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Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

March 15, 2021


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This is a view of our reading what Musk means by the danger of AI. We consider Musk an intuitive genius lowering costs with a rechargeable rocket for NASA by 97%, and opening the way with rocket ships to replace airplane passenger transportation around the globe not more than a hour to any destination far superior to the Concorde, and inventing the Tesla EV fueled by roof solar panels of his own making for sustainable energy.  His goal of putting in place orbiting satellites for a worldwide internet connection is another brilliant stroke or his tunnel in Los Angeles to solve the traffic jam problems. I could go on and on but the point is that he is always interesting to listen to. So we will examine his discourse on artificial intelligence.

First, the cortex of the brain is where the thinking processes take place which cortex receives and processes information from the senses which interface with the nerve networks of the limbic system. This is how Musk describes it. He postulates the connection of the cortex to the AI mechanism through a neuron by a neuronal interface as the cortex interfaces with the limbic system which is  a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood. It controls the basic emotions (fear, pleasure, anger) and drives (hunger, procreation, dominance, care of offspring). Then they can communicate. In other words, you have the limbic system connected to the cortex connected to AI.  Then, you can better control the external world by just lying in bed using your brain. This outcome is science fiction for sure at the moment but Musk thinks that this will be made practical. Let’s call this the system.

We repeat: Then, there is the AI outside the brain connected to a neuron by a neuronal interface bringing it together with the cortex and the cortex internally interfaces with the limbic system. AI is connected to the neuron which is called the neuronal interface. AI is organized knowledge with machine cognition. Which means it is preprogrammed knowledge. In order for this to work, the knowledge must be organized on a consistent or uniform basis.  If you can program the AI to control the world which we can compare to NSA in a primitive way eavesdropping on all telephone calls, e-mails and other forms of communication over the whole world, then a dictator would have nearly absolute power if through AI he could control the whole world.  Musk talks about creating an AI intelligence entity or robot which is independent, and smarter than we are, which could create uncontrollable, destructive consequences. In a simplified form it would be like creating a nuclear device which would create chain reactions destroying the whole world which was the fear at Los Alamos that the nuclear bomb once detonated may blow up the whole earth by uncontrollable chain reactions with other atoms.  We see this as a serious issue from a military standpoint. 

Bethe, Teller, Trinity and the End of Earth




He believes that absolute power corrupts absolutely (1st Baron Acton). Thus, it is a danger to him. He wants this AI spread out democratically. AI should be looked at as a weapon as the nuclear bomb which if only one country has it they can control the whole world as the US had temporarily between 1945-9. In the eyes of Musk the nuclear bomb or AI today should have been given to the Russians in 1945 lest the US use its power unwisely which was the exact reason J. Robert Oppenheimer gave the nuclear bomb to the Russians via KGB General Pavel Sudoplatov’s agents as related in his book “Special Tasks” that we correctly call treason. 

Absolute power is in the monarchal system that is the only system sanctioned by the Bible under Biblical law guided by the infallible oracle of the Urim v Tumim on the Yale University Coat of Arms or Lux et Veritas or in English Light and Truth worn within the breast plate of the Biblical High Priest. These inner so named stones called Urim and Tumim shined through the breastplate in the names of the twelve tribes of Israel written on twelve jewels on the surface of the breastplate where the Urim and Tumim lit up letters into words and sentences to answer questions such as whether to go to war, etc..  In a theological sense this is the ideal world view and an Israelite King as King David followed its decisions as an obedient servant to God (See I Samuel 23:22 where the ephod is mentioned as the breastplate was attached to it in these cases). Thus, the ideal system which was followed by the Israelites was a dictatorship of God Himself through King David.  Niccolo Machiavelli in his “The Prince” states unequivocally that the greatest system of government the earth has ever been seen was under Moses who reported to God directly, and the democratic uprising of the entire Israelite Army over twenty years old consisting of over 600,000 men against Moses and God were sentenced by Moses to death during their prescribed wandering forty years in the wilderness for their democratic rebellion thinking the the voice of the people is the voice of God (Vox Populi, Vox Dei) which it is not despite Cicero’s views. Only Caleb and Joshua opposed the rebellion and were not sentenced to death leading the Israelite Army into the land of Canaan after the forty years. The so-called punishment was in a way a blessing as God dwelt in the tent of meeting those forty years and Moses conversed with him being told what to do. The the Israelites then could learn holiness directly from God through Moses for thos forty years, see footnote one. The Bible states in the words of the Prophet Samuel that this theocracy with God as its head and the Prophet Moses as his spokesman was the ideal form of government.

The contemporary reality is expressed by George Bernard Shaw which reflects the US today:

Democracy is the transition from the incompetence of the masses to the corruption of the few.

Since no republic or democracy has ever worked in theory, and has been always controlled by the financiers–Rome was destroyed by usury until all the soldier farmers as Cincinnatus were thrown off the land through borrowing on usury, the Shaw’s corruption of the few is correct state of the US today. Then Rome’s army became a professional army instead of citizen soldiers as ours, and the facade of a Roman Republic was ended by the Empire. Thus, Elon Musk is wrong conceptually in his belief in universal democracy as the highest ideal as the Bible contradicts it. There is nothing intrinsically good about democracy. For example, if we have a King divorced from the Bible who supports sodomy, and another country democratically votes sodomy as a crime, it is obvious that here the democracy is the better avenue to go as Aristotle pointed out. But it is not intrinsically the better form for more often than not it comes out in the immoral decision throughout history as it was invented as a ruse by the ancient Greek sodomists to create a usury society.The usury system does not work as the gold which is genuine money cannot procreate so that if you have 180,000 tons in the world lent at ten percent interest or usury payable in a year, then the usury cannot be paid as it does not exist, and all property gradually gravitates to the usurer. Then, you have as in the US 1% controlling everything. which is obviously lacking in moral virtue as we can see just looking about us.

Now, my understanding of AI is that it can only work with programming based on the uniformity of the data. For example, I can replace lending officers at the bank by programming in the data of each loan having AI segregate the borrowers by a set criteria.  This criteria is then used through AI to reject credit risks that are excessive and select those that meet the standard.  AI cannot think unless Mr. Musk thinks pre-programming is thinking. It has to be pre-programmed.  But it can do the segregation very rapidly once it is programmed and reduce the number of lending officers in the bank. An example of such a preprogrammed entity is in the science fiction movie “The Terminator” where AI becomes dangerous. In a sense, the thought process has already been seen in these science fiction movies where we have good and evil robots on the loose. These preprogrammed robots in a sense analyzed the data for their decision based on preprogrammed analytical techniques. Thus, the computer with AI can be preprogrammed to beat 60 opponents in the game Go at the same time as the human mind cannot process so much data or possibilities in an instant and or project sufficient moves in advance based on insufficient brain power.

In the military it can be used to target an incoming missile with a defensive missile. Once all the criteria is programmed in as in the case of the lending officer, the AI will fire the missile based on the same logic as the lending by the bank. It would calculate distance, speed of the missile, trajectory, etc. by a set of criteria, and then the AI device would make a determination to fire faster than an individual operator could working out each equation. This can aid the F-35 pilot’s firing of missiles. These weapons are being rolled out now.




Now what Musk is suggesting is that the robot can be preprogrammed to become a military weapon that destroys the world unless we have another robot preprogrammed to defend against this pre-programmed destructive robot. This is certainly true in a military sense. And we face that dilemma in a military sense with the massive number of nuclear weapons that can be triggered to destroy the world.  The only change is purely in the mechanics.So I do not see anything new in concept but new in method.

Since we are at it, we go on to discuss other critical issues.

The issue of global warming is another issue not widely understood. It was obvious when the industrial revolution was developed that the use of coal would be dangerous to the health as was seen in the London fog that has disappeared with the use of oil and natural gas as fuels.  The CO2 greenhouse effect is real. The feedback loops in climate systems determine the magnitude of the ultimate effects of greenhouse warming, and clouds are the major feedback factor. The feedback from clouds are simply described as either: a) more clouds form as the atmosphere warms (negative feedback), or b) fewer clouds form as the atmosphere warms (positive feedback). A few months ago I wrote to a leading scientist on the IPCC with my questions about this. He returned a friendly email that said “Of the many feedbacks in the system, the cloud feedback has proved most vexing. As you pointed out in your message, we are not even confident that we know the sign of the feedback, globally”. He also said that cloud feedback is entered into the global circulation models as a single parameter, since these models do not estimate the cloud feedback. The uncertainty in the model predictions, just from this one parameter, is so large that the worst case greenhouse warming is obtained if strong positive feedback is input, and zero warming occurs if a strong negative feedback is input.

The concept that clouds have a dual function in greenhouse warming and cloud formation is a chaotic process as it is impossible to quantify cloud formation as a fixed parameter over time as the records just do not exist so it is arbitrary that we used a fixed constant to represent this variable. The issue is whether the cloud formation changing is causing the greenhouse effect or the excess carbon emissions entering the atmosphere. If the clouds are causing the warming, then carbon emissions are not relevant to climate change.

As an offshoot to the discussion of A-1, the idea of a silicon being is not new which is found in the discussions of A-1. In a sense Mary Shelly’s 1818 novel “Frankenstein” is about a creation of a man from body parts much stronger than ordinary men and develops into an uncontrollable monster. This is an extended metaphor of the squalid reality of the industrial revolution. It is doubtful Mary wrote this if you compare it to her other writings and my interpretation is Percy wrote the novel. The idea of a man-machine combination goes back to Edgar Allen Poe in his short story “The Man That Was Used Up”. The way Musk uses this is in the same sense as our good friend the rocket scientist as a cyborg.  A cyborg (/ˈsaɪbɔːrɡ/), a portmanteau of “cybernetic organism“, is a being withboth organic and biomechatronic body parts. This is where modern medicine is going.

“You must be aware of significant progress being made currently which allows people with disabilities, who are unable to move a limb gain control over that limb through the use of implants.” Quoted from scientific source.

This leads into the question of Musk’s points on genetic engineering and new body parts and the arrogance of myopic modern medicine in today’s world where the very sicknesses we have are created by our own environment we wish to correct by the very methods that caused the sicknesses themselves in the first place which is reflected the ruin of our agriculture (artificial fertilizer and pesticides), foods (degraded by artificial additives and grown using inorganic fertiliser and pesticides), air (contaminated by emissions from modern society) and water (contaminated by fluoride and other compounds).  Almost all the food in the supermarkets that are not organic are carcinogenic.

Here the Musk problem is focusing on the effect and not the cause. Steve Jobs followed much of the below recognizing that his diet was a problem that had ruined his liver. But he was too late. He tried a liver transplant but it was rejected.

Let’s address this as to cancer whether it is a germ or something else. The key question in medicine is determining the cause of the illness.  There have been a number of studies linking cancer to nuclear power stations.

Nuclear Power Causes Cancer: What Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know




These studies link cancer to being close to a nuclear reactor and the nuclear fission is the cause of the cancer. They studied the deciduous teeth of children living near the nuclear power plant and found high levels of Strotium 90 that caused cancer. This means the cancer was not caused by a germ or evil spirit but by a known external cause and killing the cancer did not solve the problem though it may have killed the patient.

Now let’s say we wanted to treat it as a germ or evil spirit then we would want to kill that germ or cancer as a witch doctor. We could give the child chemotherapy, an operation or radiation though it was radiation that caused the cancer in the first place. This is not a cure. The cure is moving the child away from the cause which is the nuclear power plant so it stops spreading. I am not saying that there cannot be an external cause only that it is not an evil spirit or germ that causes the cancer and cancer itself is not that evil spirit..

Let’s look at the experience of Dr. Albert Schweitzer when he went to Africa around 1913 opening up a hospital where for 17 years there was not one cancer case. When the European processed foods were introduced to Africa the cancer rate rose to European levels. The cause was the denatured food and synthetic, inorganic fertilzer.  This means our food industry should be forced to be organic but as with Big Pharma the food industry is a great financial power they have no desire to listen to what will cost them money. Dr. Max Gerson said the cure for cancer was not radiation, chemotherapy or operations but removing the cause by replacing western foods with organic food.  He interpreted cancer as a defence mechanism of the body and once the cause was removed the cancers dissolved provided the liver was not excessively damaged which is the key detoxifying organ in the body. Here is a sample of his work:

And his cures were successful as long as the liver was not too impaired.  Steve Jobs understood this having a liver transplant as his liver was shot but suffering rejection and the effects of the cancer were too much for him to absorb. He pulled the plug on the meds to quote Larry Ellison. There is some question whether his problems were caused by his perversions.

Much of the Big Pharma drug business handles illnesses by suppressing symptoms as a cure. You feel better but really are not. The grave danger here is the concept of transference. The ancients were not so wrong with their idea of a balance of the four humours but their error lay in bleeding one of the four, blood, that killed George Washington.  Our gardener had a bleeding ulcer who went to a hospital that successfully suppressed the symptom by medication by stopping the bleeding but walking up the steps to his house coming from the hospital he suddenly dropped dead from a heart attack which was a clear case of transference. This transference does not always end in death but always transfers the symptoms. The doctors treated the symptoms as the cause of the disease, and suppressed them, and that is where the confusion enters into the picture.

Let’s look at the common cold. This may not be due to a bug or germ but a bodily detoxifying effort to rid itself of toxins. Dr. Albert Schweitzer who worked with Dr. Gerson believed that the Gerson cancer cure could also cure most other diseases which were also the manifestations of bad nutrition. The diet has to be changed to an organic one and this will detoxify the bodily system poisoned by the commercially denatured foods. This will work only if the liver can be detoxified from the excess of inorganic waste as the liver is the body’s detoxifying agent that had become overloaded.

I was brought in to a dying relative though I was known to be mostly against modern medicine as a last resort.  The lead doctor who was famous showed me the X-Ray charts, and his medical treatment and then we went to see the patient. They were feeding the dying patient with a clear substance called glycerin, and I asked was this all she was being fed with.  He said yes. I said that is not good enough. I want to see real food fed into her intravenously at once. He said that this was quite nutritious enough and that it was impossible as the kitchen was closed. I said we are going to open it now ourselves by knocking down the door with hammers if necessary as she may otherwise die tonight. We set up real food in an hour and she walked out of the hospital a week later. He was shocked.

The doctor started coming to consult with me at my house and I solved a number of problems for him until I went overseas. I have studied medicine extensively starting with the works of Hippocrates. He did not have much to offer. The greatest advance in medicine in the last 150 years was the hygiene movement and Florence Nightingale was an early adherent. She did wonders reducing mortality rates for wounded soldiers during the Crimean War improving the hygiene in the hospitals. Fresh air, clean sheets every day, scrubbed walls, sufficient heat, and washing the soldiers did wonders. The second great advance was in the treatment of wounded soldiers which drastically reduced the US death rate in World War Two from earlier periods.  The US Emergency Rooms are a great source of care for car accident victims or the wounded from the black neighbourhoods in their various gun battles in the inner city as South Chicago. Black violence has not changed since 55 years ago as my cousin who was a surgeon found in the South Bronx as an excellent training ground for war wounds there were so many shot up patients coming in every night. He was quite prepared for going to Vietnam. It was perfect training for Vietnam. South Chicago competes with South Africa for the title of murder capital of the world. Here there can be no question as to the source of the wounds and how to handle them. Here and only here modern medicine excels.  

Within my long lifetime, its ruthless enforcement of vaxxination throughout Europe ended in two of the worst epidemics of smallpox in record, our former more dreaded typhus and cholera epidemics having meanwhile been ended by sanitation. After that failure, the credit of vaxxination was saved for a while by the introduction of isolation, which at once produced improved figures. At present, intelligent people do not have their children vaxxinated, nor does the law now compel them to. The result is not, as the Jennerians prophesied, the extermination of the human race by smallpox; on the contrary more people are now killed by vaxxination than by smallpox.  (George Bernard Shaw).  




Small pox was also eradicated by hygiene.

I am studying that book called “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg.  The subtitle is:|”A History of Electricity and Life.” The author believes the transmission of the Spanish Flu was not by germs but by the electrification of the world at that time which was universal.

Here is a brief summary of the electricity theory:

Could 5G be Triggering the Spread of the [Corona]v1rus?

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