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Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

This just in from Charlie Ward and David Rodriguez on 3-4-21.

President Trump signed the documents for NESARA / GESARA on 3-3-21.

According to Charlie, we’re very very close to the Revaluation, to the Global Currency Reset. 

We’re days if not hours away.

I don’t have a thing to add to the below transcript except Hallelujah and Praise the Lord, trillions of Prayers, Affirmations, Meditations and Dreams are about to manifest! And so it is.Thank you God, thank you GENIUS Q-Team, thank you President Trump, thank you brave Military Soldiers who have been rescuing children for the last 4 years, thank you every single gorgeous God Created White Hat Alliance Divine soul: Military Generals, Global Militaries, Government officials, Patriots, Starseeds, Gate keepers, Lightworkers, Truthers, Digital Soldiers—EVERYONE. 

God bless and Godspeed.

This is Kat, over and out.







Partially transcribed by Kat

5:47 Charlie Ward: President Trump was in Switzerland yesterday, and they very kindly “leant” him Air Force One to take him there [ 🙂 ]

6:02 David Rodriguez: Yes. Is that NESARA / GESARA?

6:04 Charlie Ward: [Nodding his head] He signed the documents for NESARA / GESARA yesterday… for the release of it… 

6:07 So that’s now ACTIVE 

6:12 Everything’s going on behind-the-scenes now flat out… 
we’re not weeks away, we’re not months away…


7:28 On Friday I’ve got a round table with the top people on the Quantum Financial System… I’m now very very close with them and they’re going to tell me on Friday what I can and can’t say… (after some bantering Charlie said) when we get through this, money will be irrelevant…

10:54 Charlie Ward cont.: MENTAL MARCH… lots of things are going to be happening it’s going to be MENTAL…




11:00 David Rodriguez: Or we could say “March Madness…”

11:04 Charlie Ward: Yup. Same thing. Exactly the same thing. It’s going to be madness…

11:15 Charlie Ward cont.: April Fool’s Day is BIG and the 6th of April is BIG

11:24 David Rodriguez: But you’re giving dates, Charlie, and I don’t want you to be wrong on this… and then people attack you cuz they’ll attack you if you’re wrong… 

11:30 Charlie Ward: I don t care! When I’m given dates like this, I’m quite happy to put my neck out and say, this is what I’ve been told… It might be a true date, it might be a Red Flag…

11:44 You know in a war when they say run over there [to the left] so we can shoot them over here [to the right] I’m the one that’s running over there but no one’s hitting me with bullets… you just get hit by trolls… I can cope with trolls, it’s the bullets I can’t cope with…

12:30 I think they’re going to let Bye-din collapse the Stock Exchange so they can say, “Look what he did! We had a healthy economy and you let this monkey in!!” 

12:48 I mean, when I saw him on stage the other day saying “What am I doing here” I was like OMG, the people who voted for Bye-din, how do they feel? I mean this is a pantomime, but it’s hilarious…

13:00 David Rodriguez: Charlie, honestly, I don’t even talk to them, I don’t want to talk to them… if you’re not on board by now?!?… 

17:21 So what do you see happening in the next couple of months, Charlie, let’s break it down…

17:20 Charlie Ward: Well, we’re very very very close to the Revaluation, the Reset, we’re hours away from that if not days…

17:30 David Rodriguez: So you think we’ll see the Stock Market crash and then the Reset?

17:38 Charlie Ward: Yeah, that’s how I see it… it so makes sense… when you’re on the 5th Dimension you just see it… it’s so clear…

18:10 David Rodriguez: You’ve helped me understand the whole financial aspect to this and why all of this has happened and why it needs to happen… it’s really the battle of who’s going to control the financial system…




18:19 Charlie Ward: THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS…

18:25 David Rodriguez: That’s what it’s ALLLLLLLLLLL been about and once you know you have control of it the rest of the pieces fall into place… because they can’t survive in this new system… I say new system and a new consciousness…

18:37 Charlie Ward: Definitely. I got lucky. I got real lucky because I was working on the good side and not the bad side… that was God’s choice, not mine…

18:47 I loved Putin the other day where he came out [on Russian television] and said “The New World Order, their reset, that’s gone. That’s died…” 

18:56 David Rodriguez: It’s done! What they wanted was slavery, bondage, a universal income, universal health care, complete control of Humanity forever…

19:00 Charlie Ward: Yup. And they had all the power… and manage you through vaxines so they could control your thought process…

19:13 David Rodriguez: But they NEVER THOUGHT someone was going to oppose them… that’s why they failed. Their arrogance…

Pg. 23 KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD by Juan O’Savin, a post-cov/id world. 

No! And He*ll No to the de*ep state de_mons!!

19:21 Charlie Ward: The thing that I picked up on when I studied their plan, and this is disgusting… MAXIMUM FAMILY SIZE: ONE… anything else has to be aborted… to feed the ad_re_noch_rome market place… it’s so blatantly disgusting it’s sick…

19:35 David Rodriguez: Da*mn that’s scary. That’s even scary to think about… we came so close, Charlie… 

Kat Note: Right Here, Right Now: The Takedown of the Cabal’s Evil Plan, July 9 2020

With Charles and Colleen Freak

27:58 Colleen Freak: We will have no idea until after the fact… but we were at the 11th hour. This was the year we [Humanity] were to be taken down… we were going to be suppressed fully… if Hi/llary Cli/nton had gotten in… they had other plans… [FEMA camps or body bags for those who did not comply…]

28:38 Charlie FreakI think we were down 11:59:59… 
I think we were down to our last second,
our last breath… 
Had the Q-team not unleashed, 
unrolled everything that they did 
on the back of the co/ronav/irus 
we would’ve been down for the count…

The ca_bal’s plan:
Stage 1 – chem trails with smart dust and nano-particles
Stage 2 – vaccine with microchip, lowering immune system, causing sterility
Stage 3 – 5G with 440 hertz of causing our thoughts to create chaos and pain
Stage 4 – FEMA camp body bag disposal




Kat Note: “Charlie Ward & Gene Decode: Alliance Victorious, Wondrous World Incoming” by Kat 9-18-20

31:17 Gene Decode: People don’t realize we’re watching a movie and they’re going to let this movie and the ca_bal play out right up to the end because you’ve got to get people to realize the lies for themselves… you can’t spoon feed people… here it is, here’s what’s happened… they won’t believe you… I’ve been doing that for 30 years… 

31:30 Let ‘em see how close the ca_bal came… to what they came close to what they came close to… which was literally wiping out 11 out of every 12 people on Earth and enslaving everybody else… and everything they know would have been gone…

19:40 David Rodriguez: … I had a [Divine] download the other day, I prayed the night before and I said, “Gimme some kind of sign what’s gonna happen”… and the next morning Charlie, right when I opened my eyes, that’s when I get the download like BOOM!! It just all hit me…

19:56 I had a vision of the Stock Market crashing… and I picture of a light switch… then I heard “By the skin of their teeth” “By the skin or your teeth” or something like that… so then I thought, WOW, it’s going to happen so fast… and it’s gonna be the Stock Market crashing and then all of a sudden… like a switch, BOOM!… we’re in NESARA/GESARA right then and there… am I right?

20:20 Charlie Ward: [Nodding his head] That’s pretty close… without me giving away too much but that’s pretty da*mn close… this week or next week…

20:35 One thing you’ve done and this is an example for everybody… Stop looking up in the sky for God, he’s in here (hands on his heart…) When you want to ask him something, ask it from your heart and when he gives you the information TRUST YOUR INTUITION… it gives you so much power inside to TRUST YOUR INTUITION… to make the right decisions, to make the right choices… it’s empowering man and woman… TRUST YOUR INTUITION and the feeling of pride…

21:12 Charlie Ward cont.: He doesn’t always give you the answers immediately…  but he’ll give it to you in a way that’s understandable at the right time… 

21:21 When you start to make your own decisions and TRUST YOURSELF… you don’t need television anymore… I’ll still watch the odd Sporting Event but even that is so hard to watch because it’s so contaminated by the de*ep state and the ca_bals… the rubbish that comes out of there… it’s mad… 

21:48 David Rodriguez: It’s all mind control… one more question before I let you go. #NESARAGESARA is that cashless or are we going to have cash?

23:12 Charlie Ward: You’re gonna have cash… the Federal Reserve has been backed into the Treasury so the Treasury will be in control… so we won’t refer to it as the Federal Reserve, it’ll be The Treasury… The Federal Reserve was a private corporation…_____________________

Kat Note: Praise the Lord and miracle of miracles, the GENIUS Q-Team, their MASTERMIND 6D+ Chess Game, President Trump and the entire White Hat Alliance, including an Army of millions of Digital Soldier Patriots and Truthers—brought down the FED.

So long FED. 
So long de*ep state. 


23:33 Charlie Ward cont.: There’ll be a time of transition…

23:40 Charlie Ward cont.: From what I understand, and I don’t know everything, Donald Trump never ever ever wanted to penalize the poor people… most of the poor people in China, India and Africa don’t have bank accounts… don’t have digital… so that would penalize them to take away cash, notes and coins at this stage… 

24:01 It’s not to say in the future it may all change… but also there’s a USN which is a U.S. Note… and a U.S. Coin… so you’ve got notes and coins coming in the new system… 


End Kat Partial Transcription







And so it is.



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