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March 10, 2021

Negative Capability, John Keats’ name for investigating and holding contrary explanations of things in a comfortable manner i.e. without being so bothered about the superiority of one over another it causes you to jettison all but your favorite one and then become dogmatic about it …

It is a skill that can be facilitated if you have a fundamental intuitive certainty in there somewhere along with them, to keep them in order .. More on mine later …

With this it can be gathered that I am ok having more than one horse and switching from time to time as long as the direction is good, riding loose in the saddle … and this recent share here …

… has put me immediately in mind of some intel that has been going around the stableyard I have recently been knocking around and that is Kim Goguens. So I thought I would provide a quick intel starter pack for any with enough space in their time and mind for this other, promising looking, intel source …

Now if you are an allout Cue-is-the-one-and-only-holy-gospel roller, better we part company here, because this particular lady is not convinced, in fact she does not like the smell coming from that direction at all …

But if you’re a little more adventurous and unintimidated by where your own sense of adventure may lead you … read on …




I myself have no problem looking at contrasting intel accounts because of the fundamental intuitive certainty – that many share here – that we have already won this one. I am just unsure how that victory will ultimately play out in the sense of getting there – tho again, like many here I have fair idea of how ‘there’ will present itself when its finished flicking through its wardrobe and
deigns to make an appearance …

Before I commence with the starter pack let me say I do think President Trump will be officially recognised in that status soon, (and feel very good about the possibility since he was duly elected and deserves to be) especially now the last case has been turned down by the SC which means it is official that all possible legal options have been tried, so that all that is left is …

Also, you are running with the heretics as far as conventional alt news is concerned so be prepared for two shockers, one is addressable and should be addressed immediately, and the other is best ignored (according to this narrative … )

I will leave a summary of the overall perspective of our situation (from FB) at the end of this brief treatment of current intel but if you want to go straight to the source then get the United Network News app (from the app store) and check out the videos yourself, both the app and many of the videos are free tho there is a subscription option with its own attractions and if you want to make something of that, please do, we all have time to kill at the moment and why should anyone spoil your fun …

Ok firstly, here are the elements that this narrative shares in common with ones you are very probably aware of. The vaccine is pure Deep State control and def not in your best interest. B/den is not B/den and is mostly seen at Castle Rock Studios … the usual stuff …

Also she is not saying there are no major military op current clearing dumbs and rescuing children.

But the first shocker – that is, as said before, addressable – is that the US military has not cleaned house yet.




In spite of the assumption we have been making that it is a wholesome organisation 100% commited to protecting the lives and welfare of the people of the country it represents, it has a rotten Deep State element running within it that it has so far (apparently) made no attempt to deal with.

Kim repeatedly calls out Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley as being of the order of the black sun (along with others) and specifically alleges he was responsible through hiring independent mercenary groups via bitcoin, for the recent bombs in Syria, as well as an unsuccessful (due to intervention) attempt at again starting an international conflict, by sending missiles into the US from sea vessels, (12 scuds, not atomic scale damage, tho where they were targeted might be of value in that assessment, certainly enough tho to ignite conflict with whichever country is claimed responsible. Kim’s intel indicates Iran).

The agenda of the black sun involves the fall of America (in an Armeggedon war of their instigating) with the rise of Israel and the intro of a Luciferian Messiah … Which if true, means we are a little further behind the game than we have been led to believe … Not that any of this will come to pass (we have help) just there is some ground to make up …

Their other possible plan is a similar attack on the Dome of Rock (Muslim temple in Israel) in order to throw the blame on the US thus opening possible hostilities between America, Iran and others. This is also being thwarted by effective monitoring of that area.

Now for the next shocker, Kim also claims Cue, rather than being the unimpeachable voice of an inside military movement preparing the enlightened (or sufficiently curious) for a national and international shift involving public arrest and exposure of the Deep State, is rather, a psyop started by Kushner (presumably when he was still free unless the intel he has been dealt with has been given to mislead) to identify likely dissidents in an eventual DS round up of same, (which will not come to pass now) much like the Communists started a similar op to round up pro-monarchists in Russia at the outset of their rule.

Now as far as this topic goes, I have room in my duffle bag for all kinds of views: maybe its bona fide … Maybe it started out as a DS initiative and was commandeered to become what it presents as … Maybe … You can provide your own variant …

Since I don’t hold it as sacred – that honor goes to human beings and the earth itself (for all of us, I suspect) I can keep the relationship platonic: it is a beautiful thing in itself and if it is both beautiful and genuine, all the better …

A bit smug I know … But if your going to give  one quality of your character complete freedom to relax, graze and grow as it sees fit, then let it be your discernment – ultimately, it will not serve you wrong (tho of course getting to ultimately may involve a learning curve … )

Here is an edited, and I hope usefully added to, version of a long informative piece someone kindly left on fb, to help with an overview. (I would name them, but have no idea how they feel in the matter, but am sure enough of their wish for Kim’s perspective to become more public to include parts of it here … )

“We have three main factions with different agendas vying for control …




The “Black Hats” (aka Satanists, Dragon Families) the parasitical adrenochromers, historic roots in secrecy and sacrifice, methods blackmail, fear etc.

The “White Hats” (aka, the Black Sun, Deep State) secret society based groups that wish to restore the old hierarchical pyramid power structures. Serving the 5D Galactic Saturn=Satan Federation. They will offer limited Improvements for the existing sheep pen to make it more sustainable – selling themselves as the good boys, making plenty of empty promises and installing disinformation agencies everywhere to misdirect any possible opposition in their path.

And the People Themselves, who are being invited to represent themselves and form groups of self government outside current corrupt models. Kim Ann Goguen and her organisation is about giving back each individual the natural rights that we are born with on our planet, both in regards to freedom and assets. 

She is currently the Ratifier of all legislation/executive orders put forward by B/den and the govt – if it doesn’t get her stamp it doesn’t become law, so have no fear for any orders etc being signed as they just join the pile to eventually paper the fake Oval Office …

Her path is about rebuilding and by that liberating all of Earth’s structures, which then will also lead to the liberation of our whole solar system and its various enslaved Human groups on other planets.

Black and White Hats are fighting each other but are also engaged in a weird cooperative dance since both seek enslavement via vaccination tho there might be a further level of control working behind both to make the Trump team look good – or maybe that is just a WH strategy.

Regardless, the priority of the awakened currently, should be resisting any enforced Covid testing/vaccination while gathering knowledge, forming groups and building up new self-governing structures.

This (vaccine resistance) and the self governing initiatives lead to the actual freedom of Humanity, Earth/Gaia and the whole solar system – and there are positive ETs beyond the local Saturn Federation who are supporting Humanity in this endeavor.

There is a partial protection of Kim, her organisation and its task which means the enemies of a free humanity can only use indirect non-violent means of oppression: censorship, infiltration, disinfo etc.

When we become aware of real truth, of what our genuine origins are, what our true history is we develop a strong identity as a people. Our origins and true history has been withheld from us on purpose because if we do come to learn who we really are, it will make us realise how unique and powerful we really are. Our former ET overlords knew that and that is why they were able to keep us enslaved for 17 000 years while benefitting by harvesting loosh from fear they created and adrenachrome. Now that they have been taken out their Human Hybrids (Cabal), are trying to use the same tactics to continue to benefit from our enslavement. This does not need to continue and in numbers we have the power to stand up for our rights, the good ET’s are waiting for us to do this because then they will be able to intervene and the Galactic Federation will have to allow this.”




So there you go, this is where I am at currently in my research. If you feel at all intrigued enough to look into and follow/ include Kim (and Tank and others work) in your usual intel cull, I hope this has been helpful … I get good vibes (clearly) otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing …

There are a lot of very convincing voices touting the official White Hat line (and will certainly continue to … ) and no one can say it is not an improvement. The next stage of our intel journey may be to ask ourselves is it the very best we can do for ourselves, because if not, what is …

One last thought. One of my own models for moving forward is the Stepladder Model. It may be too simplified a breakdown of how things really evolve, but might serve to give useful direction to thought, so here it is …

Rather than move directly to the finish utilising the best system on offer, because there may be disagreement on what that is, use is made of (popular) successive, ever improving models. So, just like we are hoping that Trump and the White Hats will prove their triumph over the satanists, which they have exposed in alt news and have only to expose publicly through the media, if Kim’s self governing model is able to (continue?) to expose the White Hats agenda as less than pure once it is established – soon now – we have an agency (our own) whereby we may step up again …


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