(Reader: Hawke) Response to Caroline about “UK in [D]eep [S]tate, Deep Sleep, Deep Sheep”


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

(Responding to: (Reader: Caroline) Response to “UK in [D]eep [S]tate, Deep Sleep, Deep Sheep”)

Namaste fellow woken beings.

I reply to Reader: Caroline who indicated she is a fellow UK citizen. I read your reply & Thank you for agreeing with the clear indications that the D|S UK plan is continuing with the nefarious, evil, inhumane, insane, wicked, Santanic agenda. That people are not getting the Bull Crap narrative this whole last year. I only wish that people awoke faster with more impetus as they really are going after our children. Even Juan 1’0’7 says it. We all know it is all about the children – Why else NESARA & GESARA….
Yes it is true that I am frustrated, angered & doing what I can to inform people of what the future may play out as… I manage to see at times, to connect the dots to reverse breakdown & rebuild things in my head to put things together… It is clear the ‘Return to School’ agenda is really the D|S Strike point… They know by use of these ‘Lateral flow antigen testing / Lateral flow device (LFD) testing’ (which is basically RT/PCR Test 2.0) that again the whole pantomime plays out again… That this allows the data to be prepped & then aired on Tell Lie Vision to again play this 2021 story out…

Some say that the ‘Lateral flow antigen testing / Lateral flow device (LFD)’ is actually kitted out as ‘trigger’. Yes, suspect they are indeed the missing link to trigger in those who sheepishly took the ‘Nasal Flu Spray / Jab’ those who have done RT/PCR tests from kits provided by the school & those by the NHS are Rigged, tainted tests.

We know they actually contain the genetic crap – They are the ‘Mark of the Beast’. It should carry not only a spiritual warning but even if you had a pop-out ‘Hazard Warning Triangle’ people still take. They use such simple NLP to to convince you that it’s all so quick & easy. Painless, hardly feel a thing. It’s all fun isn’t it. Go on stick it up your bumbum (_Y_) clearly they love it over there in Asia seeing they are bending over & Thanking the CCP for doing such a good job to protect them…

No, Stop, Please do your research – proper research not the search engine optimisation (SEO) listing that flood back… No – Do your research & Pray. Do not be lead as sheep, please awaken as:

Do you really believe once you inject, that life’s gonna become all Perfect?
I can’t believe the massive disconnect…
You don’t get it that you are the Animal Subject?
It’s all about the misdirect to disinfect, never Protect…


Fellow Patriots, Warriors, Servants of the almighty supreme Father of most high, who is the Pure Love & Light – The true original creator… We know the enemy reads these posts & we ask them to stop, to look around & see what is going on, that the light is winning & the plan by DJT (4-10-20) along with others is in effect. We will reach ‘Critical Mass’. We know that sleeping giants are indeed the Military, National Guard, that came to the capital who were made to sleep on the cold floor, They are the sleeping giants who have awakened to be the Trust, the Truth, the Talisman (Talismen / Taliswomen ) who gather under a Tabernacle.



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