truth. And the truth you will discover is worth your passion. For the awareness that accompanies the current of your life is an eternal awareness. It is the awareness of your spirit. The self-understanding you receive in the experience of your eternal spirit is living, fluid, organic. You are the creator of all you survey. 

You know your body as a system of exquisite biological circuitry designed to project your vision into this material world and bring your awareness into sharp and immediate environmental focus. You know yourself as an expression of universal Being, as a cell in the terrestrial body of the One whose consciousness is now awakening in the human family, a consciousness that is ultimately, and beautifully, your own. 

One Being is the source of all creatures. The life of that Being shines through the multiple prisms of diverse worlds, refracting, reflecting, becoming the many, yet remaining ever one in essence, like the colors of a spectrum or the cells of a body. The distinction between you and this Being is not absolute but organic, like the distinction between leaves on a tree or the distinction between notes that contribute to the harmonies of a song. Behind your individuality, beneath your cultural images of self, that Being is who you are. 

We bring you these transmissions that you might come to live once again as we do, in full consciousness of your source. All that stands between you and awareness of the Being at the source of life can be released as easily as a sigh. Even now, you are but a breath away from the subtle perceptual shift that allows your identity to be transformed from solitary individual to the source of every individual, from the object of attention to the very flow of attention itself, from the contents of consciousness to the awareness that brings all content to light. 

When you know yourself in this way, you recognize the others of your kind. You perceive us. We communicate. As our communication flows into communion, you recognize yourself in us. You awaken to awareness of our common source. We are beings consciously inhabiting the universal Presence. In the fields of space and time we individualize qualities of the same Being we share with you, even as you have also individualized other qualities of that Being. Though not all of us have chosen, as you have chosen, to dress in human form, still, we are your family within time, your sisters, your brothers. Beyond time, we are one. We are a race of voyagers, spirit beings in the eternal fields of light; yet we are you yourselves as you would have been had you not succumbed to the spell of matter. We are you as you remain beyond material illusion, addressing in these pages a sleeping part of ourselves that you might awaken and know this awareness as your own. 

We would shine the light upon the reality of your presence from behind you, from above you, from beneath you, that at last you might recognize that light within you and awaken. There is only one who sleeps, though that one sleeps beneath five billion varying blankets of human illusion. And there is but one who awakens, and awakening, wears the blankets of former illusion as transformed robes of luminous biology.

There is no word in this language that conveys the meaning of I, you, and we simultaneously. Yet it is in this understanding that these transmissions originate, and it is to this understanding that they lead. You are on both sides of this communication, giving and receiving, both forming these thoughts and being informed. We know within us a center of being that is itself beyond temporal creations. Centered in eternal identity, we are free to travel throughout the realms of past and future. Yet those among us who take on material form always do so in linear time. This is not a limitation; it is the mechanism of creation’s frame. No artist would set out to paint a boundless canvas that stretched infinitely into all directions. So it is that we establish the parameters of the manifest worlds, framing, each space in the boundaries of time.

We have long known that a turning point would come in the unfoldment of this universal art, after which human beings would be our primary means of future creation, as well as the organ of awareness through whom we would interpret and enjoy the material plane. That time is now. We invite you to leave behind your historical impressions of the human experience that you might rise to your natural level of consciousness. Your human body has been designed to allow your self awareness to ride upon the crest of creation’s wave—at that precise breaking point where the one eternal wave splashes into the many and into their linear worlds of time. As a representative projection of eternity, a nerve ending of God-in-matter, you remain conscious of eternal unity even while experiencing yourself as part of diversity’s material fabric. 

To be the One and simultaneously the many—this is your calling, your purpose, the ultimate destiny of your kind. You who slumber still beneath the spell of matter, look beyond the descriptions of reality given by those who seek to lead you from without. Open to the living information of the life force that rises within you. This information is alive; it is the only guidance you require. At the deepest levels of your being you have always known these things. Behind your roles and societal illusions you are not separate from the source of life, nor are you cut off from the intelligence who, designing all form and structure; breathes into it the breath of life. 

We who inhabit the fields of light share with you a common spirit. We knew you in the beginning—long before you dressed in robes of soil and stream. In oneness with you we sent forth the harmonic currents that brought this world to be. Together we parted the skies and opened the waters of the heavens. Where were you then if not with us? Together we formed the mountains and river valleys. Together we tapped the wellsprings of the deep. Together we poured our radiance into this world and quickened her creatures of water, earth, and sky. Come. Let us reunite. Brush away the dusty thoughts of a darker age. Time and space do not revolve around humankind, but our dreams do, our plans do. 

We are depending on you to bring shape and texture to the order that has rested implicit within all Creation since before the first starry nebulae illumined dimensional space. We are inviting you to help us bring into physical formation the vision that inspires the universe. Do you see, oh humans of this present world? Do you understand? You are the template, the prototype of a new and universal species, part solar, part material, both temporal and eternal, the species that will span the gulf between the visible and invisible, bringing new worlds into form. Through you a new and unprecedented cycle of creation will occur. 

The awareness we call you toward lies far above the tangled circuits of linguistically structured thought. Its perceptions differ from your present and quickly passing cultural perceptions as greatly as the world of waking differs from the deepest midnight slumber. Echoes of this awareness have ever haunted the historical continuum, surfacing here and there in your better music, glimmering occasionally in your finest art. But when you entertain the open and unbiased vision of eternity, even the best of what has been grows dim in the light of what you see. For in truth even the finest moments of the human past are but crude two-dimensional caricatures of the future that is soon to be.” 

– Ken Carey, The Third Millennium


 Parting the Washington Sea: A Guide to the Great Awakening

“James O’Brien has written one of the finest and one of the most uplifting and inspiring pieces I have ever read, weaving concepts into a tapestry that at the end, leaves one already in the light at the end of the tunnel.” – GMan757, Operation Disclosure 



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