Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood Speech


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

March 18, 2021


Virgil’s Aeneid “The River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The reader should note that B1den, or actually his handler as his mind is pretty far gone, report to the same number one in the D state as Trump did. Trump followed orders to leave despite the stolen election as the number one of the D state required. He did not have to as he had significant bargaining chips to play such as the 9-11 false flag operation that he was thoroughly familiar with. 

The D state had enough of Trump as he did not want to sacrifice American industry anymore to make the alliances work. In other words, we paid off our allies by giving them our industries as Britain before us. In other words, Trump wanted to stop the currency rigging by the EU, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. that were destroying US industries and leaving our factories as part of a giant rust belt and our infrastructure in a state of ruin. Trump also wanted the so-called allies to pay for our troop deployments in NATO and the budding SEATO which B1den has stopped pursuing. Here he showed great courage.


The US is disintegrating. The problem is that the 40% minorities are soon to reach 60% making the white population a minority and the whites are now fleeing to the south as such a minority component has turned Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles into lawless jungles as Rhodesia. Rhodesia was the breadbasket of Africa under Ian Smith but now has to import food from the UN charity or starve to death. The D state efforts to destroy the wage of the lower class Americans by flooding the country with immigrants since 1965 using race and civil rights as the justification was another problem Trump wanted to stop. The Democrats see the immigration as a source of votes to overthrow the Republicans so that they can earn their graft Hunter B1den style unimpeded by political restrictions. The unions used to dominate the Democrats but now it is Wall Street that has made a fortune in the trillions in naked shorting, cash settlement manipulation and currency rigging. The cartel is exempt from prosecution under the former Attorney General Eric Holder’s doctrine of too big to prosecute. Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital specialized in transferring American industry overseas which means Wall Street has their hand in the destruction of the US as a world power as part of their agenda and is guilty of high treason.

New York City is collapsing. A friend told me that his prestigious real estate assets in midtown Manhattan are crumbling in value. In one of his office buildings in the 57th Street area off Park Avenue the usual folks coming to work there each day were 300 now down to 60.  Major midtown buildings of his have a 30% vacancy rate and rising. Everyone he talks to is fleeing to the south.  NYC was once about 10% of the US GDP. Major corporations liked it as they had their banking, insurance, Stock Exchange, international corporate lawyers, etc. embedded in the infrastructure and their high executives enjoyed the social life at the superior restaurants that are dying off like flies, the closed opera and orchestras, and the complete destruction of its culture. No one wants to stay anymore. Even Goldman Sachs is moving out many of its jobs as no executive wants to live in New York City as it has become a lawless jungle or commute from its suburbs. The police do not enforce the laws lest they be arrested for harming a criminal in the arrest process and be prosecuted themselves.

Since the society is no longer homogenous, the defence industries are no longer secure from a national security basis. All our military secrets go to other countries almost as soon as they are discovered. 1/3 of the engineers are Indian, 1/3 Chinese and 1/3 American as engineering is not a desired occupation anymore in the US but the quick buck on Wall Street.

When B1den tried to use the C0vid hoax to close off the Florida border the Governor of Florida said he would move troops to his border to keep the state’s border open. B1den backed down. The new Federal taxes will move to transfer the money from the south to New York, California and Illinois to cross-subsidize these lawless jungles. This will create deep resentment in the south as before when our earlier Civil War was about tariffs that stopped the south from buying cheaper British manufactures. The D state in fear of its own military is conducting a witch hunt to weed out potentially disloyal elements while the House of Representatives moves to confiscate guns so the northern whites will be helpless to defend their wives and daughters from rape and homicide.

Therefore, the predictions of Ray Dalio, who runs the Bridgewater Associates hedge funds of 150 billion dollars, and has studied in depth business cycles, predicts that a Civil War if not revolution is unfolding in the US which the white flight to the south of over ten million people so far fully supports.

The decline and fall of the US Empire which financially controls half the world by its 25% of the world GDP, and its ownership of another 25% not included in that GDP figure, together with CHIPS-SWIFT where the dollar is on one side of 88% of the transactions, parallels that of Rome where the Visogoth immigrants eventually sacked Rome under Alaric in 410 A. D..  


This we saw in its early stages as the US in hundreds of cities last summer that were looted and left in flames while the US Military stood idly by as the generals could not trust their own affirmative action army to be loyal in putting down the insurrection. The United States can no longer be regarded as a world power and its predestined fall and collapse is nearing which will unsettle the whole world as the fall of Rome.

“Who could believe that Rome, built upon the conquest of the whole world, would fall to the ground? That the mother herself would become the tomb of her peoples? That all the regions of the East, of Africa and Egypt, once ruled by the queenly city, would be filled with troops of slaves and handmaidens? That to-day holy Bethlehem should shelter men and women of noble birth, who once abounded in wealth and are now beggars?” Saint Jerome.

Abbreviated version of Enoch Powell Speech:

Full speech by Enoch Powell:

This speech should also have focused on the very significant thinking behind the immigration movement in England as in the US which was the desire to destroy the British wage structure to the Third World level. The EU is being subject to their immigration programs even while unemployment is rising as the US and England. And probably the most important factor of all was the hatred of the US by its Trotskyite, oligarchal elements who control the media, the cartels on Wall Street, the banking system domestic and international, and both parties, Democratic and Republican, and are the predominate influence in the D state which still controls most of the world other than China, Russia and Iran. I have to qualify this as in Russia Putin made a deal with Satan when he accepted the Trotskyite oligarchs but held the Army and Intelligence apparatus under his control. In the US our Trotskyite oligarchs control the army through the Joints Chief of Staff that they pay off with board seats on retirement making them millions when none make more that 200k on the job and the leaders of the intelligence services retire to think tank compensation. Enoch did not have the guts to face the Trotskyites off and thus traveled into oblivion.

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