(Reader: Howard) Response to “European Perspective on The Great Awakening”


Reader Post | By Howard

I enjoyed your article sir.

Doubt is an intuitive truth finding instrument. If I doubt a person or situation then it is probably a safe idea to look again. I do not respond well to peer pressure or group think, as evident by how I have lived my life all these years. I do not enjoy conflict. As a responsible adult I will be patient and courteous to others and try to calm a situation. Trust or respect is not given freely but earned over time utilizing diligence and honesty.

If some information does not sit well with me I have a responsibility to question it. If my questions are attacked because it makes others doubt their own truth then the problem lies in them not me. I am from a family of patriots that have shed blood for this country for generations and even my sons are out there now doing their duty. I reject labels such as “Plastic Patriot” or “Sunshine Patriot”. Do not paint a picture with pretty imagery and metaphors when what is needed is real facts. Fact: Truth wakes people up, not deception.  Accountability is the driving force behind preventing repeat actions. This is why people were publicly disciplined, tarred and feathered. Resignations and retirements deter no one from following in their footsteps.   

If I wanted to get medicine to the whole of the body I would employ the medicine through the pathway designed to reach the entire body, i.e. the vascular system. The MSM is this vascular system for our society. If I were an anesthesiologist and I were trying to wake someone up after surgery I would use an antidote agent to counteract the sleeping medicine, by utilizing the same delivery system. I would not keep giving them sleeping drugs and say I was trying to wake them up. Until the MSM is pumping out the truth the sleeping masses will continue to sleep. Any other fact or imagery is irrelevant at that point.

I love the children, I have many myself. Children are the most important resource we have as a society. They must be protected, loved, and taught what is right. We do not need a scare event, we just need to release the truth. What our children have been through is enough to wake them all up, and yet the sleeping medicine keeps rolling.  Who is in control? Patriots sure, but which? Nameless and faceless equates to plausible deniability and unaccountability.  My spider sense tingles.  We know it is a show, Bidan is fake, we see it clearly.  Voter fraud.. proven.  What are the objectives that they are waiting for?

How will the people react if they find out the Patriots have been in control all this time. That every family business destroyed, every loved one dead could have been prevented by just giving the people the truth. You do not wake people up by killing them, you inform them by showing them.  I hear patriots say only the stupid or those who deserve it are getting the vaxxine. That is not true. We have laws that protect us by mandating informed consent. These laws are being broken as many many have been throughout this play. If the patriots are in control (which I believe) at what point are they responsible for all that has happened?  If people saw on the MSM that this vaxxine is an experimental trial, conducted without regard to controlled environments or medical oversight I am pretty positive that most would reject the vaxxine.  That is not what is being presented.

From both sides I hear “Vaxxine” so it is safe to say that vaxxinating everyone is part of the plan.  Mandatory vaxxines will not work unless they take the guns. So it can be safe to say that both sides want our guns as well, and with that we can be assured that violence is right around the corner. For what purpose would it serve to watch our movement destroy itself? If the patriots are in control then one must question what their objectives are that have not been actualized. Better to allow the Dems to take the blame for the unpopular agendas.  Operation Warp Speed has sown much confusion. Pushing a vaxxine that you know is harmful makes you complicit with every person hurt or dead.  

Anyone who followed Q knows that the comments and dialogue are what got us digging deeper to form an Anon think tank. Patriots who turn off comments do not allow for their information to be challenged or questioned are not really seeking to enlighten people. They are selling a product. Truth does not need to hide itself. It can survive scrutiny without fear of destruction. I am pretty sure most of us can spot people who have a negative purpose, namely they are extremely nasty or use rhetoric that is demeaning. Q always said think for yourself.


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