Gene Decode Part 2: People are Going to be Amazed at God’s Infinite Life, Infinite Solar Systems, and Beautiful Dragons || Kat


Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

Thanks to some very kind IDC and anonup readers, I was sent the BitChute link to the deleted utube video that Gene Decode and Michael Jaco recorded on 3-17-21.

It was worth finishing Part 2 because it’s thrilling.

I’ve always loved Dragons. When I was a little girl it was a given that no Princess worth her salt would be without her crown or Dragons. (This was long before George R.R. Martin wrote GAME OF THRONES introducing Daenerys Targaryen and her three gorgeous Dragons to the world.)

However, as Gene Decode points out in this transcript, there are both good and bad Dragons. It’s heartwarming to learn that the good ones are helping Humanity and Earth defeat the de_mons. Bless you and Godspeed mighty Dragons.

Gene also speculates that it won’t be long now for some kind of resolve and I believe he is correct. At least, it won’t be long now until a major gear shift. 

Juan O Savin’s bets are all for April 1st when he says, the fools will no longer be in office. I’m hoping that means President Trump will have returned and our country’s near-death experience will finally be over. 

Since Charlie Ward can hardly contain himself on his Insider’s Club videos and is simply bursting with glorious news that he has been told very strictly NOT TO TELL, I’m very excited that WONDERFUL SOMETHING is soon coming.

The actor playing Bye-din deserves an Oscar. He’s so outrageous now, forgetting how to exit a room, tumbling down stairs, forgetting who he is, not having his rubber mask on tight enough, his ears don’t match, etc. that EVEN the Mainstream Media HAVE TO say SOMETHING. 

Charlie Ward loves to say that the White Hat Alliance are “being a little big naughty” regarding Bye-din gaffs. I agree. I’m to the point where I literally can’t talk to ANYONE. Too many still believe Bye-din is POTUS, that masks protect you and you need to get your shot.


I was walking my pup the other day and a man asked me, “Have you got your shot yet?” like it was the most natural thing in the world that I’d have Bill Gates shoot poison in my arm. 

No! and He*ll no!

On an optimistic note, Gene Decode and Michael Jaco believe that maybe 30% to 40% of civilians, non-Anons, are at least aware there might be a ca_bal. OMG.

In a gorgeous description, Gene Decode defines his idea of the one and only God.

54:17 Because, for me,
there is one God of all creation, it’s the living God,
the living God doesn’t do death.
Their death-cult does death 
of the fake ca_bal god 
but the living God does only living.
So there is nowhere you can point to 
planet or star or whatever 
where you’re gonna say no life there.
No! Sorry, not true. 
in a plethora and in a variety 
that defies the imagination to come up with
because we don’t have the imagination of the Infinite.
The Infinite creator creates life beyond
in a complexity and a diversity
and a beauty
I mean a beauty…

I experience the Divine in a similar way to Gene.

I’ve always had trouble with the phrase “Golden Age” because it implies a finite amount of time and I am DONE with de_mon matrix measurements. So done.

No more ages for Gaia, no more yugas, no more death/rebirth, death/rebirth. Enough.


For me, the Holy Father and Divine Mother are INFINITE. Measureless. Everlasting. God is not an “age.” God is ageless.

When I choose a next experience for myself, for Gaia and all, or if I were to define how I feel about ascension, it would a “Golden Infinite.” That’s what I’m praying for, envisioning and affirming.

Infinite happiness. Infinite abundance. Infinite creativity. Infinite peace. The highest most wondrous Divine outcome for all.

That’s why I always write 5D+ so there’s NO END. Why stop at the 5th Dimension? Why not the 9th or 12th? Why be in a dimension at all? Or a timeline?

It’s also why, when I think of the RV / GCR I think in terms of a Googolplexian—a number that is so ginormous its zeros can’t be written down. The wealth on this Earth, in the Universe, is INFINTE. MEASURELESS. PERPETUAL. BOUNDLESS.
That’s how I feel God’s Creation—everlasting—so I’m grateful to Gene for defining it so poetically.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance for all — We are Goddess, Sovereign, Free and Infinite.

This is Kat, over and out.



Gene Decode Blessed2Teach:

Michael K Jaco, bio: “Combat Veteran Navy SEAL with 24 years of experience with several SEAL Teams including SEAL Team-6. Master Training specialist designing many courses including the SEAL Team’s first Hand to Hand Fighting Course. CIA security officer with 11 years in Combat Zones including Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya.”

Partially Transcribed by Kat

50:15 Michael K Jaco: What do you see going forward as far as what the Space Program is going to do?

50:24 Gene Decode: [Trump’s] Space Force was soft disclosure… James Rink and you and the things I’ve already done, for it to be secret you’ve got to have your head in the ground…

Kat Note: James Rink, host, Penny Bradley, Super Soldier Talk 46k subscribers

James Rink is a meditation practitioner, researcher, author, and video producer. Through his Super Soldier Talk YouTube series he has helped awaken humanity to the secret activities of the covert government. Uncovering topics such brainwashing, trauma, milabs (which stands for military abductions), and covert harassment; all of which he has had to endure his entire life as a product of Project Surrogate and Ultra MK Milab Super Soldier experimentation. His book LONE WOLF chronicles these projects. 


Penny Bradley shares her 20 year and back Secret Space Program experiences in the Martian militia, Nacht Waffen as a pilot on the Valkyrie, Montauk Project, Life on Mars, Regen Tanks, Mars Net, Smart Suits, cyborg prisoners, space life forms, remember codes, this and much more.”

50:32 Gene Decode: You travel the world and you see statues all over the world and cave drawings… wow, you’ve had your head in a box and you’ve never left home… (both laughing)… and you haven’t watched much of anything…

Kat Note: I’m not vouching for the websites enclosed below, I just pulled a few examples of “Alien Art” that Gene Decode is talking about, that David Wilcock has been talking about since forever on “Ancient Aliens.”

12 ancient paintings containing surprising evidence of aliens


50:54 Gene Decode: IT’S ONE OF THE EASIEST THINGS TO PROVE THAT THERE’S BEEN NON-TERRESTRIALS HERE SINCE THE GIT-GO… as long as we’ve been here, they’ve been here… the negative ones have been putting their hand in the pie so to speak… and now we’re getting positive help because we’ve obtained a certain level… which is space faring ability, and standing up for ourselves… and coming together to stand up against the negative types and now we’re getting assistance…

Kat Note: Space Force unveils recruiting video featuring secret space vehicle that will launch this month 5-6-20

Gen. John W. Raymond, Gen. Jay Raymond, the chief of space operations, at an all-call on July 2, 2019, at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. CLAYTON WEAR/U.S. AIR FORCE

51:30 Gene Decode: That being said, it’s kind of obvious if you watched the 16+1 [Q] boards back in 2017 and over the area I live in and I grew up in the Colorado area… every single night for 3 months WHEN that was being posted on the Q board about Cor/ona and Big Bird etc…. at the very exact same time we had thunder storms… with no rain, no hail, no snow and lightning constantly but no thunder… (laughing)… that’s how Nature works where I’m from…

52:02 I grew up here… we didn’t have that ever… obviously what that’s called is railcanons and other type of plasma and energy weapons going on… and that was EVERY NIGHT…

Image: Electromagnetic railgun launcher

Image: Directed Energy Weapon


Juan O Savin 11-4-20
“Literally these monsters
have been playing to take over the whole world

52:21 Gene Decode: It would be sunny all day long but as soon as the Sun’s gone and it clouds up… interestingly enough the shapes of the clouds were either saucer or cigar shapes… sometimes triangles… it was interesting!… (laughing)

1-15-16 Photo by Kat

1-28-15 Photo by Kat

52:27 Gene Decode[The Secret Space Program] it’s not very “secretive” anymore…

52:33 Michael Jaco: I used to spend a lot of time on Mount Shasta and there’s always craft up there… very very amazing… I’ve seen Dragons as well… so what are your thoughts on Dragons and the Secret Space Program… and maybe here on Earth… of course we see a lot of negative stuff on Dragons… 

52:57 Gene Decode: There’s good ones too… a lot of negative, you’ve got alpha types in the “Omicrons” (sp?)… but the “Gammas” (sp?) are really helping the situation…  the Omicrons are mostly the Red Dragon group… then of course the Alphas are the African and Antarctician contingent… but the Gamma Draconians are here to clean up and take out that situation… that’s ongoing and continuing… 

53:29 Michael Jaco: I can just press some areas that most people will be like, what?!… (both laughing)… it’s fun…

53:37 Gene Decode: (Laughing) It’s fun, yeah… it’s interesting to talk and just go down the holes as they say… 

53:46 Michael Jaco: Exactly… our Solar System, we have life on all of the planets, inside all of the planets… we have bases in other Solar Systems that we travel to… what do you see going forward…

Kat Note: Gene Decode & Scott McKay transcript, 3-11-21

19:36 Gene Decode: The anti-gravitics were actually being done in Germany and the Germanic countries IN THE 1890’S… they’ve actually gone to Mars… IT WENT THERE THEN…

22:30 They’re going to places 100 light years away in half an hour and we’re traveling in an [aluminum can] going 600 mph [airplane]… 


54:09 Gene Decode: People are going to be AMAZED with where life is… it’s more easy to say where is life not?… The answer is NOWHERE…

54:17 Because, for me,
there is one God of all creation, it’s the living God… 
the living God doesn’t do death… 
their death-cult does death 
of the fake ca_bal god… 
but the living God does only living… 
So there is nowhere you can point to 
planet or star or whatever 
you’re gonna say no life there… 
No! Sorry, not true… 
in a plethora and in a variety 
that defies the imagination to come up with
because we don’t have the imagination of the Infinite…
The Infinite creator creates life beyond
in a complexity and a diversity
and a beauty
I mean a beauty, 
even for the negative groups,
there are now defections in the Primes of the Alphas…

55:09 Gene Decode: Two of em defected just recently because I did a decode and I showed them what they used to look like BEFORE they were in the ca_bal… how beautiful and incredible of a species they were… and they remote viewed the past because that was kept from them… and they go, wow, that’s true… 

55:30 Gene is telling the truth and we’re not playing this anymore, we want back what was taken from us… so that’s true for all of the groups… so I say to all of the groups go back and look at where you came from before you joined the ca_bal and they contaminated you and brought you down into darkness and essentially servitude… and made you MINIMAL because they’re not going to have you be a threat… they’re going to reduce you… and that’s what has been done across the board

56:03 You look out across Creation and those in service to Creator are immense and in a variety beyond comprehension… 

56:17 Michael Jaco: There’s a lot of us… you, Gene, Juan O Savin, myself and others are telling people to start to get that connection through Source… and that Source will give you the comfort and info that you need to go forward… I think that more and more people are awakening to that…

56:36 But there’s still a contingent of people unfortunately, that are resisting and actually attacking a lot of us that are trying to help them awaken… what do you see for that going forward? As far as how many people are going to awaken and how many people are not going to make it in this massive shift (ascension) coming up…

56:56 Gene Decode: Yeah, I’m thinking that, like for the D.U.M.B. situation… 2 years ago when I did the first decode I got so many attacks that I’m “totally psychotic,” they were saying… but now with the majority of Anons it’s pretty much accepted it’s knowledgeable and it’s starting to get out into where I think 20% of the main people of the world know that exists, and that there’s stuff going on, and things with children are going on there…

57:25  I do remember 30 years ago when I would talk to people about stuff… even a family that runs the world that is worth quadrillions if not quintillions of dollars… and they said I’m totally out of my mind… there’s no New World Order… whatever you’re saying you’ve lost your mind… that is impossible… do you know how much money that would be? 

57:50 And I go yeah I know exactly how much money that is, 430 trillion for the Gofers [sp?]… and then we’re in the quintillions for the Pey/seurs and those kind of types… Now that’s common knowledge…

[Kat Note: Charlie Ward reported that when arrested last March ‘20, a single de_mon Phoenician bloodline family, the Pay/seurs, were worth quintillions of dollars. The money, stolen and hoarded away from the people of Earth, was seized by the White Hat Alliance and will be redistributed to all.]


58:00 Gene Decode: But 30 years ago I’d talk to 3k people I’d hit maybe 1 or 2…. On Oahu I saw everybody who knew that at the Dr. [Vernon] Coleman conference that I went to…

58:18 Gene Decode: And I went up to him and had him sign his book and he goes, “How do you want me to sign it?” I told him my rank and my Military and I said you know, I was a Patriot, and you know, thank you for your service, something along that line, cuz I’m trying hard to wake people up here… and it’s really hard because it seems like everybody I ever talk to is in this room right now… 

58:40 He goes, what do you do in the Military? And I told him a little tiny bit and he looked at me and he just winked and he goes, you KNOW don’t you?… I go yeah, I know how hard this is and then a whole bunch of people followed me out in the hall after Dr. Coleman left… Can we talk to you?…  I go sure…

58:58 It was 1 in 3k back then… now I’ve sat in restaurants and hear people talking… so I do think that 30 to 40% of the Human Race at least, in the people walking around, know that there is a ca_bal and they are doing certain things…

59:18 they may not believe the depths of the children stuff and all of that, but they believe there’s a very wealthy family, and groups of families, that’s making and creating all the wars… manipulating and forcing us to pay taxes for them to be wealthy and have millions and maybe trillions of dollars…

59:45 Michael Jaco: Yeah, I totally agree… and as we reveal more we can reveal even deeper things… the ad/reno/chrome and so forth… the ad/renoc/hrome 10 years ago people would not have understood or believed it and now… like your saying, 20%, 30% maybe even more percent of people are open to that possibility… and there’s more of us that are fully convinced that it does exist… 

1:00:13 Now the border… we’re seeing the border explode… we’ve already been invaded and now we’re being overwhelmed at the border at no time ever in history… part of that is they’re [ca_bal] desperate to get their money… their money source was children and ad/reno/chrome and so forth… that’s been squeezed from them for a long time… and now they see the opportunity to get it back… what’s gonna happen with that border, what do you think? 

1:00:39 Gene Decode: I think we’re seeing an out of who’s who?… Kind of like that 16+1 Book of the Bible… [Esther]… you show who, you bait your enemy out… and you play it out and it’s called a reveal… when the reveal is done, then you take em out…

1:01:05 The ca_bal had a plan to do exactly that for who would stand up and fight… so, again, we’re doing that same situation in reverse… like the 17th Book of the Bible, again, Esther…

Kat Note: Juan O Savin 11-7-20

“This moment is about reversals —
reversals of the coup against America that reached its height
when President Kennedy was assassinated
& sealed the deal for globalists taking control
of this captured operation that is America.
We’re in this ESTHER MOMENT.
I’ve been telling you all along this is Biblical
It’s the 17th Book of the Bible, the story of Esther.
This is a Purim moment.
This is a Biblical good vs e/vil engagement that we’re in,
whether we’re gonna be free 
or go into slavery.
They intended to capture America 
and to enslave it and to destroy it 
so they could have their Global Order —
They’re going to suffer the consequences of their actions.
This is like Purim/Purge Day: Reversals, boomerang.
In the original Bible story of the Purim, when the Purim day came 
that was the day Haman died.
I’m telling you 

This is 

1:01:22 Michael Jaco: Lots of things are being revealed all over the country in every aspect,  on closing, what do you see going forward? What’s the major thing going forward?


1:01:34  Gene Decode: I see the Flag Officers coming to a resolution and deciding to make a move and do it… and I don’t see it’s going to be that much more… I don’t think we’re looking at years… maybe months but not very many of em… maybe not even more than a couple plurality… so I do see things coming down and I see em coming down soon… 

1:02:02 And then Med Beds controlled locations… and already we’ve seen NESARA…

1:02:11 Trump did go to D.C., he did… and he did go to Switzerland too after that… what is Switzerland? The foundation of well-fought Earth for the ca_bal… that’s why nobody invaded it for the ca_bal… Hi/tler, Gen/ghis Khan… because you don’t bite the hand that feeds you… so he [Trump] went there… [Charlie Ward reported that Trump went there to sign NESARA papers…]

1:02:32 And you’re watching the internet going down at the IRS, Federal Reserve, etc. Federal Reserve moved in, you’re watching banks not being able to do certain things anymore… cuz their internet’s down, can’t give you receipts, can’t do this… credit card stuff and all kinds of things going on…

1:02:46 I would tell people to be ready, be prepared, have things you need for a couple of weeks…  because if they shut the entire internet down for a couple of weeks you need to have things ready… 

1:03 I already see the internet being shut down in various locations… (1.) changing over financial instruments (2.) Taking out the dark web and individuals traf/ficking on the dark web… and rescuing individuals that are tra/ffi/cked on the dark web… 

c all ongoing and it’s really really obvious… big companies even, their internet service is going down, so there are things going on that I have never never seen before…1:03:28 Where the IRS is delaying things… so if you’re gonna file taxes make sure the deadline date is still the deadline date and that it hasn’t been moved out to May… that’s in the works possibly now too… [they have]…

1:03:44 So there’s a lot of changes and things going on… and it’s coming down and it’s coming down quick and I don’t see it as taking much longer now…

1:03:53 Michael Jaco: Yeah, I’m the same way… we have to get off of the dates and stuff like that… the props are turning, everybody’s waiting inside… OK guys… delay another day or delay another week… delay another month… it’s frustrating for those guys that are ready to hit this… I’ve been there… you’ve probably been there many times as well… 

1:04:21 Gene Decode: Yeah, I’ve been sittin in the submarine goin “When are we gonna launch weapons?” (laughing)… I’m ready… I’ve got where all the enemy are things plotted… I’ve already given you the information, when are we gonna launch?? … 

1:04:43 Michael Jaco: It’s frustrating and it’s frustrating for the operators out there… like I said, the props are spinning… and you’re like, OK, there’s a change of plans… I’ve done that many, many, many, many times… it’s a little frustrating but you just like go with it… and that’s what we’re talking about as far as consciousness… you have to let go and stay in the upper realms of consciousness… 


1:05:06 Gene Decode: Right… again… I just trust it’s God’s plan, #1…

#2 I have my daily procedure… I get up and give thanks to God and Creator for my day and the things of beauty in my life… and people in my life, my gratitude…  and then I go through my workout, nutrition, doing the things I need to do… going by what I had planned and if God shows me we’re not going by that plan today, OK I’ll change to whatever he puts in front of me and at the end of the day I go thank you… a little bit of a workout, supplements, things I need to do… I get out in Nature every day and I look at the beauty of the creation… and give thanks for it…

1:06 Just staying solid in gratitude, in the beauty of creation, things that give me joy, classical music, family, whatever, then I have the patience to go however further I need to go…

Michael Jaco: Beautiful, beautiful… any other way people can contact you…

Gene Decode: Yeah, I’m on Blessed 2 Teach every week, regularly, also on Backstage, several days a week… every other Sunday I’m doing decodes on non-terrestrial types situation… then every Monday night doing Health Club calls… with the Health coordinator… she’s beautiful, putting altogether fantastic information… so that’s there on Blessed 2 Teach Backstage every week… I’m there all the time… then cirstenw every week too…

Gene Decode:


Michael Jaco:

End Kat Transcription

P.S. Here is Part 1 of my Gene Decode, Michael Jaco transcript, FYI —

“Gene Decode and Michael Jaco: The War for the Solar System is in God’s Hands, Part One” by Kat – 3.19.21



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