(Reader: Victor) You are Already Awake but You’re Missing it



Reader Post | By Victor

Becoming awake has nothing to ever do with politics. But the “Awake” term has been hijacked with that intention and distorted on purpose so that you never realize that you are already awake but are missing this “Realization”. Which really means on the ultimate and most high level you are “AWAKE”…with capital letters. I will explain.

Nowadays people talk about being “Awake” as seeing the political reality as being all false and a lie of massive deception, which it is. Few people really do see that so you can say that its a form of awakening and its actually how I got to the higher “Awakening” …which is a Spiritual realization that you are the only ONE here. YOU are the REALITY…..or you could say that you are Source. I could say God but that is a distortion because even the idea of God is a distortion and the actual God is not the ultimate ” AWAKE”…state….but you could say for now that you are even that God…..because you are EVERYTHING  or the direct experience of that state NOW is one where it feels like….”EVERYTHING IS ME”…..

That is the “Awake”…state that you or everyone is missing and NOT AWARE OFF. ….because that state you are in all the time and in each moment that you are alive and after each moment that you are alive. That state is pure AWARENESS…and that is always here right now and can only be discovered when you realize that the now moment is where you are always at….already but YOU NEVER NOTICE IT.?

I will explain more because this is not easy to understand and actually to do. Well…that is true and not true. It is the easiest… “Realization”…when you understand what you are looking at. But that understanding is what took me 50 years to walk through and discard as also another false awakening. Just like the political “awakening” …has stolen the true meaning or it was fed to you the public as a true meaning when is was more of the rabbit hole of lies because it is meant as a distraction from true “AWAKENING”…which is a “SELF REALIZATION”.

Political awakening then is just like the political… “Woke”…agenda which is even more of a nefarious distortion in another lie by the deep state. Which is their latest mind control agenda to destroy people and it has because “people ”…are sound asleep on all levels mostly. ONLY a few escape the matrix of lies because it takes a very hard persistence and desire to “find the TRUTH”… no matter where it takes you.

Looking for the Truth …”Will Require”….for you to give up all your ideas eventually because you will not longer see yourself as a small human, so even your false religions will loose meaning when you find a higher Truth. But you do not have to give up your false religions yet. But you will do that partially really? to even go down the rabbit hole of finding the real Truth, because you have to be partially  “awake”…or at least very disappointed enough to give up societies lies in order to walk away from those ideas and concepts in society. But all the deep walking away will happen by itself when you are ready. But be prepared because that is what  you will have to do in the “end”…Which will be a new start and the old will be of no meaning to you at that time. Now don’t expect everyone or anyone else to come on your journey.because presently society does not yet want to walk the walk of “Awakening” at this moment….but that matters and does not matter. It’s all about YOU so put that first.

Because “Society”…is another lie and deception as is the deception that….’YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL”….when there is no such entity there. Which means you were never born because only REALITY EXISTS…..and what we think is the world and “US”…and the whole universe and other “people”….is really GOD’S DREAM….which is the correct place for GOD to appear because GOD is the Dream Maker….but not the ULTIMATE REALITY…..which you can only say “IS”….or the ABSOLUTE.




Speaking more than that about the ABSOLUTE….is not the right time now since you have a long way to go before you consider that. Presently everyone is LIVING IN MIND…..which is composed of constant thinking, which was the purpose of this “dream”….if dreams have a purpose? or if manifested Creation has a purpose? Because purpose is a mind term because MIND and thinking will never “awaken”…because it can not. MIND is a dream as all of creation is a dream of GOD….but GOD….is the dreamer or step down version in power of REALITY….itself. Which means GOD is how REALITY manifests…..since REALITY IS PRIOR TO ANY MANIFESTATION.

So how are YOU….going to wake up and see what you’re missing? I will tell you the ultimate …ultimate …ultimate hardest way and the easiest way. Hard because few can see the power in it and do it. What you have to do is just sit in nature preferably,  but it does not really matter as a requirement but its easier to “grock”…what I am pointing at.

 What you have to do is…..”STAY HERE”….Which means sit with open eyes and just ….STAY HERE…wherever the here that you are at is. That is why Nature is my preference when you start because it will be easier to have an “AHA!…MOMENT…because Nature is REALITY MANIFESTED….and very alive….but its still the “Dream”…I will explain. But Nature is how REALITY IS WITH NO THOUGHTS like we have with our minds.That is GOD’s mind which is really your mind but YOU HAVE TO SEE IT.

Which ultimately means….”What ever you see is PART OF YOU”….or YOU ARE NATURE….Yet and But?….YOU are prior to nature or ALWAYS PRIOR to anything that you can experience. In each state of level of consciousness that you experience there is an OBSERVER. Fin that and it will lead to you all the way to the ABSOLUTE.  But prior to that…YOU will be able to experience yourself as ONE with the Father….or GOD or AWARENESS…You can go to Heaven and know that state. 

YOU go there in the NOW and also in the HERE . Because everything is always here. YOU never go anywhere nor can you. What goes and moves is the dream character which you are not really. YOU are the observer that is prior to all dreams.That is possible and you can do it. I have done it….and people have done this over the history of the world or the “dream”….It is not that unattainable and that is what Christ was always pointing to but people struggle with the concept because of the cabal programing here and the fact that you were never introduced to real truth anywhere….not is schools for sure and even in places of worship because even that is a distortion and a mind concept not explaining that YOU ARE ALREADY AWAKE BUT MISSING IT.

What I am describing was a popular exploration in my era during the “Baby Boomer”…generation where the term “Awakening”…was really the substitute term for “Enlightenment”….which is the idea that was a stepped down to “awakening” politically to the matrix of the cabal…and is is not …”IT”.. Just as another step down in the distortion away from the True meaning of ” Waking up”…which is really similar to “SALVATION”…as religions teach but ITS NOT THAT ….because real “AWAKING”….has no thoughts or concepts and is what remains when you understand that you have always been lost in thoughts….or …ASLEEP….and never really Awake.Even when you say you accept Jesus….your not awake because that is still a distortion WITH IDEAS…in the dream of creation….it is still a MIND CONCEPT….and not WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Who you are is what remains when you sit in silence with NATURE AND YOURSELF….OR SIT WITH YOURSELF IN THIS MOMENT….OR…. “.STAY HERE”…Which means that to “stay here”…is to not go into thoughts as your “Self Identity”. That is why when you become still in nature. YOUR NOT THINKING….because you do not” need ” to think to exist and to BE. REALITY…DOES NOT THINK…..but even GOD THINKS…because GOD thought up this dream that you are Asleep in….or think that you are IN….When your not but are the observer of the “dream”. Check this out and see that your always here observing. Which is what “STAYING HERE”…Is all about and what so far most are missing.




The only way to find out that you are not IN GOD’S DREAM….is to realize that who you are is prior to even the dream of the whole world which has the dream of religion in it and you being a sinner in that dream which then needs “GOD”…to save your “sinful” bacon…which is just another dream idea.

I told you this was going to be very hard. Hard because YOUR CUP HAS TO BE PARTIALLY EMPTY… order to let the LIGHT OF THE TRUTH IN….So when your mind is closed because of all of your life’s believe in GOD’s dream as the ultimate REALITY….has filled your cup with BS that is a distortion and not the TRUTH OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE…..Which is pure AWARENESS.

 Here is the proof that you are that AWARENESS only and that is EVERYTHING….Which is why when you sit still and ….STAY HERE…YOU are staying in YOU…or your not lost in thoughts.

So…” STAYING HERE”….is not hard to do as a meditation or is it? Because when you try to do it? YOU will discover that your mind never….shuts up. So staying still for one minute strait is a very advanced state…and hard to do. Try it and see how fast you go into thinking. But that is what the dream of GOD is for. To see that ” everyone “ not really “real”. Since those other people that are lost in sleep is a Cosmic Game.

 Which means all dream character will fight the SILENCE…and that AWARENESS…. When you try it….your mind will still be all you know for a long time because your mind is your sleep identity.Your being dreamt by GOD…. So that means that you will use the mind and try to add this information at first to mind. So what is in this article will go to your collections of thoughts and never ever do the practice of being still.? or will you escape the dream matrix? May be….what do you want to do?

Because the mind will find nothing in stillness. Mind will never know GOD or what is prior to GOD or REALITY…Mind can not ..”feel “..with the Heart or with Being. But your Being is always there, which is your sense that “I am here”…that is REALITY….it is that which YOU ARE. But that takes having to stay lost for a while longer while you try to FEEL YOUR WAY OUT OF THE DREAM OF HELL…..which this is. Because what do you call your inner state of awareness when YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE?…What should be called is insanity….which it is.

To prove how useless mind is to you. Try to describe what a peach taste like with your mind and ideas? Can’t do it. The mind is “dead”…its the same with feeling and knowing SPIRIT OR YOU. The same problem here with mind. But your AWAKE AND AWARE ALREADY …because there is you little “you”…only ONE YOU.

You have to realize you completely insane. Your insane when your in the dream of GOD’s creation and think that you are the dream character and not GOD. This does not mean that the creation is “Bad”…it just means that its “Bad”…to be in Creation or the dream and not know who you are? Or not realize that …YOUR REALLY AWAKE…but missing it!. It’s not bad because anything can happen to YOU or REALITY….Because….nothing can happen, because the dream can not affect the source that dreamed up the dream?  So your “safe”…but your not awake then and you will suffer as if it’s real because you are “MISSING THAT YOUR AWAKE ALREADY”…YOUR MISSING YOUR OWN AWARENESS…WHICH IS REALITY.

So what to do? Do nothing,but if this does not resonate? Your kind of stuck. Because how can a dream character that was never born ever wake up? It can not… because there is no one there. But the dream character can be dreamed up in any form the dream is being dreamed up by GOD within…. REALITY. ? So this is a game of hide and seek by REALITY OR YOU…..YOU are hiding from yourself and doing that in the whole dream of creation. Because as  REALITY….this is the only way you can experience duality, by manifesting something in the… NOW….which is who YOU ARE and all that IS.

This means that the world can awaken or not awaken?…What does it matter to YOU when …”EVERYTHING IS ME”….and you will find that when you awaken that its just like that….” EVERYTHING IS ME”…then there is the dream of Nature….which is also YOU. All is YOU….and all the other …”people”…are YOU. So what has ever happened in all of creation or the dream?….NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO YOU….since surely….”NOTHING HAS HAPPENED”….When YOU see that?….ONLY YOU REMAIN  and you will find YOU in this NOW moment always…..but “YOU HAVE TO STAY HERE”…You have to stay present in your BEING AND FEEL YOU AND EVERYTHING …..and not think.




Now this is the hardest way and the ultimate way. But most dream characters have to start with …”mind”… first to try to wake up. So you can do the Ho’oponopono method of repeating with mind over and over you simply say…”I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”….that is a great start and maybe easier for most since now the mind has something to do…as silence then is not so scary. So when you start with this method you will eventually see that YOU ARE AWARE….and saying these words and they are not who you are. Those words will be very powerful in itself and produce higher aware states. YOU can even add this for more advanced work….say…”I HEAL ME….EVERYTHING IS ME….I ACCEPT ME”….Those 7 terms can do it or you can do each one alone and try them out. They are very good to do and very powerful.There really is no conflict with saying YOU vs ME….but ME is more powerful and accurate since its very close to home.

So when you are ready….then do the exercise of…..”STAYING HERE”…I would do both at different times. The mantra with words is a prayer that you can do all day long while working or walking etc. You can also do.. “STAY HERE”…ALL DAY LONG also and in all situations. But that takes a lot of practice to be able to be aware and function at first. None of these ideas are exclusive, meaning you have to give up one for the other or even give up going to church or the Bible or anything. YOU can add  the practice of staying aware by ….”STAY HERE”….to any religion….because your not adding on the level of mind or words. Your religion many stay or go ways or who knows?  get stronger?…who knows ?…since the dream of GOD will experience all combinations in Life….since ….”SURELY, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED” …to YOU.

So try finding what your missing….it will remove the fear of death and bring peace.



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