(Reader: Lena Rae) Corruption on American Soil



Reader Post | By Lena Rae

WARNING: This is long, read at your leisure.

I wanted to relay some findings I uncovered in my personal investigations into our corrupt governing system.

If you don’t already know me, My name is Lena Rae and I am an American, born and raised by my family, who have lived and worked for generations on American soil.

My ancestors fled from the Nazi regime in Germany and Russia, and migrated with the pioneers from the East coast, to the West coast.

My bloodline split in the East, when some of my ancestors chose to marry into the Rockefeller family, and the others joined the pioneers to go West.

I am of the line that chose to not be a part of the corrupt Rockefeller family.

I was born blind, and have suffered greatly at the hands of the corrupt and greedy pharmesudecal companies, and the brain-washing education system.




Now, more than 3 decades later, I have corrected the birth defect I was born with, achieved a higher level of education and I have made it my life’s work to go through the system and correct errors.

By “Errors” I mean rules and laws that only benefit the 1%, and mostly foreigners who do not even live in our country, at that.

I stand up for the downtrodden, the disabled, and those unfortunate souls who (like me) have been treated like sh*t by their own community, government and are pushed into darkness by the hands of their own people.

I spent almost 2 years living abroad in HI, and I was there when the Covid pandemic was announced.
I was there when the military started occupying the hotels and lands on the islands.
I saw them move in and claim they were only performing “training exercises”, while unable to explain what they were training for.

The HI people are a strong, kind and intelligent people, who do not deserve their lands to be over-run by greedy politicians, and war-mongering governments.

I do not know 100% if the fires in Lahaina were caused by a DEW weapon, or started accidentally, because I was located on the Big Island of HI, not Maui or Oahu.

But I can relay what I saw on the Big Island, and what the locals told me.

They are fed up with a foreign government meddling in their affairs, dictating how they live on their own lands and claiming “ownership” of every parcel they destroy.




The government did move in troops, prior to the fires on Maui.

They prepared years in advance, and started moving their people in early, using Covid as an emergency excuse to occupy the land.

That much I DO know, because I was there and saw it with my own eyes.

We were quarantined, and the streets cleared as military vehicles moved in and patrolled.

I did get sick with the “deadly” Covid virus, but only because I allowed myself to be infected, intentionally.

I did this to test the legitimacy of the “virus” as a true “pandemic” creator. (how bad is this thing, really?)

Prior to my recovery from the mishandling of my health care, and the procedure that restored my vision (that the government insurance wouldn’t pay for, so I had to go into debt to correct my birth defect) I had been used as a lab-rat by the pharmesudecal companies for 13 years, from age 8 to age 22.

So I am used to flushing my system of unwanted substances, foreign DNA, toxins, poisons, bacteria and viruses.
(Yeah, I’m a f*ck’n badass, thanks for noticing.)

I was also born with the ability to interface with non-human forms of life, such as plants, animals and microscopic forms of life, such as bacteria and viruses.

Now, that being said, every living creature on this planet has the ability to interface with each other, on a non-verbal level.
But most humans born out of the age of darkness, have had that ability shut down or damaged by the world in which they enter into.




I recovered that ability, after restoring my original DNA programming, and flushing my system of the unwanted and destructive “medications” the government had placed me on because I was too “dangerous” (to them) to be myself.

So when the infected Princess Cruise ship docked in Hilo, HI (near my hotel room) I took the opportunity to break quarantine and go get myself some Covid.

That was immediately prior to the “lock-down”.

What I found was this; Covid is NOT man-made.

It is a naturally occurring entity that was captured, altered, and let loose as a biological weapon.

The original virus itself has existed on our planet since before modern humans established themselves.

It is a living creature, but it is a parasitic form of life that requires a host to live in and propagate itself in.

The reason it makes people sick, is because it has to take our energy, our life force, and use our bodies to replicate itself and continue it’s existence on this planet.

Like every other creature, it’s just trying to survive and live it’s life.

Now, what they did to this naturally occurring entity, was what made it so deadly, to so many.

While it is not man-made, it is man-altered.

Like they did to me, corrupt and greedy Scientists took this life form and twisted it into a blood-lusting weapon of mass destruction.




Covid was created from the SARS virus, which is related to the Influenza Virus, which is related to all viruses (they are all related to each other and share a common ancestor) and it was designed to target specific types of DNA.

However, after the light forces in our world found out about it’s creation and designated use, they stole it out of the lab and it was accidentally let loose in the scuffle.

This lab was not the only lab in the world trying to manufacture a “biological weapon”, and we have not been infected by the worst of what they were cooking up…Yet.

Covid spread rapidly throughout the world from it’s release, with it’s unfinished programming.

It mutated, and evolved rapidly, feeding off of our sick, weak and elderly.

This is pretty much known world-wide at this point, but the full truth and 100% accurate information is being suppressed and altered by the MSM, for the agenda of the 1%.

And to this day they continue to try and cover up their crimes against humanity.

Viruses and other parasitic forms of life, exists and occur naturally on our planet as a population control mechanism.

That was/is their original intended purpose and their original programming.

However, for those of us who have the retained or regained the ability to interface and communicate with non-human forms of life, viruses have an alternate use, than being massively destructive.




For those who know how and have the power to do so, we can alter the programming of the virus that has infected our bodies, by feeding it our own pre-coded DNA.

Essentially, infecting the virus that is infecting us.

Transforming it into our own personal servant.
This is how the virus naturally mutates anyway.
It intakes our DNA to replicate, and the more it intakes, the more like it’s host it becomes.

Right down to the hosts thoughts, feelings and way of living, in some cases.

So, if you can survive it’s initial infection and transform it’s programming to function in a way that is beneficial to you, then you obtain a new pet that can infect others with your pre-coded message.

No jab necessary.

I personally coded my Covid pet and mutated it to replicate more slowly (as to not overwhelm the host) and provide the host with a natural protection against other, unwanted infections.

I made it my personal body guard, and I feed my body guard so it can continue to protect me, or I flush it out if I can’t feed it.

I do wear a mask in crowded locations when the virus is active, to protect the sick, weak and elderly.

I do not dry myself out and diminish my own immune system with hand sanitizer, but I do use 91% rubbing alcohol to keep my home clean and prevent the spread of the virus to unwanted individuals, and in unwanted places.




I am unorthodox, but I am also responsible, and I care about other beings I share this world with.

This method is controversial, at best, and not recognized by the CDC, MSM, WHO or any other government organization that wants to destroy everything but themselves.

Covid is easy to flush out of the body, if necessary, by way of using cystic biology to do so.

This method works for literally EVERY virus currently existing on this planet.

What you do is form a fluid packet (a cyst) around the unwanted entity, encase the fluid pack in metal (naturally occurring in the body, our food and in nature) and escort the trapped entity out of the body.

Since viruses requires soft tissues to replicate, they cannot penetrate or break through harder substances, like metals.

So if you have cystic biology, increasing your metal intake, such as iron and copper, will keep you from remaining infected for long.

However, it can/does leave small holes in your soft tissues, that take time to regenerate.

But if your body is working correctly, and your diet isn’t full of crap, regenerating such small sections of internal tissues, should take 72 hours or less.

Yes, copper in high concentrations is toxic, but that is exactly why we have developed internal organs to filter and process toxic substances.
The only problem with toxins, comes when the body is overwhelmed with them, to the point it can no longer process them.




Other than that, we are designed to be able to handle small amounts of toxic substances in our bodies.

I highly recommend that the general population learn to interface with their own bodies, take back control of themselves and learn to interface with life forms other than themselves, form a symbiotic relationship with these entities, and begin transforming their own viral pets to be coded with protection energy, rather than destruction energy.

It is literally the only way we are going to survive as a species.

Other than those findings, I can say with certainty that our government in charge of the Covid response was not only ineffective, but also detrimental to the survival of the American people.

They removed people who refused to get “the jab” (people like me) from their jobs, and input their own, pre-coded, jabbed people, into paying positions, while simultaneously derailing the unemployment system.

Forcing almost everyone who understands “natural immunity” into a precarious and impoverished situation.

This was followed by inflation, and “incentives”, rules, and propaganda (MSM) that prevented those already kicked out of their jobs (and even their homes in some cases) from travelling freely, communicating freely and living their own lives to the best of their ability.

Then came the cries of “defund the police”, because a law is only as good as it’s enforcement.

Then came the cries to increase the minimum wage, put up low-income housing and get the “crazy people” off the streets.

FYI; Not everyone who is on the street, is a drug addict, or has come into our country illegally.




There are A LOT of people who want to heal themselves and are/have been turning back to nature and to God to do just that.
And that kind of healing cannot be done in a hospital, doctors office, institution, or while stuck inside.

The “homeless” population is mixed and varied, and includes our own veterans.

So anyone trying to prevent people from migrating around their own country, seeking healing, truth and understanding, is just plain f*cked up in the head.

It is one thing to offer lodging and assistance to the poor and downtrodden, to those on the streets…and quite another to FORCE people into servitude by way of the corrupt medical and employment system.

What the hell happened to “home of the FREE”?

Right now, every time I go into a grocery store or shopping center, I hear the rhetoric of the elite being mimicked by the youth and the injected employees they have indoctrinated through the MSM, the medical system, and the corrupt education system.

They make horrible and incorrect comments about the homeless population, and blame them for all the problems in their communities.

And while some homeless individuals can be violent, sexual predators, foreign aliens, are in need of actual health-care assistance and cause problems by littering and starting fires in bad locations, to keep warm…They are a diverse group of individuals who cannot be lumped together under 1 definition. 

I know, because I WAS homeless off and on for almost a decade.

I chose to live among the “homeless” to fully understand and comprehend their suffering and their lifestyle.

Most of them just fell on hard times, didn’t have any better options, couldn’t pay their bills in this screw-ball economy, and found that living on the road was not only cheaper, but healthier for them.

Now, what the current administration has done, is effectively prevented the free-folk from being free within their own country because of the actions of a few infected individuals.

I do not know 100% (and this is going to be controversial) but I am working on a theory that those suffering with “violent tendencies” are infected by either a mutated virus or a mind/DNA/program-altering substance, and/or have learned that behavior from their own families, peers and authority figures (who likely learned it or inherited it from an infected ancestor.)

These infected individuals act like “trojan horses” and exist to destroy their own species.

Our natural state is not to attack one another, for any reason other than self-defense.
And in fact, we have a pre-programming that goes right to our core, to assist those in need.
That was/is our original intended purpose here on this planet, and why we exist here to this day.

We are supposed to be caring for this world, and all the creatures upon and within it.
We are SUPPOSED to be caretakers of our world.

Those individuals who are “born sick” were likely conceived when either, or both, the mother and father were infected with a virus or altering substance.

That is why almost every medical professional worth their salt will tell the mother to not drink, smoke, do drugs and keep themselves clean during the pregnancy.

It’s also why some substances have been “red-listed” as “dangerous”, and made illegal.

Mind-altering and mind-opening substances leave us vulnerable to invasive entities.
Good or bad, dark or light…They do come in easier when our guard is down.

The only potential exceptions to that are cleansing, constructive and opening/relaxing substances, in SMALL quantities.

And that is only if the mother can regulate her own metabolism effectively, and use these substances to protect and construct the body of her offspring, without risking infection to the fetus.

Right now, we have people wandering all over our nation, who were born infected, poorly constructed or in an altered state of being.

I think this is where their gangs formed, and where the cries of “round them up” and the increased power to the medical and housing system is coming from.

However, our system is still not perfected and has been/is infiltrated by greedy politicians and power-hungry people, who don’t care about anyone other than themselves and their own agendas.

That being the case, how can we expect the current administration, under the current rules and laws, to even begin protecting and serving their own people?

Among the corrupt institutions are the US patent office and the many land-zoning/land-selling organizations.

In my digging, while off the road, I discovered how difficult they have made it for their own people to buy and live on their own lands.

Since the Clinton administration, the US patent office stopped issuing patents on lands occupied by verified and documented US citizens, for various purposes.

This moratorium on land patents created a problem for anyone wanting to homestead for a decent price.

The “green agenda” created organizations and departments with-in the government that bought lands they don’t even live on, to use for their designated purposes, and restricted the use of those lands by their own people.

…By people who actually live on, near by or want to use those lands.

These organizations, businesses and departments began charging people to visit and camp on their own lands.

They have rules in place that force people to travel miles away every 2 weeks, just to live in their natural state.
While simultaneously making it harder and more expensive to travel.

They have increased prices for lands “zoned” for residential to the $100,000 range at the lowest, while keeping the minimum wage and government benefits so low that you can barely afford to live, let alone buy land to live on.

Ensuring that the governing elite remain in power, with their servants flipping their bills for them.

Privately owned companies, run and operated by people who don’t even live on, or near, the lands they are buying, purchase these parcels and re-sell them at 4x the amount the land is actually assessed to be worth.

All in the name of “progress” and “protection” from “thieves”.

In reality, these people buying lands that they don’t live on, turning around and reselling them at exorbitant prices, are the REAL thieves.

Those that charge exorbitant prices for lands zoned for residential use, are slavers, forcing people to take out loans and incur debts that they are unlikely to ever pay off, without selling something back to the government.

They have “rigged the game” against the common folk, and are making a ton of money off of tricking people into servitude.

And they are primarily using the internet to do this.

And before you think their zoning practices and prices are legit because of “safety hazards” on the lands not zoned for residential use…Let me point out that many of our cities and towns have rampant health and safety hazards existing within city limits.

And also that ALL land on this ever-changing mud ball has some risk factors to it.

Also, we have the ability to build in un-conventional ways, to accommodate the terrain and effectively use all available environments to live and work in.

As for the wildlife and the predators that we may encounter, that these laws claim to ‘protect”…May I remind you that we are animals too.
We are not separate from the animal kingdom, but a branch of it.

We have the ability, and the right, to live in our natural state, in our own country, without penalty or punishment.

So anyone claiming “safety hazard” or “unfit for building housing” on these zoned lands, is not being honest, and/or has not been out of the office enough to understand what real life on this planet is like.

Now, there could be some merit to not allowing infected individuals out of the cities and into the wilds, but to that I remind you of my previous finding on viruses and infectious entities.

Animals have been living with these entities since before we thought they were “curses” or “demonic possessions”.

They exist and occur naturally, and come from the core of our planet to regulate life on the surface.

In the end, all we really have “control” over is ourselves and our own actions.

…But try telling that to the elite’s attempting to keep everyone running in their hamster wheels.

We can pray to “God”, the great creator, the planet, our higher self, a higher power, ect. to create change, protect us from harm and benefit in our daily lives, but those prayers are only answered if/when the time is right for them to be answered, so they do not conflict with, or prevent, the prayers of others from being answered, and (depending on what you’re asking for) there may be a price or requirements for your request to be granted.

These power sources that are prayed to are not all the same, and yes, some people are/do pray to destructive powers that exist and persist to this day.

However, those destructive forces/gods/spirts, only exists in our world to act as a counter-weight or balancing mechanism for the creative forces.

If creation were to run rampant, we would have no space left to occupy and life would begin overlapping and assimilating into larger, longer-lived lifeforms that breed less often, or it would expand beyond the reaches of this planet.

This is a naturally occurring phenomenon for the preservation of life itself.

It is also where the giants and Nephilim originate from.

As Mars is still coming out of quarantine (after Thea ripped it’s moon in half and torn through it’s atmosphere, hurtling chunks of rock and debris into our planet, ending the “reign” of the “dinosaurs”) we cannot yet migrate to and inhabit that planet.

And our moon is still considered uninhabitable due to the lack of water on it’s surface.

And Venus is only potentially inhabitable in a very small  zone, in the upper atmosphere.

And the sun (I call that planet “Solaris” btw) is surrounded by an enormous flaming barrier, that is unpassable by our current level of technology and our Earthly resources.

So, our choices for expansion are limited within our own solar system, at this time.

In order for our closest inhabitable neighboring planet to be a functional location to colonize, the tidal flow to our brother Mars must be re-established, by way of reforming the half-moons (Phobos and Deimos/“fear” and “death”) into 1 full moon, and re-establishing it’s orbit around the planet.

This is already being over-seen by the “Galactic’s”, as I think they are being referred to on this website.

The “sun’s” coronal ejections, electromagnetic pulses, and high energy emissions can/do influence the behavior of the surrounding astral bodies and life itself.

What I have been told by the “aliens/angels” (hahaha) on Solaris (inside the sun) is that they are preparing to hit Phobos and Deimos with a long-range EMP that will pull and push the 2 moons back together.

They will then wait for the halves to reform and debris to settle, and then hit the re-formed moon of Mars with a massive energy wave that will push it’s orbit back into the correct position, and begin the process of re-establishing Mar’s tidal flows.

The planet itself will begin experiencing tectonic activity that will un-freeze the water trapped at the poles, and release the water trapped inside the planet, and begin to re-circulate that water around the planet.

This entire process could take millennium’s to complete, or it could happen tomorrow.

It really depends on when the other planets align to be out of the way of the blast’s from the sun, and how long it takes for the sun to generate enough energy to get to Mars.

It is highly likely that we will see an unprecedented abundance of “sun-spots”, or dark/negatively-charged energy particles form prior to  this event.

It would be foolish for our life-forms to inhabit Mars at this time, due to the impending chaos that will be rampant on Mars in the future.
However, if we had a functional escape plan for our people, it may be worth-while to expand to Mars, and bring the seeds of our life to that planet, prior to the power kicking back on.

It really depends on who wants to go die on Mars.

So, we’re really stuck sharing this planet until our solar system has another habitable zone for our type of life.

Which means, we HAVE to care about our planet, the way we’re running it, and each other…because we don’t have anywhere to go.

But does the MSM and the elite want us doing that? NO.

No, they want us all “competing” and fighting with each other over scraps while we run in our pre-made hamster wheels and pay off their debts, for them.

They push propaganda that promotes conflict and competition, and touts the 1%’s “dominance” and human “dominance” while glossing over symbiotic relationships, and ignoring the fact that insects and aquatic invertebrates still out-number humans at least 100-1, and need to, for the food chain that we all rely on to remain in tact.

There is no human “dominance”, no “ruling dynasty” and no need for the kind of competition they are trying to create among us.

The forms of life they claim to be “in power” at different stages of this planets development only existed/exist in mass to fulfill a need of the planet itself, and exploit a niche they have come to prosper from living within.

Competition is NOT the only driving force behind evolution.

Symbiosis and partnerships with other living creatures on this planet, are an even larger driving force behind the evolution of life itself.

Had we not formed a symbiosis with other living creatures, our existence now would be very different and very limited.

The increase in “fight for your lives” propaganda in the MSM is likely to do with the plan I stumbled upon while I was being held prisoner in a jail.

I was told by my attorney that “they” (Idk who he was referencing) is trying to undo the anti-violence laws put in place by the Obama administration (related to the Biden administration, and previously the Clinton administration, “Far-left”/”Democrat”).

The reason for this is because their jail cells were filling up with people who have naturally high levels of self defense, and were put into positions where they were arrested for defending themselves.

The rest of them were either infected, on drugs, petty theft, vandalism, didn’t pay a fee/fine, and/or just having a domestic dispute with their significant other that got out of hand, and the neighbors interfered in the wrong ways.

There were very few in the cells with and around me who I would consider actual “dangerous” criminals.

I even saved the life of one of my cell-mates, who was detoxing from heroine, and puked in her sleep.

I don’t enjoy the memory of being covered in her heroine-laden vomit,  but at least she didn’t choke  on it and die.

And after being released, she even helped me out, got my car back to me safely, and I honestly don’t think I would have made it over the mountains and back to my parents house without her, and her friends help.

SO “criminal”, so “dangerous”, right?

We were all held in jail, for months, in conditions worse than on the streets, just waiting on a hearing.

In the meantime, our cars were impounded, our belongings sold off and our health diminished while waiting to pay the system just to live our own d*mn lives.

A lot of us were forced to take “1st time felon” plea deals, or other plea deals, just to not be in jail for a year or more.

Which left us with convictions lingering on our records.

Trump let a lot of these people out of jail, when Covid was released.

Infusing our country with an influx of infected, angry, drug-addicted and “violent” “criminals”.

Now all the sudden, he wants to round them up again?

….Something’s not right with that.

Then they passed rules in the few remaining places that low-income “criminals” could afford to rent, that required a ridiculous amount of legal purity.

Creating the homeless crisis.

Is it any wonder people are pissed off and trashing the place?

Now their trying to “incentivize” these people into servitude by forcing them to work, or be put in jail…Again.

They keep pushing people back and forth…In jail, out of jail,…This is “right”, now it’s not!
…and it’s creating insanity and all-out rage in our nation.

It’s pushing the servants to push back against their flippant, un-caring and greedy government.

It wouldn’t be so bad, if their economic system actually paid enough for people to live, they allowed for freedom of movement and lifestyle within their own country, and they separated the “disabled” people from the “poor” people.

As it stands now, they de-railed the Social Security system, de-funded it and lumped everyone together under 2 programs.
Young people who haven’t worked, and disabled people who have.

And f*ck everyone else who needs help and doesn’t fall within those groups.

That is why there is so much talk about RE-establishing a UBI within our system.

So, what happens when a UBI is established, is that the money given to the people on that program goes directly back into the economy, sustaining and maintaining the financial system at a base-line level, incentivizing people to work for more than their basic needs (what “basic needs” are, is a highly debatable topic btw), while also allowing them to maintain their own health and lifestyle, while they work for the betterment of themselves and their situation.

This allows not only the economy to flourish, but the people as well.

Now, what basic “needs” are…Is dependent on the individual and their environment.

And providing that will NOT fix our broken economy, inflation or prevent foreign entities from buying and controlling our lands at outrageous prices.

But it will give everyone some much needed financial sustainability to begin working off of, to resolve these other problems in our system.

Which is why the ruling elite does not want a UBI, and/or wants to control the definition of “needs”.

As for the GCR, Gesara, Nesara, the currency revaluation, ect…It could happen before, after, or at the same time as the UBI get‘s started.

It really doesn’t matter WHEN we do it, as long as it’s ASAP.

I encourage everyone who has any vested interest in their existence on this planet, to write to their “elected officials” (in spite of their rejections, rules and regulations), form and sign petitions, and tell them it’s time they start actually caring about their own people, and establish a UBI.

If/when they feel enough people want it and are ready for it, they will move forward faster with the UBI and the GCR.

Otherwise, we’re all twiddling our thumbs, waiting on their schedule for the roll-out.

On a side-note, the suppressed technologies (including eco-friendly bio-fuels) are likely going to be released after the GCR and UBI are established, not before.

As for the scheduled “Alien Invasion”…I have encountered and spoken with other (sane and educated) individuals who have seen air-craft/space-craft and been silenced or treated as “crazy” for recounting their encounters.

It is possible that a holographic light show to trick people into unifying for the purposes of war, is going to happen….but it is also possible that there are real, enormous air/space-craft out there, that are going to be revealed within the next decade.

I honestly don’t know with 100% certainty what I saw enter the side of the mountain that day, but I know it had a lot of lights, it was enormous, it didn’t move like a normal aircraft, and it didn’t make noise.

The side of a mountain opened up, it floated inside, and then the mountain closed, as if it was never there.

And I was 100% straight sober, I had my eye’s working, I had a witness with me, and I captured it on my phone.

I deleted the video, and didn’t do anything with it, because I didn’t think anyone would believe me, and I read/saw how people who were posting similar videos were being treated.
That was the last thing I needed at that time.

No wonder they don’t want people roaming around the country, finding their secret bases.

Yeah, I know it sounds “crazy”, but I’m only telling you what I saw, and what others have seen/experienced.

Does telling the truth as I know it to be, make me “crazy”, or just honest?

I am here, I remain alive (despite the best efforts of those trying to kill me my whole life), and I will continue to tell “crazy” truths, and fight for our freedom, rights and well-being…as long as I draw breath in this body I have been gifted with.

I hope those of you who have read to this point will take heed of my words, and understand what the hell is really going on out there, without the noisy and intrusive MSM pushing their opinions on you.

It’s a real sh*t-show, and everyone needs to be on their toes for this next “election”.

Oh yeah…The rigged election…I just vote for “Jesus” under the “Independent” option at this point.

Maybe if enough people vote for Jesus, he’ll ride in a on a white horse and “save” us.
…And I think it would be a great middle finger to the establishment if Jesus won by popular vote!
(Although Biden would probably say Jesus endorsed him, and use it as an excuse to put a virtual Hispanic puppet in office! Lmao)

I don’t know with 100% certainty that the Dominion voting machines were hacked/rigged, but I will say it is 100% possible that they were.

I do know that only the people who have enough money to run a successful campaign are the ones who get put into office.
And I also know that even if a candidate could win by popular vote as an independent, they often times are pressured, paid or threatened into endorsing another candidate, and joining that candidates “party”.

Which means a vote for any candidate that has endorsed another candidate, goes to that candidate they have endorsed.

Which is how I think Biden won the last election, btw

A lot of people supported and wanted to vote for Bernie, again (same as what happened with Hillary’s campaign) and then he endorsed Biden, and every vote for Bernie became a vote for Biden.
Including people in our country who didn’t know about that rule.

And don’t even get me started on the merry-go-round that is the electoral college.

I think the electoral college was originally established because the population expanded and became so spread out and numerous over the country, that it was decided having representatives for each state was more efficient than gathering individual votes.

However, a lot of the elected officials have been unsuccessful at accurately relaying the needs of all their people, and getting their governments to pass “common-sense” laws.

They get paid way more than they need, and that funding lends itself to their corruption.

For more information about that, see my previous post on the subject.

The sad truth is that money has corrupted our politics and we no longer have “fair and equal” elections, because of that.

So regardless of any hacked technology, the voting system is screwed.

I think that’s all the topics I have any information on and have read about, at this time.

Please stay safe out there, stay alive and use the information I provided here to fight back against the injected, infected and greedy government, and to live a more empowered life.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Sincerely, Lena.


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