(Reader: Herbert Maier) Response to Frank Bischoff: Time to Wake up, Patriots


Reader Post | By Herbert Maier from Germany

Time to wake up, Patriots.

The two articles by Frank Bischoff are the best I have read on this forum in a very long time. Particularly, part 2. They critically, but matter-of-factly depict the current situation and, in my personal opinion, give an extremely accurate outlook of the coming months and years.

We are now almost one year to the day into the plandemic which makes it a good time to take stock. There are many variables, but we can largely ignore them at this point because there are enough verifiable facts to exclude significant misjudgments.

With the C0v1d-19 hoax, the globalists have unleashed their final war of extermination against Conservatives worldwide. Remember, The Great Reset is originally a weapon against conservatism. The mask terror was just their successful dress rehearsal and the now imminent vaxxination war will be their master piece.

Shockingly, President Trump seems to be part of this vaxxination agenda in some way or another. Knowing perfectly well that the topic of vaxxinations is the number 1 nightmare of tens of millions of his supporters, in his recent interview with Maria Bartiromo, he stated that the vaxxines were safe… and advised everybody “to get the shot”… Within 60 seconds, he did more in favor of the globalist vaxxination operation than Bill Gates could have done in two lives. President Trump also stated that the vaxxination would be a choice. I do not mean to be disrespectful, but this statement was a punch in the face, to put it mildly. It is like saying that gulags in the communist USSR were a choice. Mind you, the left mob does not love their masks because they fear the virus. No, they love them because they know that they annoy and humiliate us Conservatives. With the same fervor, they will pressure us with their vaxxinations. To sum it up, I could hardly believe my ears when I listened to the interview, but my hope is that I am just too shortsighted to see the big picture.

The question is now whether the President intends to offer a last-minute way out to millions of Conservatives and loyal Trump supporters all over the world or if they will be sacrificed in favor of the well-being of the radical left and the indifferent sheep. A glimmer of hope could be the fact that, despite his endorsement, certainly tens of millions of his loyal supporters in the US are not going to cave to the globalist vaxxination agenda and alienating them could have a negative effect on his political capital. With a slice of luck, this constellation could be a way out for us Europeans, too.

Talking about the radical left and the indifferent sheep. The performance the left showed during their Summer of love seems to have been impressive enough for the military to decide that twisting us Conservatives through the meat grinder of liberal insanity is more constructive to ending this civil war and eventually establishing peace than taking over the MSM and burying the left under a declassification avalanche and therewith publicly destroying their fake moral high-ground. It is this fake moral high-ground that is the key to the left’s claim to power and as long as they possess it nothing will ever change in a meaningful way.

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, at a town hall a couple of days ago, talked about Abraham Lincoln’s decision not to lock up the confederate leaders after the American civil war, but to acquit them for the sake to the Union. General Flynn called this decision “extraordinary”. I think his statement, at this stage, was no coincidence and should make it absolutely clear that there will never be public arrests of prominent traitors like the [C]lintons, the [O]bamas or the [B]idens. They may already be dead or behind bars, who knows, but their public arrest is impossible because it would turn them into martyrs and trigger an uncontrollably violent reaction by the radical left and the woke sheep. Tragically, these arrests would be exactly what we need to break them once and for all. This stalemate almost certainly implies that Donald Trump will never be POTUS again because, purely and simply, he is the archenemy of the violent left and the woke sheep. They will never allow him to hold public office again.

The problem with the woke sheep is that propaganda is always a top-down process and never bottom-up. In other words, there will never be any meaningful awakening on the left as long as the globalist MSM control the narrative. The left worldwide has been craving for open boarders, mass immigration, climate change hysteria, biological men competing in women sports, big government, big crime and anarchy and now they have been handed over their socialist El Dorado on a silver plate. They have been refusing to listen to anything outside their own sick echo chamber since at least November 8, 2016, but somehow the military seems to believe, that now, suddenly, miraculously, the left will reject their perfect world and see the light. WWG1WGA could just have become a dangerous millstone around our necks.

In part 2, the indifferent sheep were correctly identified not as victims but as offenders. For the sake of completeness, it is essential to add the gutless mercenaries in uniform (formerly known as Police or law enforcement) to the list. Sadly, they have shown their true colors and they are eventually the ones we will have to confront. Contrary to our fellow-Patriots in the US, we do not have a 2nd amendment to defend ourselves as soon as they start denying people without vaxxination passport access to supermarkets, doctor’s offices or schools. We must never forgive these mercenaries for their role in this plandemic. There cannot be peace and justice as long as they are not held accountable for their terror – every single one of them.

Time will tell if there is a plan and if so, who wrote it in favor of whom. Personally, I am preparing myself mentally for a brutal civil war in the sense of daily physical confrontation. The EU/Merkel/Micron/Johnson/Rutte/Berset juntas and their insane agents will try to take everything from me and my family, but I will resist. I admit that, at this stage, I have completely lost track of what the lesson is, the Alliance wants to teach us here. I fail to see the logic of this nightmare in which peacefulness and loyalty is being punished, but violence and treason are being rewarded.

So, dear fellow-Patriots worldwide. We must stop wasting time with useless decodes and analysis of what Dan Scavino has said on Twitter. This is fantasy land. Irrelevant. Our reality is an imminent vaxxination war that wants to turn us and our children into transgenetic robots. We must take an unmistakable stand against the people who want to rob us of everything we love and hold dear. We are being forced into a physical confrontation and as much as I hate the thought, we must fight now – peacefully. We cannot be nice and passive any longer. We must be loud and offensive. We must be annoying. This is dead serious now.  

The end won’t be for everyone…


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