Steve Beckow: Tarnished Leadership and Rumors Abound


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

March 26, 2021

Tarnished Leadership

Dictatorship has no future

May I talk about leadership for a moment, how tarnished it has become and the challenges that face us in regard to it?

Over time, as we’re beginning to see, many of the leaders of the world have apparently become corrupted.

They’ve hidden their activities behind old and new ploys.


An old ploy lies in creating an enemy within and without, as the cabal has successfully done with us around the bogeyman of terrorism (Al Qaida, ISIS, Antifa, etc.) (1) and now the pandemic (mask wearers and non-mask wearers, vaccinated and unvaccinated).

Then stampede the population with false-flag catastrophes so that you can pass tighter security laws (Patriot Act, mandatory masks and vaccinations).

Permit me a little history on the shift in my own view of government?

In 2006 I left the Immigration and Refugee Board, totally ready to retire. After I got over the whoopee stage, I began to look online for what I may have missed in the last eight years. The next thing I did would change my life. I’d call that an awakening.

I watched a video called In Plane Site, which said that … 9/11 … was … an inside job. You must be kidding. I researched it and my world shattered. Later I even did a website on 9/11. (2)

This was the second time my worldview had collapsed, the first being after my purnavatar (3) guru had turned out in 2000 to be a pedophile. (4)

Am I being prepared for something? Or just a punching bag? Or is this just the way things are these days?


For the next year I wrote, usually for OpEd News, on 9/11 and then later depleted uranium. I had to start anew. Does that not sound familiar these days? If not, it may sound familiar in a month or two.

Leadership could not be more severely tarnished than it is today. And rightfully so. I assert that leadership has tarnished itself.

Leadership has sold out for money, property, power, sex with children, Satanism, child sacrifice, cannibalism, adrenochrome use, and then blackmail.

Leadership has created a global network of corruption and relied on the public’s unwillingness to admit that such a thing could possibly be happening in our world.  It is happening.

Like Neville Chamberlain before World War II, we hold in our hands a piece of paper guaranteeing peace in our time.  We chose to remain blind to the corruption in our midst.

In 1939 war broke out. All efforts at appeasement had only helped the dictator seize territory.

War won’t happen here. In 2021, the cabal will be displaced from power by a coalition of forces on planet and off. The Mother is now in charge – Mother Gaia and the Divine Mother.

Ascension will go forward, in my view, and those who resist our last invitations to end their war against humanity will set themselves on a trajectory of separation.

But that leaves us with the problem of a tarnished leadership.  Untarnishing that leadership is the challenge.

Human groups, while they may choose their leaders in different ways, usually end up choosing to go with leadership itself.  That will go on. But our trust in leadership has taken a hit.


The new leaders who arise will have to take that into account. They’ll need to re-awaken in people the willingness to trust, remembrance of the benefits of following sound, wise, and compassionate leadership, and the importance of not forgetting the tremendous cost of following dictators in savior’s clothing.


(1) The governments of the world have played major roles in inciting or staging terrorism against their own people to move the population ever closer to totalitarianism and world domination. The government of the United States was behind 9/11; the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were simply land grabs for the drug trade and petroleum resources, as far as I can see.

(2) What is Happening in America? Are We Headed Back to the Middle Ages? at On 9/11 and depleted uranium.

(3) Purnavatar means full and complete incarnation of God.

(4) Actually the third, if you count the shattering at age seven when my Dad shouted at me from a few inches from my face.  I’m getting practice at this.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

March 26, 2021

Rumors Abound

Usually I don’t report rumors. But some are too enjoyable not to report and some are too important.


Before I report these five, let me append Simon Parkes’ latest post as a reminder. (1)

The first is that John F. Kennedy, Jr. is alive.

Communications from an allegedly-alive JFK, Jr. have been prominent on Twitter, Telegram and other social media for several months now.

It’s said that he staged his own death. If the rumor is true, I welcome his reappearance.

My favorite rumor is that Princess Diana was informed of plans to kill her and instead also staged her own death. JFK Jr. and Diana collaborated in planning their “deaths,” aided by a third person, a certain Donald Trump.

Princess Di will soon make herself known.

Now that’s a rumor that warms the cockles of my heart.

The third, important rumor is that the Alliance created the Evergreen traffic jam in the Suez Canal in order to force the cargo to be unloaded and opened, publicly, revealing their contents of trafficked children. Now, my body is shaking.

I can’t imagine anything more upsetting and dismaying than to watch such a sight. (2) It would shake my faith in the human race being sapien (wise). And yet we’d need to endure it.

A fourth rumor is that “Project Odin” will see this unloading of the containers broadcast worldwide over the emergency broadcast system, composed of a multitude of small satellites called the Starlink system. (4)


The whole planet will see what misery child trafficking brings to the world’s children – and us.

I’ve adjudicated some pretty horrific refugee claims, but this sight, for me, would be the hardest to bear – if the rumor is true. (3)

The fifth rumor is that, during this broadcast, President Trump will be re-introduced as the legitimate President of the United States, supported by the military. (5)

We’re being advised to lay in some supplies in case there are any disruptions in distribution.

All of this is being called “Plan B,” perhaps because “Plan A” – which I assume was arrests at the Inauguration – was cancelled because of the cabal’s planned catastrophe (I don’t know what it was).

I have to report that, as a person who came to distrust government after 9/11, it’s work for me to accept the Alliance’s moves as for our good. I really have to push through my distrust and skepticism. Consequently, there’s a fair amount of cognitive dissonance going on.

As I discussed elsewhere, I’ve been watching the Alliance (White Hats, Faction Three) at work since I became aware of 9/11. But this phase of things makes everything much more real. I realize we are going on  whatever trust we still have in our leaders – and in the evidence they’re about to produce.

I now know much more of the story, thanks largely to Q, Wikileaks, and contemporary commentators.

If I and everyone else were not to support them, in my opinion, we’d lose the best chance we have of dislodging the cabal, short of war.

And, yes, we know the cabal’s time is ended, by the Divine Mother’s Plan for Ascension. It’s more to end it with the absolute minimum of bloodshed and other suffering.



(1) Here again is Simon Parkes’ update of March 25, 2021:

“The next few days are of the greatest importance.

“It must be noticeable that commentators in the know are having to hold back information in regard to The Return of the King [Trump] and the New Financial System [the Reval and/or NESARA/GESARA?].

“I estimate that this situation will not last long – & shortly I / we should be able to be fully open in regard to the developments coming down the track.” (Simon Parkes, “Entering a Crucial Phase,” March 25, 2021, at

(2) I am reminded of George Bush Sr.’s comment to his assistant that, if the world knew what we’ve been doing, they’d string us up from the nearest lamp post.  I hope the world stays calm in the face of these disclosures.

(3) Only after these events would I expect the GCR/Reval.  Or it may occur simultaneous, as a cover.

(4) If it hasn’t already been, the Internet will then be scrubbed of pedophilia and other criminal activity and reformed.

(5) Their support seems evident in the closing down of Washington and denial of the use of Air Force One and Two to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris while extending its use to Donald Trump.



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