(Reader: Victor) There is Nothing of Value in Mind



Reader Post | by Victor

There is nothing of value in mind if you want to understand the world or yourself. The answers are not in mind…ever!. Mind is the Matrix. It is that simple. The answers are across the border that we do not cross because we do not understand the complete deception being played on us.

In fact all the border disputes across the world are also part of that deception because a border dispute is created by the idea that things will be better on the other side. This is a subliminal program by the matrix itself to create self value where there is none. The matrix and the mind are one and the same thing. A large deception so you do not notice REALITY which is completely SELF EVIDENT. It is so self evident that it is never seen or understood as the only thing that exists, while the mind is the deceiver that really does not exist.

I can prove that the mind does not survive when it meets REALITY. What happens when you sit silently by yourself? Nothing happens from the point of view of the mind. Meaning mind does not find any thoughts in silence and can not talk about silence because mind has no tools to understand Silence. The tool that mind is lacking is “FEELING”…or emotions. Mind is devoid of Feeling because it is not made of that “stuff”…so it does not exist for the mind.

That is why when you try to talk about God or REALITY….mind does not have a clue on what to say so it makes up stuff and “stories”…or it lies and bull shits everyone. The Bible and all religious writings are an example of the complete BS of mind. What does anything in the Bible have to do with GOD? Nothing in there or from any mind point of view with words or ideas means anything. Why? Because no ideas survive SILENCE….which is the real of God or REALITY and the creations of the mind are complete science fiction and mental illness and delusions. That is why the world is completely insane and out of control….which has no answers but extinction there from all levels that mind can come up with.

Not one concept from mind will get you to the TRUTH….unless mind says be SILENT. Now how hard is that and what needs 800 pages or more in a Bible to tell you to be SILENT. But YEE OF NO FAITH….which you are. A person of no faith unless you throw all your books in the trash and all your ideas in the trash. In fact you can only do that by being SILENT…..and seeing what remains there?

What is in SILENCE?….AHHH….see?  The mind wants to talk about it and wants an explanation that it can understand. But the mind will never understand anything about it because the mind will die and not exist in silence. So you as a human have hitched your wagon to mind and have a college degree or many degrees and it’s all meaningless if you think that will get you to the real border beyond mind.

The real border has been crossed always, since there are no borders in existance and in REALITY. Mind or the matrix has made up borders and boundaries where none exist. Because the perfect example of what the Truth is?….is NATURE. Nature is what REALITY has created with no mind thinking. Nature is pure REALITY in silent operation with no ideas but only pure BEINGNESS. That Beingness is REALITY or the God we so desperately seek with the “wrong tool”…or mind. Which produces the matrix programming that does not want anyone to escape the Mind. So the mind never will stop talking or creating wars because then it ceases to exist.




What does modern man do with nature? It destroys it and kills it. Because to mind nature, is the enemy because that is the TRUTH….and mind is the lie. So anything with nature will be attacked or bombed or burned or cut down. Native cultures understood nature or REALITY because it was completely self-evident that this is what God was or what REALITY WAS. That is what they were themselves. It’s ALL…in plain sight and it’s SILENT. …But not to the mind.

Now silence is not empty at all….only the mind says so and it lies!. It is full of BEINGNESS….or PRESENCE….or GOD…OR…YOU. YES YOU….Does the Bible say your God?….No it doesn’t…wHY NOT?…so what good is it to you then when it lies?…So the gullible matrix lovers have chose by default and ignorance a false god….or …MIND. Do we EVER…remain in this Silence? no…Why is that?

We never try Silence out…or MIND NEVER LETS YOU ASK THAT QUESTION….or look in that direction.  Because the answer of real GOD and SILENCE….leaves the mind out and then the matrix dies or starves and only the TRUTH or REALITY REMAINS….or Nature remains and YOU are that. All is that….”IS”…because ” YOU ARE EVERYTHING”….Can you accept that good news? Its good news because its the Truth and you can prove it by being it all by yourself with no help from anyone.Then you have the Power and not the mind.

Yes…YOU are that… “EVERYTHING”….that lasts beyond mind.YOU can actually experience that directly and not think about it….then you will have PROOF! Right now you are that stillness and silence already…YOU REMAIN AND MIND DOES NOT….MIND DIES as all of its creations with thinking dies. It does not ever exist in Nature. Never…it’s a false alien construct of deception that has taken mind from a tool that helps preserve the body which is fragile from walking off a cliff.

Mind can do that kind of stuff, but mind can not find GOD or REALITY…..IT CAN NOT BECAUSE ITS NOT MADE OF REALITY….but is a creation or tool made for your safety which has become a distortion or YOU have taken a bite out of the apple in the garden of Eden and the serpent mind has deceived you into thinking its knows about everything including GOD. The proof that its full of it is that it never shuts up. Because once it does shut up on GOD remains in the NOW …right where YOU are and mind is gone and non existant.

The Garden of Eden is the long complicated story that you will get in a Bible which is impossible to understand when it could have just said “Shut up fool!”….and look around and be still. BE SILENCE….BE REALITY…..IT’S THAT SIMPLE. But the mind does not care and does not want simple or anything other than itself. The mind and the Devil are one. 

That is what the devil is….it’s a lie and distorter by creating illusions and dreams while REALITY IS YOU AND ….you feel asleep and will go to church to find God in a book when all you had to do was shut the stupid TV off and not listen to the stupid news or read all the lies on Operation Disclosure…..because anything from mind is alway lies since that is its nature when its out of control and in charge in your life when it should be delegated as a tool while YOU ARE AWARE OF YOURSELF….AND GOD.




Simple …but the mind will not let you escape the matrix. Will you escape? Will you find GOD?….All you have to do is be quiet and not talk or not think all the time. The best and most simple technique to do this is meditate with eyes open and just sit with yourself in nature and sit there for half an hour in silence. Feel nature and yourself. Get to know YOU.

When have you ever tried that? Never!…Think about it. Do you ever do that? Does anyone do that? Do you talk about how great you felt in silence with others at the party? NO….NEVER!…because everyone is lost in the matrix and babbling away on why it’s OK to bomb women and children because the mind said it was OK and I am justified in killing people and destroying the world because I have these set of mind ideas that say its all OK for me to be a DEVIL….AND GOD BE DAMNED!…because the mind said so.In fact the mind said we are the chosen people and the mind never lies….right?

All is lost unless your mind is kicked out of your house …BY YOU….and some GOD OR REALITY ….comes back into your field of awareness and understanding.  Because the mind will not solve the war or any problems in the world. IT NEVER WILL. If it could have by now it would have….but it all gets more sick.The mind will mess with you so that you do not even know if you are a man or a woman….that is the mind and its work. How do you like it? Because the mind wants sickness and confusion so that you come to IT for answers. Which are only more devilish actions and evil because then it can then chortle at how stupid you are for following it  and be happy in its un-happiness and separation from the simple REALITY that is always there and SILENT.

That silence will just snuff mind out NOW….SO DO IT?  You do not need a pill or any help from a mental health counselor or preacher or politician or doctor to help YOU find YOU. Experts….are all lost in mind themselves and work for “Mr Smith” . Just like from the matrix movie. Those Mr Smiths…  will hunt you down if you dare escape the matrix by being silent and not thinking or obeying….or if you ever say it’s wrong to bomb women and children. Mr Smith is the Mind….and your enemy right now and he has taken YOU over …and there are no borders to REALITY if you want it?  YOU can find it right now as soon as you step out of mind or the matrix. Will you do it? and ignore Mr Smith?

If not?….then you keep or watchin lies in the media and reading more lies in articles and voting for more liars and you die like the liar that you have chosen to believe in when you do not have to be a liar since you are already THE ONE.



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