(Reader: Frank) European Perspective on The Great Awakening


Reader Post | By Frank Bischoff

Q has triggered The Great Awakening and he is now destroying it

Yes, yes, yes … I can already hear certain people say “Hold the line”, “Sunshine patriot” etc …

I am a die-hard patriot! I love President Trump and I am beyond grateful for what the Patriots have so far been trying to protect mankind from. Speaking of the Great Reset. I would give anything to see the DS puppets being given justice.

But what I have learnt from Q is to use my own discernment and not to blindly follow authorities. So that is what I am doing here: Taking a step back and have a look at the situation from a bird’s perspective.

What I see is that Q and the Patriots have triggered a massive awakening but right at the point where it was most crucial to make the final step and push the world over to the sunny side they either intentionally or by force from the DS have stopped or have been pushed into a stalemate.

Why do I say that?

What are the two overaching principles in everything Q, Trump and the Patriots have been doing? It is to wake up mankind and avoid civil war. It is to make sure that future generations are going to talk about our time in horror, disgust and at the same time with determination to never let it happen again. In this objective lies the key to freedom but unfortunately as well the reason for failure because the human mind is an incredibly week and unpredictable factor in this game.


Up until the 2020 elections the spirit among Anons was incredible. Then came the shock of the election results. We had to cope with it and we were quick to find reasonable explanations why President Trump had to lose the elections. The same thing happened on January 6th and at an even larger scale on January 20th. It got increasingly difficult (or rather impossible) to explain to anyone let alone Normies what had been happening. The Army of Q had been built up and filled with confidence and anticipation. But now it is imploding due to the same trap it had set for the enemy -> desinformation and protraction.

Why do I say that?

Because in order to learn about things like child trafficking, Adrenochrome and all the things that would make the Deep State explode within a second you have to resort to back channels, unknown blogs and all sorts of hidden and difficult to find places. Places 90% of the people just do not go to and even if they stumbled over it they would not believe it. PEOPLE BELIEVE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND THE PATRIOTS HAVE FAILED TO SPREAD THE TRUTH VIA THE MSM.

At the same time the desinformation which Q had to spread in order to confuse the enemy also confused the Anons. It is virtually impossible to know who is a white hat and who is a black hat. Wray, Barr, Milley … Can we be sure on which side they stand. No, we can’t. To make things worse there are desinformants such as Simon Parks, Charlie Ward and to some extent Juan O Savin and Gene who have achieved a god-like status although they have been wrong over and over again. How are Anons supposed to spread the truth when the MSM remains in place and more important than that as long as Anons do not know the truth themselves. How can I possibly argue with a Normie if most of my arguments are obscure, unprovable and likely to be desinformation.

And now the societies here in Europe are breaking over the issue of vaccines. The trenches between the two sides are beyond reconciliation. The Pro-Vaccine people have the support of the MSM, politicians, medical associations … this conflict is about to destroy our countries, our societies and our cohesion … and the Patriots sit there and stobbornly refuse to unleash DECLAS. There is violence and probably a civil war coming. Yes, the destruction of European societies is imminent and the Patriots sit there waiting for whatever event. Every day without DECLAS is a win for the DS.

The Great Awakening is like an army which has been sent into a life-or-death battle and just before the final attack the Commander in Chief has disappeared. There are rumours that he is still in charge but nobody is sure. There are other commanders around but we cannot be sure whether they are on our side or whether they work for the enemy. We love our CiC, we trust our CiC but we are not trained in military tactics or psy-ops. This is why we need guidance.

I’m sorry but if that is The Plan to Save the World then I am not supporting it anymore. Not because I don’t want to but because
the commanders have turned motivation and dedication into confusion and uncertainty. Moreover, I refuse to have to live in this mess just because I have to wait for some idiots to wake up which again is made almost impossible because the information necessary to wake people up is held back or at best released in homeopathic doses. Next time you Patriots want to wake up humanity just place some people within the MSM, take all the information you are said to have and trickle it slowly but surely into
peoples’ heads. Nobody can legally and morally defend what the DS has done to children. It would be over in a second and anyone even slightly trying to defend their atrocities would be stigmatized for the rest of their lives.


Frank Bischoff from Germany


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