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Reader Post | By Texastreeman

Good evening family,

We have all been thru hell and back in this journey. 

Some weeks good and some weeks sad. 

Sometimes it look like we was never going to make it. 

GOD had a plan for each person that step into this journey. 

I am always remember what Trump said.  Free SPEECH !  Don’t let them take that away from you. 

We all have seen how Trump stands up on what he believes is right. 




GOD tells us to walk in his light. God said don’t allow your light be put out. 

Follow God and He will cover you with his grace. 

Now Man has ways of taking God’s glory from you. 

Man has a way putting restrictions on what to say ! what to do ! What blessings is yours !

Under our constitution ! Come free SPEECH ! 

To express your feeling, to share your feelings, your angry, your happiness ! 

If we are the chosen one’s ! But man go’s against God’s word not allowing this blessing to be received by each one of us. 




Then Mankind will be have to stand in front of God and every person in heaven. Explain why Mankind or persons stop God’s plan on each person to receives this blessing. 

One thing each person in the upper level of this project. Has God’s eyes watching.  Do we place Judgement on people who speaks out. 

Do we place Judgement on when someone has a bad day, bad week and speaks out. 

If This is God taking back our country. If this is God showing the chosen one’s his grace ! 


Trump is a great leader ! Some people can’t stand how he speaks out and How he is loud. 

Being a leader, you must not be afraid to use your free speech. 

A good leader fights in what he believes. 

A good leader stands up for the truth. 

God said take up your light and follow me. Now Jesus spoke with soft words, but BELIEVING words. 




God said don’t allow mankind to make you fall. 

What am saying here tonight ! I’ve wrote letters on here for years.

Some with strong words. Some with praise words. 

If all 8 million stood up and wrote what your heart was saying. I think, I pray ! God, alliances, Trump would seen how each one of you feel. What was on your heart. 

To be a good leader ! 

To be a good warrior ! 

You must let your voice be heard ! 

Don’t allow yourself to become a follower. 

We have a job to do soon. 

There will be many doors open for each one of us soon. 




When that door is open. Choices will be made good and bad. 

I’ve had people tell me over the years. not to write on these posts. You will be band ! You will not get your blessings. You won’t get to exchange. 

God’s plan and Trump plan is to find leaders who will stand against MAN, Evil. 

If the alliances stop me from exchanges. For speaking what is on God’s heart to my heart to my words. Then it is not my place to Judge them. 

They will stand in front of God and Tell him. Why people didn’t get there blessings. 

God said don’t fear what man will do to you. You stood up for me ( GOD) your rewards will be far more then what is on earth. 

I can’t take back words I wrote over the years on this platform. 

I stand on words that comes from the heart. 

I stand with Trump, alliances, God’s plan to rebuild on earth. what and where it takes me. 

A leader must take up his spirit and lead with his heart. 




As Trump stands in front of the MSM telling them what is wrong. Why this is happening. 

As I over the years express my feelings for others whom would not stand up and write. As I stood up and said what and how I felt that week on how intel came out. 

Free speech is what our fore father’s build this country on. 

When this RV/ GCR comes and I walk into the doors of military, bankers, Treasury personal, or whom ever it will be standing in front of me. 

I pray they shake my hand and say I’ve heard about you in your file. 

Sit down and tell me your plan. I redeem and exchanges everything !

Then I walk out shaking everyone’s hands and say. THANK YOU !   As God looks down with a smile !  Saying I told you I had you in my arms. 

As we are closing this project, journey of waiting over 17 years. 

New doors will open ! 





This project is not limited to just here in American. There is so many places to go. There is so many people hurting that needs help. So many towns that need to be rebuild.  The limits are unlimited on projects to do. 

I give my blessing to each one of you that cross the line. we lost many souls along the way. 




be bless

by Texastreeman


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