The Vax, a Part of Whose Plan?



Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

March 17, 2021

Ok this statement showed up in Sierras newsletter (and Sierra this is by no means an attack on you. I ALWAYS read and appreciate your stuff it is excellent. This is just a chance to voice some real concerns that I think, deeply, we all share in some way anyway … )

“If this is all God’s plan, it would be impossible for Trump to stop people from getting vaxxines anyway … “

Now we all know that one press conference is all it would take for Trump to clear the nations mind on a lot of things: the vaxx, just who is in power, the nature of the criminality of the system, there is hardly any end to the amount of enlightenment he could place on the nations table.

One press conference from him or (forget about disclosure) even some concerned official from the puppet govt, the Pentagon or Justice System, (or a respected medical institution or org) speaking about their ‘severe concerns, and action needing to be taken to halt it now pending further investigations … ‘

(Ok, a little aside here, because altho I am not pro vax, I am not entirely convinced they are as bad as being painted in the alt news hangouts …. What with Matthew saying their toxicity has been mitigated a certain amount by ‘Outside Help’. But let’s continue here as if they are EVERYTHING that is being said of them … )

Here is the thing, I don’t think there is anything ‘wrong’ in being so innocent, gullible or manipulatable you would trust in your fellow man and the system so much you would follow such a program. In fact, that is a beautiful human being, right there.
In fact, that is me, and quite probably you, in the past – some years ago in my case, admittedly. There we are, taking in everything ‘the nice people on the telly’ say on trust, and trotting up to avail ourselves of the kind services …

And because of that whoever is pulling the strings on this issue SHOULD be looking out for and protecting JUST such souls and not deciding they are somehow not ‘clever’ or ‘evolved’ enough to move on with the planet when it (presumably) takes this step.
And now I am going to say this …

Does the whole general theme of the population being seductively seeded with the idea of one section being ‘superior’ to another evolutionarily, so that they should not to be overly concerned if the latter is systematically annihilated ring any bells?
Ding Dong Ding, is there anybody in? Of course it does! 

Ok you say, but what can we do … and I am in absolute agreement with you, what can we do?

But here is the point, just because it is out of our hands doesn’t mean it is out of others, which is most definitely why I do not go along with …

“If this is all God’s plan, it would be impossible for Trump to stop people from getting vaxxines anyway. … “

This could be stopped at anytime and we all know it. And to think or believe otherwise is to be so over protective of your idols you have lost your hold on reality; and the fact that it is being rolled out with not an official peep to stop it from the Alliance etc.
Well surely there is a problem here, wouldn’t you say?

Tho I am of the opinion – like many – that we have the victory and in the long term we are ok … Still …

If the first week in April comes and goes with nothing but the sound of crickets and the click of a golf ball being knocked lazily around a beautiful course as everyone’s favorite President in Secret enjoys the spring sunshine while the people who haven’t got a clue get an armful of God knows what …

Then I am going to take more and more seriously Kim Goguen’s reports that their is still a good wedge of people – the black sun generals, general Milley and his bunch of buddies – that still have a throttle hold on the destiny of a beautiful nation.

And whereas the President in Secret gets a pass for now (that was an amazing first four years) just how much he is beholden to and caught up in their plans has to be the next item on the table.

Because think of this. Given there is still such a bunch of ‘Let’s start Armageddon any way we can’ holdouts getting their daily quota of undeserved salutes in the Pentagon hallways, maybe if the military had the guts to deal with them we could see what the President can really do in the way of putting his country on the path to peace, glory and plenty.

Maybe 5d chess is a game of patience …

Ok, very typically in my hurry to get my views down I inadvertantly shared the wrong app for accessing the Kim, Tank et al. free news service and life force conferences on my last post. The app itself is free and here it is …


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