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March 9, 2021

March 9, 2021: Comms-a-Plenty [videos]

Thank you all for the kind birthday sentiments. Year after year it’s a wonderful journey with this crew and also the constantly shifting entourage of travellers who come and go. This journey is a gift, and as one eloquent crew member said, “Lets all do the last mile in joy.” And indeed we are.

Sometimes saying something in passing tells us a lot.

I found it interesting that Simon Parkes’ blog update said this about his delayed podcast:

Apologies for delay – Was going to do it today but the news on Clinton’s arrest has taken my time.

Do you see what he did there? We now have confirmation that there is something to the questionable and colourful account about HRC being rounded up at her Chappaqua home last week. It sounded like disinformation or a sensational piece written as click-bait and I didn’t take it as fact but felt there was meaning to it. “Everything has meaning”, said Q.

No, it wouldn’t have been the real witch, but her accomplice, as far as we know; carrying on the legacy. Was Simon speaking to us, or to other White Hats? Probably both.


So Charlie Ward was tasked with the QFS (new quantum financial system) material, and it sounds like Simon got some good Clinton stuff.

If you’d like to take in Simon’s latest conversation with Doug Billings from March 8, it’s here at this link. 49 min. Try to find the time to listen. They had some fun. Simon speaks about many interesting things, including HRC and mentions that a “marine team” was associated with the incident and speaks of them again later on. (SEALs)

What did Q drop on March 9, 2018? (3-year delta)

Mar 09, 2018 6:25:15 PM EST
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 6fa57d No. 605129
Where there was once darkness, there is now LIGHT.
Sea to shining sea.

Simon also mentions Elon Musk and the apparent White Hat he may now be wearing, as we discussed recently. If you missed it, Charlie Ward spoke of the Starlink-17 (yes, seventeen!) that launched last week on an auspicious date: 4-3-21. Sounds like a countdown, doesn’t it? Coincidence? And they delayed the launch for that? You tell me.

Was Trump “late” for his address at CPAC? No. If you do the math, as we said he began 1 hr and 7 minutes after his slated start time. One. Seven. Seventeen. He is often telling us in code to trust Q, and trust the plan.

For anyone who still thinks Q is a LARP or a psyop… really? I mean, really? I believe it’s obvious at this point that the “17” is akin to a “secret handshake”. When you can distill numbers or words using Gematria and numerology down to “17” or other key figures—and it’s often!—it’s telling you who’s in charge.

By this point we certainly know that “future proves past”. It’s almost like a card game (Q asked, “Shall we play a game?”) where they would pick a card for us that would foretell a future event and lay it down on the table—or as was the case—the 8chan or half-chan boards and then 8kun, of course.


We thought the intel drop was applicable at the time the card was played, but it was often a forecast. We just needed to figure out when it would come into play in current events. Once we figured out they were making predictions and in a year or three we would see the relevance—it was brilliant.

I believe that capability is due to the quantum computer they have. Simon Parkes told us fairly early on that he heard the Q collective was a group of less than 10 people who had a quantum computer—and that seems to have borne out as far as we know. That bit of technology appears to bridge timelines and densities and can predict Human and cabal behaviour extremely accurately—particularly in the short term before free will gets in the way and can force events to take different trajectories.

If you review the Q drops for March 9, 2019 the two year delta appears on the US/Mexico border issue, and Sara Carter was on it—just as she is now after spending a week there, which we reported yesterday.

Mar 09, 2019 9:34:28 PM EST
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 308ef2 No. 5599583
The real reason they want OPEN BORDERS.
Follow the MAPS.

That may have been the point at which Q broached the Human trafficking routes and “pedovores”. That came as a surprise to me. No wonder they fear Q; they woke up the whole friggin’ world. Now we know where all the missing people go; whether off-world or below and we can never go back to sleep or turn our backs on them. We have to fix this. It’s what keeps us going.

Simon Parkes bravely spoke of the Reptilian “abattoir” ships. Now we know there are tunnels and deep underground military bases (DUMBs) miles below the surface, all over the planet. The “underworld” takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

The Epoch Times brings us this article today:

DHS Pleads for Volunteers to Assist With ‘Overwhelming’ Surge at Southern Border

Will militia members step up?

While the appalling election fraud we witnessed in 2020 should be on the mind of every American, sadly, it isn’t. Many are distracted and programmed to place their attention elsewhere. For those of us paying attention, we have revelations from Lin Wood.

You may find Stacey Abrams as difficult as I do to give audience with her virtue-signalling and double talk. Just listen to these criminals edify each other. Lies rankle the pure of heart and old one-eye is a dead giveaway.


Shocking! A Call For Attorney Lin Wood: Very Dangerous People Are Behind Georgia’s Corruption

Lincoln Wood isn’t the only one educating the American public—and BTW, Flynn and his family have also endorsed Q.

Did you hear about the recent assassination attempt on President Trump? I heard a drone probably tried to take him out in the Trump bedroom at Mar-a-Lago. The Real Dark Judge mentions it on Gab.

>>13168360 New Trump assassination details come out – suggest drone was used
we knew about this a few days after this happened.
we made sure to tell Shirl and @RogueWarrior17 and ProfQ.
Why did we stay quiet about an assassination attempt?

The intelligence community is well informed, but many things known are not revealed so as not to cause panic. It seems five-day-old news is easier to stomach than 5-minute old news. Somehow it doesn’t seem like the President and his family are as safe as I thought. There have been some close calls.

Getting back to our favourite topic… (not!)…

We recall a couple of instances of Co/vid-related, suspicious deaths of medical/research people, but when you start to tally them up, it’s clear it’s beyond coincidence at this point.

The AIM4Truth folks brought this to our attention on Monday. I would add that Dr. Kary Mullis, nobel prize-winning scientist who created the PCR test, also died in 2019 and we don’t know the circumstances. I find it highly suspicious because we have his video testimony that the test was never designed to be a diagnostic tool and will NOT detect a pathogen yet that is precisely what the evil ones are using it for.

In light of the 100+ cases of deaths of holistic doctors (a shocking article) over the past few years, it’s not outside the realm of possibility to suggest that these “experts” could have met an early demise at the hands of the psychopaths to keep their dirty little secrets about the Co/vid scamdemic. So many are speaking out now and they just can’t have that.

Growing List of Assassinations of CO/VID-19 Researchers

Here’s your “Duh!” wakeup call for sharing with those reticent people in your life who just can’t make that leap to consider that the Co/vid hoax could actually be a scamdemic.   2 min.


A lot of inconvenient truths are going to come out very soon folks and I don’t believe there’s any way to sugar coat it. As Charlie Ward said, many of us are going to hit rock bottom when we hear the bad news about what has been done and how we’ve been deceived and fell for it—and then we’ll realize we’ve got a basement. It will take us to the lowest low, so I hope you’re prepared.

I know I’ll be shown I wasn’t aware of all the charades and lies; that I was fooled–and I’ve known about much of it for many years. Regardless, I’m prepared to eat my pride. Unfortunately, most people don’t see this coming at all.

Mike Adams/the Health Ranger does present the dark side quite often, but that is the intent of the current “movie”, isn’t it—to present the reality in stark contrast to the world we believe we live in; to bring the unaware to the precipice. Some people need to hear this. I certainly don’t know everything and learn things every day.

As a healthy person who takes no prescriptions and doesn’t even have a doctor or dentist, I find this article shocking. I didn’t know it was this bad in America and it’s testament to the degree people are prepared to turn over control to others who will gladly take it.

Medical professionals are inDOCtrinated at med school and the public is groomed to treat them as gods. We were all brainwashed. Look what we’ve learned about prescriptions, cancer “therapy”, fluoride, amalgam fillings, root canals. So many people are on a seafood diet: they see food, they eat it.

If the packaging displays the latest marketing buzzwords like fat-free, keto-friendly, no MSG, gluten-free… they think it’s healthy. Do we really need to put “gluten-free” on meat products???

People need to know that these psychopaths consistently rename things that get a bad rep. Whether it’s a corporation or a food product like MSG—once we’re onto them, they give it a facelift, change the name, and cover it up. Our food chain needs a complete overhaul. Food reform, and the medical industrial complex likewise. It’s coming.

200 Million Americans currently HYPNOTIZED and LOBOTOMIZED by Big Food and Big Pharma

In the great white gulag, things may be turning around. The hardest part is reaching those who resist hearing they’ve been fooled. If the 6:00 news doesn’t say it, it didn’t happen.


Breaking News Release – March 6, 2021–Grand Jury convened to indict Canadian police and prison officials with assault, kidnapping and torture – Governor-General, Public Safety Minister named as co-conspirators in Crimes against Humanity and “institutionalized criminality”

Rule of law is returning.

Alberta drops multiple fines issued to anti-lockdown protesters

WWIII is largely fought in the courts and the “immigration” crimes are a spider web of corruption and opportunity for inhumane acts. We must dismantle their system and shut down the rat lines. End the food supply and starve them.

Arizona and Montana Take Legal Action Against Biden Admin ICE Arrest Regulations

The infiltration has been complete.

Maryland National Guardsman arrested on chi/ld po/rn charge

You know what? Lin always seems to be right. Listen to this fireside chat at the link below.

Lin Wood Interview : “We’re Gonna Fix This Election Debacle and Trump’s Coming Back…”

We can, and are, beating them at their own game. “These people are stupid.”


People are starting to use Lefties’ nonsensical language against them and it’s absolutely beautiful: Meet #SuperStraight and #BlueAnon

Source, forgive me for what I am about to do.

I can’t see for the tears so I’m outta here.  ~ BP


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