Starship Earth: The Emerging Big Picture on Planet Earth/Terra


April 13, 2021: The Emerging Big Picture on Planet Earth/Terra [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture
April 13, 2021

Amazing information is coming out now, folks. Look at Simon Parkes’ update below.

They’re coming for the guns, of course. We told you there would be many more mass shootings, particularly schools. That’s what tugs on the sheeple’s heartstrings the most. Children. The control freaks pretend the children matter; meanwhile they’re trafficking them, sexually abusing them, torturing, dismembering and sacrificing them.

We saw a shooting in Tennessee on Monday, and a school in California was locked down—no injuries, thankfully, and suspect apprehended.

The Gematria on the Daunte shooting in Minneapolis is interesting. Borean Calling crunched some numbers quickly to show us the possibilities. Probable FF? Possibly, as it was particularly so close to the conclusion of the Chauvin trial which will probably find for the defendant and declare Chauvin “not guilty”. That could then be used to ignite the community (and beyond) like an incendiary device. I heard the National Guard were seen in Minny.


Officer in Daunte Wright shooting resigns


At 6 pm Monday night, DiscloseTV reported…

JUST IN – Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) deployed in front of #BLM crowd at Brooklyn Center, MN. @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat

…and that LA County sheriff plans to put National Guard on standby in case of unrest in the coming days. I think we can expect it.

Confirmed: this Tweet about Washington, DC soon followed.

Wow, check this out. Simon Parkes posted this update, which relates to the “sandbags in DC” info I shared yesterday from Richard Citizen Journalist on Telegram.

Water is now being pumped into all the tunnels below the capitol building and national mall in US.

Juan O’Savin spoke of flooding the tunnels, folks. This isn’t a mystery. That water will take the path of least resistance throughout all the tunnels and DUMBs anywhere near there. The next part of draining the swamp involves washing it out and sanitizing. This area may never be inhabited by Humans again. We’ll see. What I hope we don’t see is “rivers running red” as we have in the past few years. Unavoidable, I know, but not pleasant to contemplate.


Here we go again. This is how the dark is going to run the show for as long as they can. Violence, unrest, death, destruction. They want to keep us mired down in low frequencies and forget who we are and where we are going. No fear!

Portland Police Declare Riot As Protesters Vow To Burn Precinct Down, Lob Debris At Police, Set Fires In Street

The deep state is going after the real media to censor the truth. People don’t seem to be getting my emails, either. Several I’ve sent messages to in the past week or so have not responded except for Number One; most in Canada. Some use Gmail.

Project Veritas has some big news for us to watch for today.

The governors are beginning to focus their attention on the elections and take us around to that topic again. We hear that the timing of Trump’s return in the public eye to the office of the Presidency is up to Trump himself. When enough people get their poop in a group and realize what’s what on this planet, he’ll be back.

BREAKING: New Hampshire Governor SIGNS SB 43 INTO LAW! – Mandates Audit of Windham’s Fraudulent 2020 Election Results!

Good grief. Did she get an eye tattoo or is this a demonic possession?

As video and news censorship continues, blogs and secure websites are increasing so Patriots can host their own content. This former Canadian police officer is speaking out to law enforcement in general to implore them to honour their oath and question authority. Following unlawful orders to commit a crime is still accessory, isn’t it? As adults we all know what’s morally right and wrong. Apparently there are some unlawful events unfolding in London, Ontario… but that’s the second video at the blog. I was just curious.


I was surprised to hear a member of the US army present at Christmas dinner last December respond this way to a question: Yes, if his CO told him to fire on a civilian, he would follow that order. Frightening. And this is a God-fearing Texas family with two offspring in the military and the “dutiful” one married in. The patriarch who asked the question said to me, “That’s the wrong answer, isn’t it?” He knows where I stand.


We were all taught to obey, rather than reason and choose our response. That has to change.

The pendulum has swung to its furthest extreme in Canada recently and people cannot fail to see it. Agent Margaritaville is now in prison in Lindsay, Ontario because he has been fighting and exposing the pedophiles and those who protect them, which includes the OPP and RCMP.

Image (Contains Blood)

Linda Paris aka Deplorable McAllister did a phone interview with Gerald Guy Brummel/Agent Margaritaville recently and it’s a good one. Linda also tells us her feelings on Timothy Charles Holmseth, whom Agent M called out publicly some time ago.

Yesterday I saw a Telegram saying Field McConnell has a court date in Broward County, FLA for May 6, for those interested. He is the one who gave Guy that tangy and memorable moniker.

Startling headlines continue to emerge concerning the Covid vaccines. More and more the awakened ones will reject these, but hopefully the programme will be halted permanently. We don’t know how much of this is true; just that a vaccine is not necessary. The news seems to grow increasingly alarming, however. In my opinion, we should avoid all vaccines like the plague unless they are HCQ, etc. and proven safe.

It doesn’t matter what brand name is on these poison darts: they are experimental and are killing people who either never got Covid, or who already survived it.

Your odds are far better to deal with the outside possibility you might need to see a doctor for a quick fix if you get the bug.

Once you’re injected with this lethal concoction, you could die, and will still be capable of spreading it and they’re still making people wear masks and social distance so what’s the point? It could kill your immune system and magnify the effects of some pathogen you manage to come in contact with.


The point is, if you live in fear and just want a pharmaceutical to protect you so you can go back to normal, you have learned nothing. Fear has removed reason in so many people.

IT’S OFFICIAL: A “Clear Link” Between AstraZeneca and Blood Clots In The Human Brain Is Confirmed!

Even the Epoch Times is reporting serious statements. The virus mutates constantly anyway. We’ve survived the other fake health crises.

CCP Virus Variant Affects Vaccinated People More Than Unvaccinated People: Study

OAN (One America News network) tells it like it is. Video at Charlie Ward’s website. 3 min.

The CDC comes clean—must watch!

Brasscheck TV brings us relevant news I hadn’t heard. And this researcher died not long after the inventor of the PCR test, Dr. Kary Mullis. Just a Qincidence, I’m sure.

As promised, we are featuring the
late David Crowe’s groundbreaking
work (1956-2020.)
David was one of the foremost
researchers on fraud in public health
He died suddenly at the age of 61
in the summer of 2020.
Click here to view the video

My views on vaccines may seem extreme to some and not others. There is explosive debate raging worldwide about Covid-19, its severity, vaccines and their safety and efficacy. Martin Geddes offers this article and framework to help us discern and make our decisions. It may assist in smoothing the way for civil conversations so emotions and programming don’t get so much in the way.

Vaccines as an exemplar of a decision framework


Armed with that information above, we have for those who share updates in an effort to wake up a few more people, uncensored information from the East where the cabal does not control the media.

If the distressing news about the Covid vaccines doesn’t open the eyes of your target sleeper, perhaps the news we shared yesterday via Telegram from the Turkish mainstream media will convince them that the world is run by a psychotic, evil organized crime family set on destroying Humanity.

The video was on Telegram but I just found it on YouTube. Don’t expect it to last. Thank you to the translators and the team that uploaded this so more could watch. Hopefully it will find its way to Rumble, Bitchute, BrandNewTube, BrightEon etc. It’s that important. You will probably want to pause it a few times to read the text. Kudos to these newscasters who have been down the “conspiracy theorist” road for some time and are now seeing vindication. We will all be vindicated but it won’t bring a great deal of pleasure.

As we have been told, the Evergreen/Ever Given story is much, much bigger than a stuck ship in the Suez Canal with probable illicit cargo. The reasons for “delays” and secrecy might be more apparent to the impatient ones who still have not grasped the gravity of the situation.

We’ve heard for some time now that “Bill Gates” has been buying up property all over the world. We’ve also heard about the 5G technology and how dangerous and invasive it is. We’ve heard that the food supply is under attack and that famine will envelop the Earth. They said expect food prices to skyrocket—particularly meat. Q has told us “everything is connected”. We already know the Covid scamdemic was planned as well as vaccines. Are we getting a better idea of what it all means?

The politics, the riots, the shootings, the CNN talking points, the investigations of Trump’s finances… all distractions from the bigger picture. The satanists are planning to take us all out, but they will not succeed.

Back in September 2018 Q posted…

Past drops important to frame context.
These people need to ALL be ELIMINATED.
Those who know cannot sleep.

The Q team, military intelligence, the good factions working to free Humanity all know the truth. We have to work at it, but we have been given puzzle pieces from whistleblowers for a long time.

Phil Schneider told us there were multiple kinds of extraterrestrial races here working with the cabal’s negative military and doing unspeakable things to Humans in underground bases and he was assassinated; Bill Cooper told us they were going to pull off a false flag on September 11, 2001 and he was assassinated; others have told us about what goes on at Area 51 and the sort of technology the controllers have been toying with; trying to find a way to maintain control and cheat the system. Many who tried to warn us so we could prevent the carnage and the advancement of the New World Order agenda got fast-growing cancers or met with untimely or suspicious deaths—such as over one hundred holistic doctors in the past five years or so.


The video at this link brings back some of that intel so you can connect more dots. I recall when former SEAL Bill Wood/Brockbrader came forward long ago and spilled it to Kerry Cassidy. He wound up implicated in a sexual assault case, thrown in prison, and his wife Eva last I heard was completely severed from finances and help of any kind from anyone and destitute, living on the street with nowhere to go. I certainly hope someone was able to reach out to her and make sure she was safe.

This is a YouTube video so I suggest you watch ASAP as it could disappear. I addresses in part the “Great Awakening” and “the world is about to change” as well as “You’ll love how this movie ends.”

Project Looking Glass: From the Mouths of the Whistleblowers

How does the Q team know in advance what will happen? What have they told us? “You have more than you know; you and your families are safe; “the world is about to change”; “where we go one, we go all”.

The fact is, the extinction level event(s) coming mean their demise—the psychopaths’—not ours. Those of us who survive this war are going home. The ones who already left may be there already; a welcoming committee at “the gathering” as Yellow Rose for Texas has predicted. Have a look at this video.

Rapture Comms & Decodes

Here is Dave’s X22 Report for great analysis of what we see in the news every day.

The Plan Was Told To The People,Conspiracy No More, Checkmate – Ep. 2450

Disclosure is coming…

Video Showing UFOs Swarming Navy Warship is Real, Pentagon Confirms


Thank you to the team for the exceptional links, updates, and perspective.  See the comments section beneath each post for their input.

I’ll leave you with another giggle from Il Donaldo Trumpo. Magnifico!  ~ BP


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