The Vaxx as the Great Separator


Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

March 19, 2021

I have already dealt with this topic speaking about the unjustness of the program in my last post …

but here I want to drop some seed thoughts your way and touch on some points that fall within the actual narrative that it does mark some line between those who are ready for a form of graduation, and those who like school so much they want to stick around another year or so … Cosmically speaking …

And I don’t know if this is indeed the case – seems bit arbitrary – but let’s look quickly at the points …

Ok so here is the latest Quantum Shift Radio show with Dr Sam and Kent (from which you should listen from the 27min mark on … ) It is the top, march 16th show …


and it is a good presentation … (Tho Kent’s remark about the gnostics forming out of the Eastern orthodox church has to be a reference to the org that Ben Fulford refers to in his bulletins.)

Now Dr Sam has no problem dealing practically with the topic as if it is the Great Separation in progress. The problem with her otherwise fine treatment and analysis is it has something of the usual christian sense (that has been inculcated into us) that we are all first timers here. It is a level playing field on which we all stand with equal chances so if some don’t come out with the right ideas etc too bad, let’s forge on … (I like her practicality actually. She has brightened and enlightened many a thursday for me, along with Kent, and long may they both continue to do so … as long as we are on hold.)

But there is another twist of the kaleidescope with yet another perspective that she doesn’t give – possibly due to time constraints – but before we get there, here is an extract from Tony Stubbs book (which is online.) Please enjoy …

Ok, if you have the sense that the world is made up of old, advanced, intermediate, and young souls and the only thing that ultimately denotes them as such is when they were first created/born (older souls having been knocking around and exploring the possibilities of the Universal Education Program a lot longer than the young.)

Then if there is a process of separation you can see it does not (because it cannot) involve any sense of one soul being somehow ‘better’ than another. You don’t take certain plants out of the greenhouse till they are ready, and then you know they are ready.
And also, we know the level of evil and pain this planet brought about will not be allowed again – this level of (ending) duality that is. 

So think of all the moments of amazing inspiration and help and discovery in your own journey, and then expand and try and improve on them in ways you cannot even fathom – since the universe hates repetition – and you then have something of the incredibleness ahead of the ‘held back’ class.

One last thing, because if coming events cast there shadows before, then this is definitely a Possible Road.

Gene Decode has sent the message “upward” via his interviews that it would be good for the Alliance doing the worldwide Dumb Sweeping to act or come forward relatively soon, as, if it is the case plans are to be brought about re a mandatory vaxx, it would curtail any violent protest and needless disruption.

I like Gene and I like the direction of his mind, but one thought I have kept at the back of my own since this whole thing took off is that if the vaxx is a line of separation being drawn to demark those ready to move on and those as yet not, there will (surely) be councils in place of an off world order monitoring the situation.

And since every group is precious and has its own destiny in the grand scheme, if an attempt were made to enforce such an initiative it might be what it takes to tilt the table to bring the positive forces in and wrap things up. Because to have people acted on against their sovereign decision and will directly breaks cosmic law, and those that do get to ‘graduate’ have their own sanctioned, and not to be messed with, role as things develop.


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