(Reader: Frank Bischoff) European perspective on the Great Awakening — Part II


Reader Post | By Frank Bischoff (Germany)

European perspective on the Great Awakening – Part II

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The good news is: We are watching a movie. We have people running around in masks, we have abjectly poor body doubles, we have loads of badly implemented CGI and overstrained actors. We should relax, grab our popcorn and just watch the plot unfold.

The bad news is: While this movie is playing out we get attacked verbally and physically. We lose our jobs. Family members and friends abandon us. The cohesion of our societies is being destroyed.

Now the most important question: Why did this movie have to be played in the first place? Why couldn’t the Alliance just present the facts? Why has there been no Declass yet? Why this childish game of hide and seek?

Answer: There are too many brainless Normies on this planet which is why the Alliance had to create this ridiculous C-movie. As unbelievable as it may seem but we have been deprived of our freedoms because of a bunch of ignorant, complacent and saturated freaks who did not even wake up when a communist dictatorship took over our countries in broad daylight with tympani and trumpets.

What are the real-life consequences of this forced cinematographic joke?

1) The Great Awakening in Europe is imploding and 2) the approach of the Q-Team/Alliance will provoke the very thing the D State is longing for: civil war.

In principle, I think that the global Great Awakening is collapsing but we here in Europe did not have the blessing of a Donald Trump who induced reason and patriotism into our societies. Therefore, I consider the situation in Europe as being worse than in the US.


According to Q the D State’s worst fear is the Awakening of We the People. This seems to be a valid point given the unprecedented amount of lies, propaganda and censorship we have experienced from all sides of the D State. We the People seem to be an integral part of The Plan to Save the World. An asset which should be protected, one might think. It could have been done by the military single-handedly, but no, it was decided to take us all on board. Could the reason for this be that an awakened humanity is a much more robust basis for the reorganization of a civilization? Of course.

I think it is safe to say that Q and the Alliance knew that the human mind is a weak link in this plan because it is very prone to such things as lies, manipulation, brainwashing, propaganda and cognitive dissonance. The Alliance must have known that most people on this planet have lived their entire lives inside a lie. Most people even identify with the lie and they would defend it at all costs. The Alliance must have known that they would need a sledge hammer to get access to most peoples’ brains.

I know it is challenging but put yourself into the position of a Normie. Ready? … Still not? No worries. We have got time … Right, so you are a Normie with an inch-thick skull that shields you from recognizing even the most blatant lies the MSM can come up with. What are the chances of you being woken up by rumours, speculation and conspiracy theories? What are the chances of you believing information that is coming from small, low-budget podcasters and which on top of that is totally against your world view whereas at the same time the MSM provides you unhindered with reassuring and comforting “news”?

The Alliance has not used a sledge hammer! They have used a small wooden stick. The Alliance has created obvious events which clearly indicate (to anyone with a brain) that something is wrong but they did not provide hard facts and they required the potentially intrigued Normie to have to resort to back channels, blogs and YouTube podcasts.

1) The destruction of the Great Awakening

With the MSM as the one and only key towards a Normie’s skull not being used as a redpilling tool the responsibility of carrying the truth out into the world has been upon us, the Anons/Digital Soldiers. Remember? We were chosen to be integral part of the Plan to Save the World. I have defended Donald Trump with all I have. I spent countless hours and nerves explaining to my family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues the story behind the MSM lies. After every single setback following Nov 3rd, Jan 6th and especially Jan 20th I went out on a limb telling people that things are not as they seem, that the election was rigged and … yes, mea culpa, I even dared mention things like Epstein, Adrenochrome or child trafficking. I told all this knowing that there is little to no evidence but hoping that the sledge hammer of truth (Declass) would come down soon.

As you can imagine meanwhile my credibility is destroyed. I have been ridiculed and as a result my ability to fight for WWG1WGA is depleted. Nobody believes me anymore and even those who did listen to me and who started to realize that I might be telling the truth are now feeling confirmed that everything about Trump and the Great Awakening was fake. I dare say that I am very well connected with thousands of Digital Soldiers and I get the same feedback from all sides on social media and from protests in the streets. Their credibility is gone. We have lost the ability to reach people outside the echo-chamber.

In a nutshell: The Army of Digital Soldiers has been destroyed by those who created it by sending us to the frontline trenches and then refusing to provide us with the backup we needed.

2) The destruction of social cohesion in Europe leading to civil war

My family and I do not wear masks and we have all been attacked verbally and physically. Have you seen AndWeKnow’s video from March 16th? The elderly lady in the bank? This is what is happening in Germany and elsewhere every day. People getting attacked for not wearing a mask while Normies stand by enjoying themselves and applauding. But this is not all. There is an increasingly severe witch hunt on people who refuse to get vaccinated. People getting bullied to get PCR-tested in order to take part in life again. Children getting terrorized because they do not comply with dictatorial measures in schools and kindergardens. All this is made possible and is executed by these brainless Normies and so my main enemy is not Merkel, Macron, Johnson etc. No, my main enemies are the Normies.

It is due to their stupidity and their compliance that 1+ year of my precious life time has been stolen from me and I will never forgive them. Even if the plandemic were over tomorrow I would still despise these people. Next time one of these brainless idi*** attacks me I will not hold back anymore. I will not be polite. I will strike back. This is the result of the Alliance holding back Declass. The aggression and the division within our families, circle of friends and societies are the result of the Alliance caring more for the soft and gentle awakening of the Normies than for the well-being of the Digital Soldiers.


So what can we do?

I guess that the Digital Soldiers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I want to make this clear! Of course the Alliance seems to have prevented the Great Reset from being fully implemented which we are all grateful for. But … now the consequence of the Alliance’s plan is that families and friends are more and more divided. People hating each other, attacking each other, oppressing each other. Every day without Daclass is a victory for the enemy. This is our reality and Soros’ greatest achievement.

I think, we should come to terms with the fact that the Alliance never wanted to bring this war to an end. I think the Alliance just wanted to establish a level playing field or rather battle field on which we have to fight until the brainless Normies are defeated. I think we have to accept that the Alliance will sacrifice the Army of Digital Soldiers for the good of the brainless Normies. The sooner we get rid of false expectations the sooner we can focus on fighting the real enemy: The Normies. We need to take off our masks and confront them. We have been tricked into thinking that we are in violation of the law. We are not and we have to take a firm stand for our interests even if that means conflict and violence. We must get rid of this silly “we are lightworkers and we have to be there for those who haven’t woken up yet”-deception. We need to get rid of the idea that these people are acting from a moral highground. It will not be an offensive fight. It will not be a fight we picked. It will be a defensive fight for our way of life. It will be a fight which has been forced upon us.

Frank Bischoff (Germany)


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