Restored Republic via a GCR as of October 28, 2023



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 28 Oct. 2023

Compiled Sat. 28 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

The FBI Knew About Biden Corruption and Did Nothing.
Israel Knew About Hamas’ Planned Attack and Did Nothing.
For Years Congress Knew About the Fiat Dollar and Did Nothing.
Now The World Is In Crisis On So Many Fronts.
It’s Time Somebody Did Something.
Trust The Plan…Q

A Dark Winter was predicted during 2024. It’s only wise to be prepared and store several months worth of cash, water, food and essential items for yourself and to help others.

Climb Every Mountain (2012) – The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

Judy Note: Black Mon/Tues. Halloween Stock Market Crash? In Crisis: JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs close hundreds of branches, lay off thousands as they brace for a financial meltdown – an Economic Crash leading to the most significant wealth transfer in history: the Global Currency Reset.

During this Dark Satanic Halloween All Hallows Eve Season that runs from Sun. 29 Oct. to Wed. 1 Nov. please help to Save The Children.

Learn more Sun. 29 Oct. at 3 pm Pacific Time on Here We Stand Radio:




If you were reading this Update on, or from Operation Disclosure Official, be aware that the information has been redacted. For a complete un-redacted version, see a PDF copy at the end of the Update on Operation Disclosure Official, or read an un-redacted version on the Rumor Mill Website.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Fri. 27 Oct. MarkZ: “Let’s hope my Iraqi contacts are correct in that they believe they are going this weekend. …News from Iraq continues to be very positive. The majority of my Iraqi contacts believe we will see RV somewhere between now and the first. None know for certain what the timing is.”
  • Fri. 27 Oct. Wolverine: “Already in South America some people have been told which bank they have to go. We are close, so stand by everyone.”
  • Thurs. 26 Oct. Bruce: “The start of the new Global Financial System, the Iraqi Gazette publication of the new Iraqi Dinar Rate and Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group) receiving notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments was expected to happen by Sat. 28 Oct.”
  • Thurs. 26 Oct. TNT: “Today we were told that new Dinar Rate announcement was imminent. Iraq placed lower denoms of Dinar at ports and airlines on Thurs. 26 Oct.
  • Wed. 25 Oct. Militia Man: “Recently we showed that the World Trade Organization is talking about full ascension in the Fourth Quarter and we are now in that Fourth Quarter.” 
  • For the past two weeks the revalued Iraqi Dinar has been trading on the back screens of the Forex and putting itself in a position for the new International Exchange rate that was soon to be made public according to Iraqi Banks.
  • Get Ready for EBS Activation: Q says that “After Argentina’s election on Sun. 22 Oct. everything would change and the World would soon have no Internet for a while. We are approaching that Timeline. Get Ready for it.” …Q Bombshell! EBS Activation on October 22nd: Biden’s Retirement, Trump’s Return, and the White Hats’ Plan Revealed! | Alternative | Before It’s News (
  • EBS Activation on Tues. 31 Oct? Trump said he was “turning off the friggin lights at Halloween.” Did he mean EBS Activation on Tues. 31 Oct?
  • In the next three to six months the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer “universal basic income” for citizens of all GESARA-compliant countries. The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family and will work to encourage people to work if they can.

Global Financial Crisis:

The Real News for Fri. 27 Oct. 2023:

  • On Thurs. 27 Oct. the US officially joined the war in the Middle East. The US Military carried out multiple air strikes in Syria. BREAKING NEWS: U.S. ATTACKS SYRIA – American Media Group (
  • GAZA’S GOT TALENT: Hamas actor was dying yesterday, and today he’s out filming. So far we’ve seen him in Hamas songs as a singer, a video blogger cheering Hamas rockets as they land on civilians, then crying claiming to be the victim, then in hospital… what next?
  • The night of October 7, 2023 a ‘war’ broke out in Israel. Fox News covered the ‘war’ NONSTOP. 17 Days later, on the night of October 24, 2023 there was a mass shooting in Maine which is the new narrative they’re covering nonstop. 17 days later Fox News forgot about a ‘war’ in Israel.
  • “The plan of the Great Reset is that you will die with nothing” said Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts in the Australian Parliament, and then continued to drop serious truth bombs about Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum—and its dystopian Great Reset agenda. “Klaus Schwab’s ‘life by subscription’ is really serfdom. It’s slavery. Billionaire, globalist corporations will own everything—homes, factories, farms, cars, furniture—and everyday citizens will rent what they need, but only if their social credit score allows it.”

World War III

The FBI Knew About Biden Corruption and Did Nothing:

  • Jim Biden is Joe Biden’s brother and bagman.
  • Oct. 22 2023: Corruption At Highest Levels Of Gov. Proof FBI Knew About Hunter & Jim Business Dealings. 3 Year Delta (QP 4939 – Oct 22, 2020)
  • Back in Oct. 22 2020 the FBI knew and had evidence of 2020 Election interference and did nothing about it.
  • QP 4939 Oct 22, 2020 Tweet John Roberts Fox on Bobulinski: “This is not going away. Corruption at highest levels of gov. DOJ_FBI_MSDNC ‘political elite’ protection struggles during BRIGHT SUNNY days.”
  • 10:32 pm 22 Oct 2020 Q John Roberts Fox Tweet: Tony Bobulinski will announce that he will turn his electronic devices and records of business dealings with Hunter and Jim Biden over to the FBI.
  • The FBI’s Blackmail Plot against Joe Biden involved 40 informants spying on him.

Biden Crime Family:




  • Years and years of Biden family corruption showing millions of dollars laundered through pay to play schemes via shell companies? Media silent. Some bullshit story concocted by Senate Democrats and the New York Times about an RV loan from one of Clarence Thomas’s friends? Wall-to-wall media blitz.The dishonest, corrupt mainstream media is truly the Enemy of the People.

Larry Silverstein Profits Big on 9/11

  • Just Weeks Before September 11 Lucky Larry Silverstein Purchased The World Trade Center.
  • Larry Called The Collapse Of Building 7 BEFORE It Collapsed.
  • Acquires 99-year lease for Twin Towers just 6 weeks before 9/11.
  • Insures both towers for $3.2 billion against acts of terrorism and ensures he can build new WTC complex if destroyed.
  • Wife allegedly convinces him to attend dermatologist appointment on morning of 9/11 instead of scheduled meeting in North Tower.
  • Twin Towers attacked, collapsing to dust along with his other skyscraper (WTC 7), all plummeting at near free-fall speed.
  • Files insurance claim for $7 billion, arguing attacks on Twin Towers consisted of 2 separate events thus double compensation required.
  • Settles for $4.5 billion compensation on Twin Towers and collects millions in other insurance payouts.
  • Builds new WTC complex

Before Greater Israel expands its borders they have a few things to do:

1. Denuclearize Pakistan
2. Regime change in Russia
3. Start a civil war between Iran and Saudia Arabia
4. Bring down all world currencies
5. Rebuild the Temple of Solomon
6. Divide the MAGA movement
7. Bring down the US Military from within

Join in the Fight for Our Freedoms and Save the Children:

  • You are encouraged to help Save the Children from this “Horror of Venice Carnival Halloween Event” that evening of Sat. 28 Oct by protesting at the Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, Canada; by writing to the Court at: and by listening this Sunday October 22 to Here We Stand at 3 pm pacific:

Donate to Operation Underground Railroad – They’re Saving The Children End Child Trafficking | Operation Underground Railroad (

Sound of Freedom and the Face of Evil:

The capitol of the Sovereign Nation of Hawaii in Lahaina Maui has been destroyed. Hundreds of men, women and children were presumed dead. Over two thousand children were still missing. At least 4,500 displaced. Any aid you could give to help those suffering tremendous losses would be greatly appreciated. Be Careful Where You Donate: The Kingdom of Akua Foundation’s Malama Lahaina Website was the only official and authorized site solely dedicated to and run by the Hawaiian Native Peoples: Malama Lahaina – Pūpūkahi i Holomua  Donations (

Donations were needed to help Save Our Constitution and battle the IRS – butyou get COOL Liberty stuff! Donations go to the printing, postage, travel, mailings and service of legal documents to the criminals and courts. See what cool stuff a Miracles donation can get you. Shopping page:

Support the Fight for our Freedom from the Goliath IRS: Ken Cromar is sitting in jail after having his fully paid for home and all his possessions taken away by the IRS even though he won his case in a Federal Tax Court that he owed no money to the IRS.

  • Fri. 27 Oct. Case Update Day #57: Kidnapped and Held Hostage in an IRS FBI Gulag Dear Patriot Friends and Family, The past 3 days have held many positive surprises. First, we filed an OBJECTION to the US prosecutors who wanted the court to allow ALL the court records to be “protected” and stop me from sharing with the public. At 4 am I was awakened and told “You’re going to court today. Get ready.” Surprise hearing to tell me that I won on that issue! Did you read my OBJECTION to hiding the records? It was inspired. Yesterday the 24th I had two separate real life visits. At 10 am two women from the Federal public defenders office Kris Angelos and Vanessa Ramos made a surprise visit at the request of the judge to explore how they might serve as “Standby Counsel”. Not as my my attorneys but as legal runners helping get materials to and from the court. That was formalized in court today too! Also, the Weber County Jail continues to fail miserably by interfering in my access to the court by blocking my Legal Mail, blocking access to the Jail Law Library, delaying mail from the court, and delaying my access to the Tablet with Discovery (evidence) provided by the prosecutors because they take 3 days to charge the battery which can’t hold a charge. So much so, that there is talk of moving me out of here to Davis County Jail where the US Marshal believes I will be allowed to have a laptop available on a regular basis AND have the US Marshal deliver materials from my Team of 5 “Assistants of Counsel”. I am so blessed to have Raland Brunson, Wendy Leatham, Andy Johnson, Dan Bailey, Paul Tozzi and Land Patent expert Ron Gibson all helping me, while I suffer in this cold, black mold infested, insane jail. They encouraged me and help make this hell bearable knowing that I’m heading into a big showdown jury trial with Goliath IRS on December 11th. All this while not having talked with Barbara fearing for her safety. Please keep praying and supporting us. Thankfully it’s His battle not ours! Ken
  • Ken Cromar’s mailing address (he can only receive white postcards): Paul Kenneth Cromar #655950 Weber County Jail P.O. Box 14000 Ogden, UT 84412 DONATIONS may be mailed to Ken’s son: Talmage Comar 130 W 5300 S Washington Terrace, Utah 84405 OR Venmo: @Talmage-Cromar THREE LETTERS OF SUPPORT FOR KEN CROMAR REVEL HARASSMENT AND CORRUPTION (

Send an email or letter of protest to help save a four year old child held hostage by Organ Harvesting Stanford U Children’s Hospital, which appeared actively trying to kill her. The Court has ruled against the parent’s right to save her.




  • The healthy child went in for prolonged diarrhea and was given the drugs Fentanyl, Dexamethasone, Precedex, Ativan, Amlodipine, Kepra, Nicardipine Ceftriaxone, and intubated on a ventilator, actions of which have caused renal and kidney failure.
  • The family asked for a 2nd opinion and instead Child Protective Services was called. A Court hearing was held without properly notifying the family. Judge Erika Ziegenhorn ruled that the parents have to consent to whatever the hospital deems necessary to prescribe or medical procedure.
  • CPS responsible: Oregon Department of Human Services : Child Protective Services (CPS) : Child Safety : State of Oregon
  • The doctor responsible: Lindsey K Rasmussen, MD Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford University 650-498-6313.

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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