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March 1, 2021

President Trump’s SOTU / CPAC Speech was LIT!




President Trump’s CPAC speech was his State of the Union Speech! Powerful, inspiring and spoke like a leader of the World!

It started with this clip from  Kimberly Guilfoyle about President Trump isn’t going anywhere!




Then President Trump entered the stage and people all over the world were watching and listening…this speech was made for the Democrats who needs clarity of what happened to this great country and how Joe Biden destroyed it in one month!   Some are hearing his speech for the very first time so President Trump had to cover many issues most of us Patriots and Anons already knew.


President Trump had several comms, including his Silver Hair! He spoke with passion to help build the country and the world to a better place.  He ordinarily does not make huge announcements during public speeches, he just makes things happen behind the scenes.  


Journey is just getting started

There is NO NEW PARTY that is fake news

Trump’s Approval Ratings – Q Hints Q 95 Q97 Q92




Dems Lost the White House

Trump may decide to beat the Dems for a 3rd time

Trump gained world wide respect

Children need to return to school – they are locked up!

Operation Warpspeed breathtaking

Joe got shot on Dec 21

Fairness in Women’s sports

“You haven’t heard anything yet”

Republicans are a party of Love

NESARA / TRUMPSARA Comms – Farmers




Forgotten men and women

Heritage and heroes

Constitution as it is written

504B Deficit – Comms

Corrupt SCOTUS

Should be only 1 ELECTION DAY

BIG TECH should get sanctioned if…

Need strong GOP Leaders calls out RINO’s by name

Addressed himself as “President Trump”

Q 122 Comms – q122




Q 26 Comms – Q 26

I won the 1st election…we won the 2nd election

Q Comms  Q63 Q66 Q75 Q302

Q19 Comm

A Republican President will return to the White House…who will that be?

Closing Statement


This past weekend, CNN was quoting Q and reported pedo crimes. Wouldn’t you think CNN would steer clear from reporting these crimes?


What did President Trump do on February 28, 2017?




Spoke to the Joint Sessions in Congress

Signed Executive Order 13778 

Does the Q post “Watch the Water” apply?

Everything is going according to plan.  The path to greatness may not be pleasant but humanity has to see it.  This is part of the plan.  


Think about how many Democrats President Trump reached out to; how he answered many of their puzzled questions; how they had a better life before Joe took office, etc.  When President Trump said that we, the Republicans, are the party of Love, to me, that is a huge sign that we need to be ready for the left leaning masses and to help support one another.

No one knows how and when this path to Greatness occurs.  No one, except “less than 10 people”, which to me is the Q team!  I am not one of the 10 by any means, but merely a person watching how things are unfolding and find incredible gratification that our President, White Hats, Q Team and Trump team is still working so hard (behind the scenes) to roll out Greatness; they are all taking down thousands of years of corruption and taking down this horrible invisible enemy. It is all happening in our lifetime.  Our President Trump promised us a phenomenal 2021 and so it is just a matter of time because he has always kept his promises.  The How, When and What questions, no one knows but the “less than 10 people”.  There are no leaks and no one will ever be privy to that intel.

President Trump’s role is worldwide.  We were so blessed to have him as the President of America and now that we under a Republic America of 1776 along with the roll out of GESARA, no one knows how and where those roles play out.  


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