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Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

I wanted to say that in regards to Frank’s post i.e. European Perspective on the Great Awakening –

Everything you wrote, I agree with wholeheartedly especially the timeline with the MSM. Why not place the Global Alliance into the MSM & have that be the FIRST power control to awaken people rather than the LAST. Why because this whole thing is ‘Make it up as you go along’.

If you really have everything like Robert David Steele says i.e. We got everything. Even Mr Trump says it & it’s been mentioned a few times that you know, have, got everything from videos, confessions, paper trails, digital footprints, the gold, the children, the people who are making the deal or they are dead

WHY ISN’T THE MSM the First Port of Call towards the Global Alliance Play Book… Do you really expect me to believe this Bull Crap… It is a tactic that I would use to keep the dumb folk wondering if I was really am a bad MoFo.

I would keep social media, news, MSM all there to the very end, as an untouchable source that can continue to push my evil, nefarious, corrupt, genocidal plan… It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to work it out… By not going after the very source that can change & constantly be aired to keep people updated, informed rather than 500 views on this site – You’d have over 5 Billion people waking up pretty damn quick smart….

This whole lie about the media is because you don’t have it all… If you did, the amount of money that can quickly be setup by Juan 107 to aire ‘Sound of Freedom’ to show his pals etc but with his network & other hugely affluent patriots – Why didn’t the play book have its own channel?

We all would watch Hero Lin Wood with his evidence & proof of a busted Epste|n standing next to him with all his confessions, videos & horrific messed up shit from his island or Brave Sidney Powell with all the evidence plus the military trials she’s being doing so we can see these people & hear the gavel come down when it sentences them. Why haven’t we seen Patrick Byrne with the setup deal evidence of HRC all ‘hang cuffed’ or the data models from the Election with Patrick Byrne or Dr Shiva or Mr Lindell or Jovan Hutton Pulitze laying the Smackdown on all these people for all to see… I mean, there is so much more “in yer face” evidence that these channels could run for a few years so “Why aren’t the MSM the first”

Why because it is all a lie… It is a suppression tactic to fool you. To place a player in the form of a puppet to control 80/90/100 Million Americans so that you get euphoric when you see a MAGA sign or when you see the American Flag being waved – You think, Yes, President is the Boss… No, he is someone’s puppet. They are all someone’s puppet….




Wake up!!! This is all a massive Psy-Op to prohibit action. If they wanted so show you action – The MSM would be Number 1 or 2 with the ‘children saving’ but “Where are these videos? Why aren’t they being shown? – You telling me you can’t show this to waken people up so they can’t come to the fences to see for real. That no one has set up screens around the Washington DC Fences so people can see the feed? That a Channel can’t be funded by the Billionaires or ask those that Love their Country to fund these Channels so that people get to see the truth rather than the spun narratives?

This invisible strait jacket that has been placed around the World has each & everyone of us in their hand… We are Many, They are Few…

If I need to give you an example of someone who was a puppet who had the almighty population of India in his hand & who could have risen up & completely obliterated the British including other Nations but No! Puppet Man Gandhi sold out his country, his people…. The masses of murdered people, innocent people, humble people who died because he let them die.

That bald headed sell out supressed with his tongue, the people… Who can’t say that this isn’t the situation now?

Is it? or Isn’t it?


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