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Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer


We thought the headline would attract attention as we want everyone with their feet on the ground as we present this coming case to the reader. The Nuremberg issue is simple as we have repeatedly pointed out. The Pfizer and other genetic viruses were tested for only two months which is hardly enough but even five years may be too little, and that it must be regarded as experimental. As all other previous five year tests of genetic vaccines as these were tested unsuccessfully and proven too dangerous, and the Pfizer and other genetic vaccines must be regarded only as experimental and all patients or citizens that the government wants to take this vaccine must be warned that it is experimental and not sufficiently tested and may prove dangerous to their health. As such, a waiver for each citizen stipulating this must be issued and signed under oath by the recipient to receive the vaccination that he accepts the risks of being a guinea pig perhaps becoming very ill or dying. Absolutely no children can be given this vaccine which may destroy their lives with or without parental consent.  All methods as coercion or firing from jobs must be outlawed.

This was the violated principle that would have sent Dr. Josef Mengele, who was known as the angel of death, to the gallows had they caught him. Thus, the lawsuits against Dr. Fauci and others in accordance with the Nuremberg Laws are justified.


We want to go into the issue of geocentricity as an example of science gone wrong as medicine has gone wrong. Everyone thinks we should honor scientists and doctors but we believe that they are more often wrong than right in the most elementary ways. We have dealt with doctors as George Bernard Shaw who called doctors as dishonest as politicians though living to 94, and this applies to scientists also, so now we come to Galileo.

The usurers promoted Galileo for the purpose of saying the Bible was errant which taught that the earth was stationary and the sun went around the earth in order to justify the legalization of usury which the Bible prohibited. If the Bible was wrong on astronomy then it could be wrong on usury. We have demonstrated that the usury system cannot work in that the gold cannot procreate to paraphrase Aristotle. If I start my usury system with 180,000 tons of gold that is all the gold on the earth, and lend it at ten percent interest, and when the principal and usury or interest is due at the end of the year the interest cannot be paid as it does not exist. The teacher of Keynes, Alfred Marshall of Cambridge, could not figure a way out of this as it proved the usury system could not work as all wealth of the country would go to the usurer as there were progressive defaults as the usurer gathered in all the riches of the Kingdom as happened under King Edward the Pious of England who just decided to expel the usurers confiscating all their wealth to end the rampage and reestablishing fairness in England. Capitalism is a euphemism for usury.

How can our poor in the US suffering from massive lockdowns pay this interest?  We used to have maximum interest rates but the banks bribed the Congress to pass this legalization of any interest they desired.




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As the civilization became more morally debased as when belief in the Bible faded away so did all morals, it then reverted to paper money first as a supplement to gold and then as the only money which was intrinsically worthless. The route of all paper monies is to go in the end to its true intrinsic value of zero. That is the foundation of our capitalist system.

As to Galileo, the answer to him is that the mathematics is equal if you have the sun revolving around the earth or if you spin the earth as a top with the sun stationary. Galileo with his telescope could not prove anything different than the aforegoing.  In other words, Galileo had no proof.  Now comes along two scientist named Albert W. Michaelson and Edward W. Morely in 1881 and 1887 who with an instrument they called the Interferometer sought to measure the resistance of the aether as the earth moved around the sun. This was called the Michaelson-Morely experiment which we will call MM.

Now the aether was like the air on the earth by which we can converse but where there is no air on the moon we cannot as our words are carried by the air, and so similarly it was regarded that the sun’s rays would be carried by the aether, and so you could measure the speed of the earth going around the sun by measuring the aether resistance to a ray of light moving in the interferometer. Meter means to measure and intefer means interference whence the instrument’s named was coined. The problem with MM was that there was no measurable interference indicating the earth moved around the sun collapsing the atheistical conception that the earth moved around the sun and not vice versa. All of physics was blown up by this experiment demonstrating the Bible was true after all.

Max Born made this clear in a reference to the work of Hans Thirring which we quote in part:

“Thus we may return to Ptolemy’s point of view of a “motionless earth”.

Ptolemy believed in a stationary earth in the universe with no rotation on its axis whereas Aristarchus believed that the earth rotated. This debate was not new.




Now, Georges Sagnac went further in what they call the “Sagnac Effect” where he found that when he used a form of the interferometer to measure the aether revolving around the earth that it measured about 24 hours proving the point that the aether existed after all. The issue of relativity could be raised here but the fact the aether was measured demonstrated that there was an aether proving the earth did not move around he sun.

The above discussion is in brief the conclusions that I made in collaboration with John Archibald Wheeler with whom I worked on the issue where our joint work ranged from Aristotle to Newton to Einstein. Wheeler totally agreed with the conclusions above and was one of our leading US physicists.

John Archibald Wheeler

I then circulated this to a list of friends including the Nobel Prize Winner Arno Penzias who answered as follows:

“M&M began the modern investigation of light, but had no way of detecting the quantum properties of space. This is very heavy stuff, that I don’t pretend to understand completely.” Arno Penzias

What he is saying is that there may have been no aether being the so-called properties of space that Einstein once maintained and will not accept the Sagnac effect. I wanted to give the reader both sides. The important point is that they cannot prove Galileo right and John Archibald Wheeler says that Galileo was wrong as proved by Georges Sagnac. Wheeler is correct.

The Bible has been expelled from the public schools of the US by the ADL based on two verses in the New Testament in Matthew 27:22&23 dramatically portrayed in J. S. Bach’s “Saint Matthew Passion”, and this was the basis of the complete moral destruction of the US where the honored teaching of the ADL is now to hallow sodomy and abortion, and teach false science denounced by the Bible while the Bible is abused as false. We just proved that the Bible was not false. ADL and all their supporters should be charged with treason.

David Lifschultz
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