James Gilliland (ECETI): An Inconvenient Truth




An Inconvenient Truth

It has become increasingly obvious to even the most socially engineered and unconscious something is wrong with this picture. Nothing is adding up. On the CDC and the WHO websites they are saying Cov 19 is nothing more than a mild cold with a 99.8% survival rate. Plausible deniability. Doctors, Universities and Labs around the world are crying foul, all they found was influenza A and B. Neither the CDC or the WHO have an isolate therefore they cannot make a vaxxine. The vaxxine is not a vaxxine, it is an RNA modifier with an operating system. Over 10,000 people have died from the experimental “vaxxine” thousands more having serious side effects yet they are not releasing these statistics. Scientists are warning now the next pandemic causing serious illness with a very high mortality rate over the next 5 years will be from the fashionable jab. Has anyone asked what happened to the test animals, any still alive? What happened after they got the jab when exposed to corona virus, even the one causing the common cold? Their immune systems went into overdrive and they died. Did you know if you die your life insurance will not pay out because you took an experimental “vaxxine”? The health insurance will most likely follow and you cannot sue the vaxxine makers or the government. If you want to label these facts as conspiracy here is your conspiracy. (Continue reading after the document below).

After all this the critical thinking research impaired useful idiots which obviously are no longer useful and need to be culled are lining up for the jab. Main stream media and social media are pushing the jab. They blew out of proportion Cov19 statistics spewing false data, theatrics to spread fear across the land so people would line up and be willing participants in their own demise. Friends, family, loved ones shamed the wise and informed who were only trying to insure their health and save their lives. This may sound cold but maybe this is nature’s way of cleaning up the gene pool. Those who lack critical thinking, are too lazy to do their own research and allowed themselves to be socially engineered to the point where if they are told by the global elite owned mainstream and social media to jump off a cliff it is fashionable, the new norm they would ask where is the cliff. In fact they will shame, ridicule even become violent with those trying to stop them. They will lock you out of schools, the gyms, restaurants, concerts, sports events even prevent you from flying if you don’t participate in one of the biggest global population control scams in history. A scam only the globalist could pull off.

What they did not count on is the Great Awakening, citizen journalist despite massive censorship getting the word out. They did not count on courageous white hats and unseen benevolent forces counteracting the seen and unseen negative forces. They also did not factor in the quantum leap in evolution sponsored on high, the age of Aquarius and the end of Tyranny. There will always be a percentage of people that will not make this shift. They have been presented opportunity after opportunity to awaken and have chosen not too. Free will cannot be trespassed upon. Yet make no mistake Humanity and the Earth are rising to the next level with or without them. Tyranny and everything that comes with it is not frequency specific to this shift.

We are being challenged on every level. Our physical bodies, our mental and emotional bodies, even our astral bodies with past life traumas are surfacing are all in the process of healing and releasing the past. The veils between worlds are becoming thinner. We are seeing unseen negative influences that have always been in the game starting to appear. Did you know not all your thoughts and emotions are yours? Did you know friends, family, lovers are all under the same influences to one degree or another? Have you ever wondered how such inhumanity could be expressed on Earth, could there be non -human influence? Did you know you are a multidimensional being living in a multidimensional universe? Are you aware of what is going on in those dimensions, is it affecting you? Are you just a meat suit with a personality or is that what you have been socially engineered to be lie ve. To be enlightened is to be in knowledge of all of the dimensions, their influences back to source. The Great Awakening is multidimensional, there are seen and unseen entities malevolent and benevolent. Self-Mastery demands self-awareness and personal responsibility, self-authority on every level. As the veils become thinner and the frequencies rise learning how to clear unseen negative influences is a must. The closer we get to Nirvana the more the demons rear their ugly heads. It is best to know how to deal with them. They will divide, separate, create problems where none exist. They are master manipulators using fear doubt shame, guilt any unhealed wounds traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. These are known as chinks in your armor. They will influence friends, family and lovers to sabotage your spiritual evolution. They are trying everything to bring down the frequencies so their world can continue. They feed off the negativity.

Those with the greatest light, the greatest love, the greatest knowledge are the greatest threat. They will have the greatest challenges. Never forget why you are a threat, who you are and what you are connected too. We all have the power to channel the love of Creator the ultimate power in the Universe into any situation. Stand firmly in your divinity. Find your center when everyone around you is losing theirs. Know this too shall pass. The reign of tyranny seen and unseen is coming to a close. Do not feed it, participate in it, or become what you oppose. Align with Universal Law which in its simplest understanding is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Be kind to each other and your planet.



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