NESARA Not in Place Again?



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Danlboon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 11, 2023

When I mentioned a week ago we should ‘Petition US Treasury!,’ yet NESARA is suppose to be in place as stated by some, then we better get those in control of it to lay their cards out and we do not wait anymore.

This is a compilation of comments that have come out and me explaining if they may be correct or why not as they do not agree with each other and they keep changing day to day.

“Mauricio Castano on Thurs. 9 Nov: “I am told Reno release of funds will be this evening (Thurs. 9 Nov.) that trigger transactions on Thurs. 9 Nov. and Fri. 10 Nov. All other platforms begin Mon. 13 Nov. BSHL on Mon. 13 Nov.”” I guess I’m not in the loop to hear about this along with many other Americans.

“Starting 1 Jan. 2024 the fiat US Dollar would be replaced by the gold/asset-backed US Note; all such gold/asset-backed currencies across the Globe would be on par 1:1 with each other, Social Security benefits will be much higher and the SS R&R payments would start on a monthly basis.” Now it appears nothing will come about till January 2024 as the Social Security benefits’ increase was to be in October, then November but now in January, and now that goes for the “restitution and reclamation allowance,” so we have plenty of time to get this ‘Petition US Treasury!’ put in place. So look at this altogether and see if we need this Petition and not wait for Trump’s timing.

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong,” as the Fiat FRN will be worthless on 1 Jan, 2024 and the USN will not be out that same day with no funding of any kind will be happening with even weeks/months later when we have to wait for actions to be taken as there are too many of us to be handled. All credit/debit cards can be shut off instantly with no way to pay for anything. Why should law enforcement be arresting people in January for using the FRN when the USA Republic White Hats refused to get their cards in order for everything to be put in place properly as NO Currency will be available? What a Crash that can be!

If the EBS does not start today, 11 Nov. 2023, then we better get this Petition going and not wait to have over 100,000,000 people sign it when they think it is just another Trump or cabal scam. Maybe an addition to my ‘Petition US Treasury!,’ and should be broadcast, is; ‘To access your QFS Account you should come to your local bank, credit union or financial institution and exchange your FRN for your New USN and present verification to receive a New PIN and possibly New Card for your QFS Account and funds will be available ASAP, one card per people and no joint accounts, and none for businesses nor corporations, and no illegal immigrants just given a SSN.’ See how some things can be changed, so maybe we don’t need a petition as we just need someone to act on this in this manner.




Maybe this should be where We The People go into their financial institution to their manager and demand they release the QFS Accounts and USNs and subpoena them for Fraud all these years of the use of the Fiat currency! But how can you subpoena them from a member of the BAR? That is where We The People do it by our original US Constitution!

“Just wait as it will come,” and we have been saying that for years, so why not wait till 20 Jan. 2025 to see if we have a president moving into the White House to make sure NESARA is put in place properly, with the approval of the New Republic Congress? But this was to happen on 11 Sep. 2001 (11/9), don’t you recall what happened then, 22 years ago? Why don’t we just wait for Barron Trump to be old enough to run for president in 2044 as he has had some good coaching? Those that were 65 and retired in 2001 would then be 108 years old or passed away, so no payout of NESARA funds to them Too bad for them!

Is the St. Germaine Trust to provide the funds for NESARA in the USA, but it has rarely been talked about in many months? So did those funds disappear and that is why it has taken so long as the Rothschilds got a hold of them and the White Hats and Chinese Elders had to take them back at a slow pace?

“Sat. 4 Nov. NESARA/GESARA activated. The US was no longer under the privately owned foreign entities US Inc. Corporation.” Was this it? Your payroll taxes are still being withheld, but who are your taxes going to now? All your loans and credit card debts are still due and notices still sent out with the interest attached? Property Tax notices are still being sent out and due by December 2023 and are they really going to be Pay on Demand? The BAR courts are taking actions to seize your property when the payments are not made?

“On Sun. 5 Nov. NESARA/GESARA became public.” So who made this announcement and are only those patriots involved who deserve it are receiving the benefits of NESARA as they are the ones that took the actions for it and not We The People? Everything done in the background so not that many people could get involved and spread the word of these so-called rumors.

“On Thurs. 2 Nov. Donald Trump posted “It’s Time” and stated that the biggest event we will have in this country will happen this month of November 2023.” Was this Trump’s announcement of NESARA in some other words and we are to interpret them as NESARA is in place? Are We The People to give certain code words to our bankers to inform them we know about NESARA and our QFS Account for them to release that Account to us?

Is this the sign that within 120 days from 2 Nov. Trump will be the only USA Republic candidate for the Republic presidency as he eliminated all chances of any others to know to run for office as there was a USA Republic election coming 27 Feb., 2024, in 118 days? Or will it be that Trump speaks up at the Rose Bowl Football Game on January 1, 2024, the 110th annual Rose Bowl, to announce NESARA and for the EBS to begin at the end of the game. This will be just about a week past the 110 years’ mark for the Federal Reserve Act being passed into law. And who are the 435 members of Congress that are to take office the next day when there was no election for them?




“Wolverine says GESARA will be announced today Thurs. 9 Nov. TNT says we will receive the new Iraqi Dinar rate Friday evening or Sat. morning, with a guaranteed back wall of Mon. 13 Nov.” So when is the EBS to start as are we to get a few days notice or is it to start ASAP? I have never heard of any NESARA announcement on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th or even of this writing on the 11th. Trump should be making commercials to be broadcast to get We The People in preparation for the EBS and have enough food and cash in hand for the 10-17 days of the EBS and bank closures.

“Sat. 11 Nov. EBS Activation, Martial Law: Q post 316 says Martial Law would start on the 11th. The World would soon have no Internet for a while.” We have been under Martial Law since March 2021 when Trump became Commander-in-Chief, but in reality since 1861 when Lincoln called it for the Civil War. So is this post even going to be put out on 11 Nov.? And while under Martial Law all banks, credit unions and financial institutions will be closed as the US Military is in control and not We The People? There will be four months, 120 days, till the financial institutions come up and running again while we beg for food, cash and housing?

Will this be that No Militia can be involved as it is Trump, the Commander-in-Chief, will not allow any civilians to join forces with the US Military, nor they with themselves, as Trump is the King for 4 months? If any Militia come together on their own they will be immediately arrested as terrorists? Will All Veterans be arrested if they are even heard of talking about the bad actions of Trump?

Trump found a new way to take down We The People? The gun shops and all those businesses that work for the 2nd Amendment will be closed during the EBS and all other days possibly till the Republic elections day, 120 days, and therefore We The People did not plan for the US Military to take over and just abolish the 2nd Amendment this way. Those owners may just be arrested for having that business. Didn’t this happen in 1861 when Lincoln took over and then we had the cabal move in? Yet today it is easier to shut down those businesses that do not want to comply when they provide those supplies to We The People, like the utilities just shut off besides their phones, internet and banking. Or their equipment will be seized as the US Military will not have enough themselves because of the shutdown.

If 11 Nov. is to actually be the big NESARA announcement then 5 Mar., 2024 must be the USA Republic elections, in 115 days, which people now are expecting to be the super Tuesday of the USA, INC. primary elections. If Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 is the big NESARA announcement then 30 Apr. 2024 must be the USA Republic elections, 120 days, but even then Fri. 12 Jan. 2024 will be the only full day of banking available after the EBS.

Happy Veterans Day, 11 Nov., as this is also a good day to start, but a bad day for all those that want to give thanks to the Veterans with the celebrations and parades as the EBS supersedes those and everything shuts down. No college football games if the EBS starts early or major chaos while they are going on with broadcasts shutting off then and there. Great while people are watching the TV or listening to the radio to listen to the EBS, but bad if they are at the games themselves and then need to get home.

My friend who also receives SSI has Not received any increase this week as he was suppose to in November 2023, and no “restitution and reclamation allowance” funds either! I guess no increases or refunds till after the EBS.

The “restitution and reclamation allowance” was to come the fourth week of October, now it appears it will come beginning the fourth week of November starting 22 Nov. the first full day after the EBS is complete. What a coincidence, 60 years since President Kennedy’s assassination! Is Trump trying to make a point as he wanted it on the most important date to implement EO 11000? Will a New Federal Holiday be put in place by Trump this year?

“Member: Charlie Ward always thought it would happen on a Thursday!! Let’s hope it does.” Charlie Ward has not been right so far on many items as NESARA has not happened, but for it to happen in America it should not happen on Thanksgiving Day.

Now it is; “According to Dr. Charlie Ward (who was head of the worldwide banks for the Global Currency Reset), on Saturday night at midnight (4 Nov. 2023) the new gold/asset-backed US Note went live.” So how can other countries with over 6 Billion people, being able to use the USN, be kept under a GAG order to Not let the USA in on it when it is our currency? I thought it was to be 1 Jan. 2024!




Is it that the only way We The People in the USA can gain access to our QFS Account is with the approval of Charlie Ward providing us individually our New PIN with our present bank card as then it would transfer to our QFS Account and not just show our present account? A foreigner choosing who is to gain access as it is actually foreign funds, Jewish Rothschilds, that we paid into them? Thus we are still slaves to them as it does not matter that our Birth Certificate was bought and sold as a bond as it was agreed upon by our parents without their knowledge? No one is that fast as there are only 86,400 seconds in a day and over 340 million people in the USA, and for just 252,288,000 people that is 8 years at that rate of timing just for them.

“Member:  Dinar Recaps says they will also send an email notice when the RV happens.” But the RV cannot happen with the cell phones and internet down to act on it with the EBS going on.

“Member: My bank is closed tomorrow in observance of Veterans Day.” Thus it will be at least 12 days including 10 Nov. for the banks’ holiday and up to 17 days without any banking allowed? People should have planned for this months ago, but who can afford or keep more than a month’s worth of food in their home that will not go bad on them or have $1,000 of cash in hand? Businesses will need the banks open to handle their much funds for transactions or can the cash trucks be the only ones allowed to do business to get those funds to the larger cash doing businesses?

All businesses shut down for 2 weeks? Hospitals, EMTs, normal private medical services, pharmacies and All other emergency services need other services up and running to stay in business along with their phones, internet and banks! My prescriptions run out next week and I’m still waiting since Monday for my pharmacy to get my order filled as I still need both our phones going and them open! The week of the EBS will be worse than the COVID pandemic, but Trump and the White Hats cannot figure that out? Trump will be voted out of office, if not impeached, if he treats We The People like animals and worse than slaves for those 2 weeks or what Stalin and Hitler have done in the past and Netanyahu has done recently. Trump’s actions will be the demise of We The People and not his actual orders to have people killed. Animal cruelty is when people do not take care of their pets properly with food, water, health care and protection, and the same goes for Trump with us.

Law enforcement need bullets, emergency supplies, office supplies for making their reports, and gasoline for their vehicles, but they cannot order them or receive them if their phones, internet and other businesses are down, so no protection for We The People, so the 911 calls work but no one can get there if their vehicles have no fuel. There billy clubs will be OK for in person assaults, but nothing at long distance.

But there will be rallies all day Wed. 22 Nov. so No banks nor government offices will be open then? But Thanksgiving is on Thurs. 23 Nov.! So why not wait another two days for the public implementation of NESARA? A big rush to the banks on that Friday? No banking from November 10-23, 14 days to wait. Or will some people not be going to the banks on Fri. 24 Nov. as they must work as they have missed too much work, and thus they have to wait another 3 days till Mon. 27 Nov., 17 days in total of waiting to do some banking? Bad timing for Trump and the White Hats for this to be implemented, or will you have only 24 hours to gain access to your QFS Account when 20,000 people are waiting in line at your bank? You have a choice of keeping your job or gaining access to your QFS Account where you must be employed to have one, you lose out either way? By the way, your PIN may be changed to protect you and give a clean slate for all the corruption that has been done on your present accounts, so you will have to go into your financial institution and request your New PIN.

What a good way of not allowing people to gain access to their QFS Account; ‘If you did not work your normal work hours from November 10-23 then you do not qualify to gain access to your QFS Account as you must be employed at all times.’

Will Trump claim your “restitution and reclamation allowance” funds for the government as you failed to claim them in time according to Trump’s and the White Hats’ rules? Will the “restitution and reclamation allowance” funds be postponed being put out till Mon. 27 Nov. to keep it in a normal weekly process, or will it be pushed off till the first full week in December, including no more SSI/SSDI payments in November shutting them out of the system? Or will it actually be put off till into January?

I thought I read somewhere that Trump made his own Constitution for the USA without anyone else involved and no approval from any of We The People, and he may have joined all the Amendments into it and we no longer have the Bill of Rights even though some may be specified in there. Maybe the Miranda Rights, when someone is arrested, has been thrown into the US Constitution and everyone is to know what that is, primarily the law enforcement. It may be that Trump can now serve more terms with going back prior to 1951 when FDR was voted in with 4 terms of office in 1944, but later died that first year of his fourth term in 1945, thus the 22nd Amendment.

Maybe the only way we will know for sure is that “Ken and Barbie” will be released from jail, it is on public TV and they will be making the NESARA announcement, or will they stay in prison as they must pay for their crimes that were not crimes in the first place?






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