Hoover Dam Destroyed 11/18?



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Danlboon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 17, 2023

Will Hoover Dam be Destroyed on [G] 11/18 or [J] 11/18 which is [G] 1 Dec. so electrical power will be removed for the South Western USA? It won’t matter on either day! Will this destruction actually cause the M 10 earthquake in California on the San Andreas Fault and/or others?

Was it best to put the US Treasury in or near Reno when they will not have any utilities or did they make sure they have plenty of large fuel tanks to make sure their generators can run when they need all of their other utilities?

Response from; “Wow Intel from Mr. Ed: Calendar of Events for November”:

“The next day on Saturday 18 we get the ‘EBS’ (Emergency Broadcast System) announcements on devices.

“On this same day we flip from the cabal Gregorian calendar back to the Julian calendar like it should be.

“Also on the 18th we get the ‘Rods of God’ event to take place on a list of 34 satanic sites to be destroyed.”




Which includes:

“11 Hoover Dam” and “16 London Bridge Lake Havasu City, AZ” which the easiest way for that London Bridge to fall is by the flooding from the Hoover Dam destruction going down stream and the force of the rapids flooding it must be hard which would destroy any home as they are not be made of concrete, rebar and stones!

What actual time will the date change be, like the annual time change at 2 AM your local time or all at once as 12 AM EST [G] 11/18 which will be 9 PM PST [G] 11/17? And is this the warning for the coming Monday that the EBS will be coming out, but it will only be posted on the cell phones per a text message? So for those that do not have a cell phone they will not get this early warning as I won’t?

From the calendar Mr. Ed posted is we are to switch over to the Julian calendar on Gregorian 18 Nov. and with that same day Hoover Dam is Destroyed then the South Western states will not even be able to watch or listen to the EBS as their electrical power comes from the Hoover Dam. This is a good way to go green energy in other ways!

See here:

And those that live along the Colorado River below the Hoover Dam they will have there property Destroyed and their lives lost due to the major flooding. I have seen the major flooding in previous years of the upper Colorado River along the I-70 when it rose about 8-10 feet, flooding the bike baths and the water was rushing at about 30-40 Knots, but now rising 100+ feet down river may kill hundreds of thousands of people and those in Lake Mead near the Dam will be the first ones to go.




Will there be any roads closed in the areas of the flooding prior to it or will those people that are most likely travelers, truckers or employees at the Dam will lose their lives as no warning was put out, just like the 9/11 attacks?

The White Hats have alternative ways of electrical power with all those patents available after the EBS, but they failed to get it up and running before the EBS with those things being built, so the people should have been prepared, and for what was to come???

No heaters for the Winter time and it has already hit 48 degrees here in the high desert while it has dropped to 20 degrees in prior years and it can be colder in the higher elevations, and no electricity to keep the food fresh in the refrigerator or freezer and no way to cook anything?

I have been to the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City and the first time was in 1971, and I was there in 1969 when the land was a peninsula, but it must be Destroyed as well just because it came from the British? The population for Lake Havasu City is 57,144 in 2020, all people passed away due to flooding and per orders of Trump? Innocent peoples’ lives lost in WWIII! Then Lake Havasu will overflow and most likely Destroy Parker Dam and the cities down river from there.

Will the EBS be giving out instructions for people in the lower Colorado River areas to grab their things and go, if Hoover Dam would be Destroyed on the [J] 11/18, to where they have nothing to go to as their property will be Destroyed and have to start all over again as their banks with their ID has been removed? No records of them even having any bank accounts? Too bad for them.

Is this one way to get rid of ‘Sin City,’ Las Vegas, as to get rid of the; Jewish Mafia, Italian Mafia, prostitutes, drug dealers, gamblers and profiteers as they get their electrical power from Hoover Dam and Trump is the one to do it? Since the major rain storm of 13 Aug. in the California desert for over 20 hours and major flooding that closed our only road out of town for 2 days, it also had a power outage of 16 hours. The road to Death Valley and Las Vegas has been closed for 3 months now and this was a small rain flooding compared to what will be coming due to the Destruction of Hoover Dam.

If Hoover Dam will be Destroyed and shuts off All power to then run generators for all other utilities then these are the possible states and populations that will be effected and maybe more:

California; 39,029,342
Nevada; 3,177,772
Arizona; 7,359,197
Utah; 3,380,800
Total; 52,947,111 is 15% of total US population that becomes homeless and/or dies?

The Colorado River also provides much water to the South Western USA and could damage the farming there. So are we to just work on the snow melting in the Spring and Summer to then provide the water or it becomes a desert land again prior to the 1930’s?

California is I believe the largest food producing state in the nation, along with its food producing businesses, and will effect many others, thus maybe 250,000,000 people will not receive some food in the coming months or years. If you shut down the shipping ports and rail yards then you cut off the Chinese and other Pacific nations from importing any goods.




This will be worse than all the earthquakes in California combined in the last 50+ years as I have survived 4 of them over M 6.0, Sylmar 1971 being the first, driving a big rig thru the I-5 and CA-14 interchange near Northridge in 1994 while construction was going on, and then July 4,5, 2019 with two within 34 hours and shutting off the running water in our small town for a week. Then non-potable water had to shipped in by truck and bottled water donated by the local grocery stores 25 miles away. Then when the water was turned back on we had a water leak in our pipe on our property that had to be fixed within days. So I know what it is like for some damage. There have been earthquakes within 20 miles of us at M 1.0-3.0 on a daily basis so we may be the first to go if the big one hits.

No banking of any kind in the South Western USA as no electricity to access your QFS Account and then no funds to purchase any food or housing, so it is finally here to move out of California and not due to Governor Newsom and no fuel to get out of those states either as all the fuel pumps are down.

I guess what I said in my previous posting is going to be true:

“If the EBS is to end on 30 Nov. then the EBS is activated on Mon. 20 Nov. while possibly no banking on that Monday in prep for the EBS and the two days of the prior weekend makes it 13 days of no banking.” And then there will be mass chaos due to all the actions taken of the “34 satanic sites to be destroyed.”

So Thanksgiving may be [G] 12/7 or [J] 11/24 without any issues except for those that are totally confused?

This may be my last posting if the power goes out for a long time, and I don’t see it back on by Monday [G] 11/20. NESARA cannot be fulfilled due to the power outage as my SSI benefits go to my credit union that will be closed due to the power outage and bounced back to the SSA. It may not come up ever again and I have no access to any financial institution within a 200 mile radius. To find out it may not come for another 2-3 weeks due to the calendar change. So I cannot purchase any food, water or pay for any utilities or housing costs which then I starve to death because Trump and the White Hats wanted it this way with no electrical power to the South Western USA!



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