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March 1, 2021

March 1, 2021: Buckle Up, Baby! Justice is Coming [videos]

It’s now the merry month of March and the fun is going to amp up.


Effective March 1, 2021, The COVID Lockdown In The USA Is Over

Make it so, People! There is no law that says any of those orders levied on us were lawful, safe, or effective. It’s all BS and people are going to go to jail. Class-action lawsuits and Nuremberg-style trials are in the works for the globalist psychopaths who tried to destroy Humanity. It’s a political hoax and they committed crimes against Humanity. Stop letting them! Take your life back.

We’ve told you; now we’ll show you. The box of blue medical masks states they will not prevent the transmission of a pathogen. That is not their purpose and never was. The masks are symbolic of subservience, submission, compliance, and slavery. They promote fear—and in triggered people—anger.


Now this medical waste is blowing around our streets and contaminating everything—not from a virus—from Human contamination. Germs. Bacteria. Gross.

This is what the lies and fear have done to our society. BTW, Canadian Tire consists of franchises, so they need to address this criminal activity with the owner of that store. This behaviour on the part of Canadians, in particular, is downright shocking.

Do You Want To See Where This Is Going If It’s Not Stopped? Employees Chase Down & Assault Customer Without A Mask…

It’s gone way too far, folks. This insanity has to end. NOW. And WE have to do it.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=jT5L23Ncs4&p=http%3A//

Louisiana police officer fatally shot over alleged mask dispute at high school basketball game

Encore performance. Short and sweet. Let’s do it. Be bold. Unapologetic. Be free and share widely. We can MAKE this happen and don’t need permission. When we all recognize that truth, it’s over.


If you watched any of the live CPAC coverage from RSBN outside the venue in Orlando you saw a very different America from 5 years ago—or even two or three years ago. It’s inspiring to see the transformation that an informed public creates as the truth seeps out to the masses.

Our Commander-in-Chief delivered a State of the Union, a CPAC, a Trump rally, and a press conference all in one.

I thought the crowd would never stop chanting, “You won! You won! You won!” during Trump’s speech.

Trump did say a Republican President would make a “triumphant return” to the White House. “Who, who, who will that be?”, he asked at the termination of his address. What a tease. Like Q, by asking a question, he made an interrogatory statement.

Scott Mowry went into a lot of the coding involved in Trump’s part in the CPAC activities on his Miracles Intel Call last night, including the timing of the President’s very late arrival, which was 1 hour and 7 minutes after his scheduled slot. 1:07 = 17—yes the letter before “R” and military intelligence. Thank you, Scott.

We don’t know exactly what will  happen in March, or when, but Juan O’Savin is saying that the monsters infecting this planet have taken one step too far and that our Creator will strike in Divine time to put things right in America and he anticipates that early spring will bring some lively activity.

As the People of Earth learn the truth, we present educational bits to help them understand how our way of life was destroyed by the controllers and to where we will return. We have urged people to learn the law.


The cabal’s unlawful “Law of the Sea” is not acceptable on the Land. Common Law, Universal Law and the Law of the Land will govern our society going forward.

LT brings us this new video from And We Know.


We have told you that “justice is coming”. Justice has been here for some time, and the Rule of Law continues to fell the criminals in a wide swath across our planet, whether we hear about it or not. This is public.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to jail for corruption

4 Arrested in Texas on 150 Counts of Voter Fraud

Speaking of voter fraud, Sidney Powell continues to update us on that front. We can see that Trump and the Patriots are laying the groundwork for the American Public and the World to see WHY what is coming is justified and lawful. It’s not about 2024, folks. Trump will be back this year due to extenuating circumstances.

Sidney Powell LIVE: “There Is More than Enough Evidence in the Public Now to More than Reverse the Election in at Least 5 States” (VIDEO)

General Flynn Releases Big Statement

And if that isn’t enough to reverse the election… Biden is “shot” in more ways than one. He’s done. This actor’s mind is gone and “Dr. Jill” has to prop him up and speak for him. A moron can see that this guy is not presidential material. The global community is rightly concerned that this man would have access to the nuclear codes. And who, exactly, is pulling the puppet strings?


NO MORE JOKES! Joe Biden’s Mental Health/Possible Dementia Needs to Become a Serious National Discussion

People were pretty freaked out when the news broke about John Durham resigning. This might provide some perspective. Is John Durham the Covid Virus of the Justice Department? Is he a manufactured entity causing untold grief and pain in the deep state community? A spectre scaring the crap out of the NWO? I saw this Tweet the other day and got some chuckles à la Catturd.

Just for fun I went to Catturd’s website. The coffee mug is not blank on the back.

Before I forget, there were two fascinating bits of info that came from a Miracles listener; 1. There was a hologram of a skull over the Capitol on Sunday night (you might recall a spinning image of Michael Jackson appeared there recently, as well but we now understand it was AOC and wonder if it was a signal she was dealt with) and 2. there is a RUMOUR that it’s James Woods as the actor playing Joe Bi-dan under that mask. FYI

You don’t really need me to point you to well-known independent news sites. I prefer unique content.

For those with sharply honed discernment… some insider info from another spectre—GhostEzra—whom I assume is Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Sent by a friend as a collection of their comments on social media somewhere.  I don’t have any live links to the poster or the photo mentioned, unfortunately. Take it for what you will. I believe it’s from Facebook  Telegram.

Blockchain is a fraud proof means of future elections. Votes can be tallied fast. In one day. Also they cannot be changed or altered in any way.
Trump recommends the Shot because it’s a lot less painless than lethal injection. Learn the language. Vaccines = arrests. FISA vaccine how it’s all done. Operation Warp Speed is a military operation. Always has been.
Why would anybody get a vaccine for a cold? C’mon folks. He called Covid a cold last March. Wake up.
The President who created Operation Warp Speed never took the vaccine. Think about it.
2021 not 2024. Don’t get a vaccine for a cold. And never call Biden President. Got it?
As expected. Globe awards are zoom Cgi. It’s hilarious.
It’s on Nbc now. Totally fake and pathetic. Even the sheep will notice this one.
Yeah they are trying to pass as real.:joy::joy:

More… on Trump quotes.

Don’t get down about Cpac. The speech was amazing and very telling. I’ll break down more of his speech in video form later this week. A lot there. Here’s some highlights.


My favorite quotes from the speech. Trump in quotations.

“Biden got his shot.”

“It’s ok, you haven’t seen anything yet”

“Constitution as written”. Original 1776 Constitution of the Republic.

“One election day.” Blockchain.

“Did Biden win? No.”

“They just lost the Whitehouse.”

I have more but will leave it at that for now. You can check out this link.

I think you will want to listen to this round table with Scott McKay. Scott Mowry has also received similar intel and he questions some of the chatter going around. Remember please, that as Q has stated more than once, “Disinformation is necessary”. Use your highest discernment at all times.

Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay w/ Boxing Champ David Nino Rodriguez & Ian Wendt in THE ROUNDTABLE

We have discussed disinformation, and the reason for it. We have also discussed using psychology on the masses and the ways that can be done. We might also consider that by censoring certain channels, articles, social media accounts it just may prompt people to go there to find out WHY it’s being censored. Did the State of the Nation piece saying all the best channels and messengers were cabal or controlled opposition or Mossad for “hopium” actually do it to get people to research those sources so they would know where to go for the truth? Something to think about.


Who is the American President?

I’ll leave you with that to ponder, but you might want to watch this video at the link for a smirk or two. The dimms are not amused.  7:12  ~ BP

VIDEO: ‘Pandemic Superhero’ Named ‘COVID Man’ Attends Michigan House Oversight Committee, Mocks Them To Their Faces


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