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VOL. VII. No. 34


Looking back into the primal void searching for the means by which our Creator became, and how he became our Creator, the following has come to my mind. I share this with the reader with the caveat that I am sure there are items that I am currently unaware of that may affect the accuracy of this presentation. This is as far as I have been able to logically discern the process of creation to date.

In the beginning the Lord said, something to the effect of, let there be light or let light be. Of course this statement in any form raises the ultimate question, who was it that issued that command, and who or what was he talking to, and how did he speak? There is also the very significant question of what light was he referring to? There are, of course, other significant questions that we may examine later on.

We are able now to determine by our own senses that we exist within some sort of Universe right now. We can discern several kinds of light (energy) through the senses of our bodies. Our eyes give us visible light, our skin provides us with the sense of thermal energy, infrared light and so on.

All of our senses are connected to a device which we refer to as a brain, nerve center, that collects, information from the senses and then provides a platform upon which to process and finally perceive the light or energy that was sensed by the various parts of the body.

There is also a light within each of us having a peculiar attribute which creates an individual specific identity and consciousness in each of us.




For the purposes of this theory we may accept that where there was not a conscious observer there were no observable phenomena. This means that prior to the “beginning” of this Universe, there was only a total void. Nothing. In fact there wasn’t even any definable space, because there were no two objects to define a measure for any space. If there had been even one atom, there could have been a measure in angstroms. But there was not even a single electron or proton by which to establish a standard of measure. Consequently we can only imagine it as an eternal empty utterly black void.

Then came a being expressing support for the propagation of light. Light then was the first phenomenon recorded in our books. It is necessarily the first phenomenon to exist in the void that became this Universe. This fact necessarily implies that the source of that expression was itself a light entity. Probably not of the frequency of light that we would perceive with our mortal eyes. More likely it was the self reflection of its own existence which in current language is called, “…consciousness…” . This primal apprehension could explain the adoption of the first name of deity, “…I AM…”, which is an obvious declaration of self awareness of self existence.

To the question of the source of these light entities,  in the endless void, which is absolutely without light or energy, that were infinitely small entirely self contained toroidal packets of energy, spun up within their own, self generated, electro-magnetic fields. If the visible light spectrum was actually created by the first, I Am. That light would likely be of a lower power and lower frequency than that of the individual consciousness. This might be the birth of visible light.

My own thoughts on this matter consist of the probable, primal existence, of innumerable self reflective light entities that consist of high energy and extremely high frequency light far beyond the ultra-violet, that takes on a toroidal light structure, that is, in the form of a torus with a vortex That light/energy is of such a high frequency and power that it overruns and illuminates or experiences itself. Light perceiving itself being the primeordeal Consciousness. If this were so, the brightest and strongest of the singular lights would reasonably be the first in any series to achieve a self reflective or self conscious status.

The great minds of modern theoretical physics have decided to teach that a, “…black hole…” was the source of all matter and energy within this Universe. To disguise the true nature of black holes they wrongfully refer to them as, “…singularities …”. Such a stated theory is quickly proven wrong by their own descriptions of singularities and black holes. If on the other hand, each of the primal light torroidal entities is viewed as a potential source of a universe then all questions of source disappear and all the mysteries of creation are instantly solved. The great problem with this view of existence is that in some respects it indicates that man is contemporary and even possesses the potential to become equal to our creator. This sort of reasoning may result in some Fractal Views. However it is stated several times in ancient writings that humans are in fact the children of a God.

The issue of time in the process of achieving the conscious status is meaningless, because all the occurrences marking the progress of the Universe in its primal state occurred within the toroidal structure of that individual, which was a very small self reflective toroidal light/energy, being. That is, there was nothing by which to establish any sort of standards for measurement of any element of creation at that stage. Therefore all the lights were infinitely small and eternal, something like the embers rising from a campfire, except that each of the embers was completely self contained like a black hole. They emitted no outward light. Even if they had shown outwardly there was nothing present to perceive of them or reflect upon them. There would have been complete darkness even by default.

Consciousness therefore would be a natural occurrence, resulting from the extreme velocity or frequency of the primeordeal light energy comprising each of the torroidal entities. There is also the question of the force called gravity. It is interesting to me that magnetic fields develop where electrical energy is in motion. Even the magnetic field of this world is in the form of a Torus, so is this Galaxy, and some have speculated that the Universe itself may be in the form of a Torus. Biologists will tell you that many living organisms are in the form of the torus. Even humans exhibit some of the attributes of a Torus in our bodies. It seems probable that what is referred to as Gravity may in fact be the electro-magnetic attraction of this earth upon the things that exist upon it. Such a condition would provide an answer to the cause of many anomalies in the earth, where, in some places, it is easier to go up hill than down.




It should be a matter of general interest that, in our space, there are many stars like ours and each one could have a planet or two even like our own and all this in only one galaxy. Then you look out into the night sky and see uncountable millions of stars, many like our own. As you look out into the night skies with more and more powerful telescopes you see many many more stars and you see that many of those lights we thought were lonely stars are themselves great galaxies. Our Creator is a God of truth, who said, “Worlds without number have I created…” . Seeing the miraculous occupancy of the night sky even beyond the natural power of our own eyes, how does that bear testimony of His truth? Such evidence brings us to ponder, one small planet around one smallish star in a vast empty wilderness within a grand galaxy. How, why, does the Creator of such grand abundance of amazing things have any interest in such tiny things as us?

The next question in logical order is HOW. How did God accomplish this amazing feat of creation. It is my own theory that the method was a combination of (m=e/c2) or concentration by deceleration. Mr. Albert Einstein figured out that the material, (mass) of this world can be transformed into pure energy. His formula, [Energy equals Mass, accelerated to the square of the Speed of Light] was the underlying mathematical expression at the birth of the Nuclear Age. We don’t need to discover the accuracy of his mathematical expression to know that in fact those Nuclear Weapons that were used to destroy two cities in Japan actually worked as foreseen. A very small Mass of Uranium was indeed transformed into a very large amount of energy, in a very small bit of time. In the case of algebraic equations, if you reverse the elements of the equation you will have a reversed result.

In the case of Creation, if the equation begins with pure energy, which is then decelerated by some means, it can be concentrated into the form of matter. In our case I expect that the first energy conversion product was what we refer to as spirit matter. Then if that spirit matter is further decelerated and concentrated we will have what we call coarse or substantial matter. All the creator needed to create in this matter was a few protons or what we know as Hydrogen Nuclei. Once these nuclei are placed in a state where they can react with each other they will eventually by the process of fusion, produce all the elements of our modern elemental periodic table. That state in which these things occur is inside a star. It may be that the Creator first initiated a spiritual star, by which all the elements were developed in spiritual matter and then developed another more substantial star that concentrated all those spiritual elements producing them in substantial matter form. All the elements consist of the arrangement of protons (Hydrogen Nuclei) which are arranged in subsequent forms that are increasingly dense.

The final question of course is WHY. Why would a personage who has such marvelous powers bother to create a small planet, in an out of the way, empty part, of one of His innumerable galaxies, and expend great energy to create a home for such a motley crew as us humans? I look into the smiling faces of little children and I begin to sense the Creators motive. I look into the concerned eyes of the parents of those little children and I have a greater sense of the Creators motives. I look into the mirror and I am unable to quench the feeling of gratitude for our Creator’s care and efforts in our behalf.

That brings us to the question of the strangest of all energies. Love. Love is entirely artificial. It is unnatural for any being to place the welfare of another being before his/her own. Love is also unnatural because it is the only form of energy that has no attachment of entropy. Love is an energy that must be acquired, learned, applied. Love grows in both quantity and intensity as it is expended. It completely ignores all the laws of natural energy. It is my own theory that Creation resulted from the unnatural birth of the energy of Love, and it is that unnatural energy that provides the means to sustain and grow this marvelous creation of which each and every one of us is a part, for which we should honor and love our Creator who provided this wonder for us.

12-11-23 ACH VII 34 JDEV

I have endeavored herein to present my latest, most complete and correct theory of the Cosmogony / Cosmology of this Universe that you and I are experiencing. There are a few details that remain un stated and unexamined because they are only details and would have no limiting affect over the general form of our cosmology.


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