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Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

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Namaste fellow woken beings,

The title may seem a little confusing however, if this was / is Middle Earth & there was land of the Hobbit or Dwarves from the Kingdom of Erebor in the company of the lonely mountain, then it would appeal to the Lord of the Rings fans…

Those that watched the Trilogy will have understanding of the Dwarf Kingdom which happened to be gifted with minerals – in this case – Gold… When you watch the movie ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ you’ll understand the Dragon (Serpent) loves the Gold as much as the Dwarf King (Ruler) who loved it so much more, became so obsessed, that it drove him crazy.

I may not be 100% accurate (given the book differs from the movie) however, the quest by the dwarves was to return back the Lonely Mountain i.e. their home however, the leader – Thorin Oakenshield had other plans. He wanted to enter Erebor as the rightful heir & claim all the Gold back via the power of the crystal called the ‘Arkenstone’.

The one who holds the ‘Arkenstone’ holds the Power… 

The Dragon (Serpent) ‘Smaug’ who was drawn to the enormous wealth of the dwarves & like a sickness, it consumes him & via his actions, the dwarves have no choice but to escape before being killed by the dragon.

Now, I was thinking about the GCR – as really, the GR is an obsession that has been driving the fiat monetary system crazy – that it is an illness, a sickness that once you touch even a single gold coin – you are consumed by the evil that lurks, as the gold is the evil. Why as it begins to rot away whilst locked up / locked (lock) down in the Kingdom of Erebor – It should be used & it is not – such is the case for the supposed Vatican Raid – The 150 miles of filled tunnel just there, racked ‘n’ stacked decaying.

You see, In Middle Earth – there wasn’t a QFS system not did they have ‘digital banking’ so the point here is that each & every person who is the supposed recipient of the RV is not getting to see the actual gold as it is locked up by Mr T himself…

The Kingdom of Erebor – is actually the ‘Vatican’ & parts of Middle Earth are actually the DUMBS (that are of today).

Why do these DUMBS exist as they are the ‘Nation S.old of Middle Earth’ or to put back into LotR language – The ‘De Soul Nation of Middle Earth’ or to translate towards my understanding of the language – Dead Soul Nation of Middle Earth…

If I refer to the Strawman here – The Birth Certificate Fraud is to provide you with a Dead at Sea – Maritime Law fraud to say you are indeed ‘Dead’ hence the Dead-Soul-Nation reference… The Dragon (serpent) is you know Who & The Gold is the rightful property of ‘We the People’ however it is only for the King of Erebor (Earth) – which has been advised that Mr T is the Global Ruler…

So, when you look at the next chapter – The Battle of the Five (5) Armies – This refers to the Global Alliance (USA, Russia, India, China) vs the D|S which makes Five (5) armies fighting for what?  – To control the vast amounts of Gold? To claim ‘Middle Earth’ or to wipe everyone out & leave a few who always sat at the top of the pyramid – Which is the Lonely Mountain as Mountains are in the shape of Pyramids (Top-tip peak with angular sides towards a wide base).

Please therefore understand that “My Precious” is the world… It is everything the D|S will do to hold on. This is a fight for Middle Earth, Hollow Earth or Flat Earth so everything is at stake.


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