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Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 31, 2023

“Someday this war is gonna end.”
– Colonel Bill Kilgore, Apocalypse Now

Battle of Yorktown

We are now in the Siege of Yorktown phase of the Second American Revolution. Prior to the victory in this battle by the Continental Army, most of the so-called rational world still held that the American Revolutionaries could not win the war. After their victory, there still remained a substantial negotiation phase, however we mark Yorktown today as the time and place where the War was won.  

Much has happened behind the scenes, yet a victory has yet to occur on the main stage for all of this to be made “real” to the public. The last definitive victory that no one could ignore or naysay was the Election of 2016. 

Now, we are at a crossroads whereby Trump will either return to office by some miracle of the 2020 election being overturned before the end of 2023, or we will enter the 2024 election cycle, whereby Trump will have to “win” by traditional means in the public eye, with work done behind the curtains to make certain  a repeat of the 2020 fraud is no longer a possibility. The second route seems like the one ahead of us.

The Enemy will appear to do whatever they can to prevent Trump from running again, but if you understand that Team Trump has been running a Continuity of Government Operation ever since the Covid/Election Steal, which was Act of War against the United States, then you understand that most of what we are speculating about is Optics and Mitigating against Chaos for a peaceful transition of power.




The Enemy would like us in World War 3 right now. They already played their Pandemic Card in 2020 and that is not going to fly again. The “masked president” Biden is teetering on the edge of impeachment or retirement, however, he has been a good placeholder and an excellent avatar for corruption and incompetence. If the election of 2024 is the path that must be taken, it appears that Gavin Newsome is the scarecrow that the Democrat Party will attempt to stuff into office, as they work feverishly against reality itself to make this so.

However, at any time between now and the 2024 election, shocking arrests can transpire, which will trigger mass awakening and seismic shifts in this dark to light chess game. 

First indictment [unseal] will trigger MASS POP awakening.
First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.
They will fight but you are ready.
Marker [9].


We are likely to see shadows and shapes of both nuclear war and financial collapse, but these are the storm waters through which we must pass. They will not capsize the ship. The storm is for the wicked and a new world awaits for the champions of peace. 

Endurance has been our middle name this entire journey. So, we must be warriors of patience as well as peace. #Godwins means that the Plan is an enlightened one, which takes into account complexities beyond our mortal ken. We do what we can on the ground and are tradewind riders in the world of dreams and aspirations.

A safe harbor awaits when the storm has passed. The triumph of this era will resound for generations to come, nigh unto eternity. 




The American Revolutionaries won an “impossible” victory, via their endurance, their hopes, and by Divine Providence, even while a numerical majority of their fellow citizens and peers were not even comprehending what was happening until the war was over and won. 

Thankfully, this war does not require us to vanquish others on a battlefield of flesh and blood bodies. This is a spiritual war and an information war, and, of course, a political one. Most will only understand it as the last one, but we know that it is all three, and most especially, the first. 

Hold fast in your mind the Return of Trump to official office as an Endgame Result. How we get there remains to be seen and lived. He is the George Washington of this era. A symbolic figure in many ways, but also a heroic real individual. We, too, are heroes in the same manner as the Continental Army. But this time, the Continental Army is all over the world.   

In many ways, we are like the character played by Heath Ledger in The Patriot, who recognizes the promise of the Flag when others, even fellow soldiers, are calling it all a lost cause.

The Patriot

We are spiritual patriots in this battle and the freedom of humanity is our great cause. By embracing this role we have already won in the higher realms.

We only have one move left at this point. And that move is: keep going.

“You can’t run from the wind. You trim your sails, face the music, and keep going.”
– Captain Sheldon


Parting the Washington Sea





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