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Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 27, 2023


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Here is an update on the Middle East Crisis. Alistair Crooke formerly of MI6 is in our first link covering this crisis and Scott Ritter is in the second link. The main point of Scott is that Pakistan has placed Iran under its nuclear umbrella. If Israel uses nuclear weapons on Iran Pakistan has said it will nuke Israel. In my dinner with Paul Nitze before he died he said one nuclear bomb strike on Israel ends the state.  

I think Scott’s recommendation that Israel start negotiations with Hamas is the correct approach. It is interesting that Pakistan’s threat has not received media attention nor the potential use of the oil boycott threat against the 618 trillion world derivate position received much exposure. These factors are being discussed behind closed doors. They are outlined below.

Alistair Crooke:

Scott Ritter:






The Islamic countries are united and can bring down the US financial system anytime they choose. Iran and Saudi Arabia are allying together. The 2008 crisis took 29 trillion dollars to solve but this one should it happen could not be solved with 100 trillion dollars of fiat instruments. I used to work with the OSS-CIA folks that ran the US where I solved the 1987 cash settlement rig crash in one hour. I coordinated it with my point man at the Fed Ted Truman and number one OSS-CIA-Billionaire at the deep state. I just noticed an article that Ted Truman just wrote in the Financial Times so he is alive and kicking in his eighties. We just ordered the major firms to reverse their cash settlement rigs.  Ted understood everything in a minute. He was the George Smiley at the Fed of the John Le Carre novels. Greenspan was totally incompetent in 1987 and Paul Volcker was a good egg in 1979 but knew nothing. I wrote the Volcker plan. Paul did everything I told him to do. When we decided to reverse the tight money I met him on the New York City to Washington, D. C. shuttle to order the easing of credit.

These OSS-CIA folks were Princeton, Harvard and Yale graduates that preferred the cloak and dagger to being cannon fodder in the Ruhr in World War Two. After World War Two they ran the world but they died out or were retired by 2007.  Not everyone stayed in the company but number one that I worked with in 1979 first was a protege of Baron Eduard de Rothschild who asked me to write the Volcker plan, and later an OSS-CIA-Princeton fellow who married a rich girl–girls are fascinated by OSS-CIA folks–where we solved the 1987 crash in ten minutes as I was quite familiar with the cash settlement rig. I just ordered the reversal of the rig. That is explained under the section entitled “Stochastic Control Theory” in the next link.

The situation is not dissimilar today but the proportions are greater.  And the OSS-CIA folks are dead. And we cannot create oil out of thin air to solve an oil embargo that is coming as we did in 1987 and 2008. Now it requires real statesmen and we have none.

That is why we could not put an effective team together for the 2008 crash that led to endless delays as the CIA-OSS fellow that ran the US had just passed away in 2007.  I gave them the plan but I was working on another emergency but it took them two months to implement and they had to pump into the system about 27 trillion additional dollars raising Federal Reserve Credit to 29 trillion dollars. As you can see below, this 27 trillion dollars never appeared on the Federal Reserve balance sheet. If we want to have a proportional understanding of these figures between the founding of the Federal Reserve System in 1913-1914 until 2008 about two trillion dollars of Federal Reserve Credit was created which was its reserve base upon which the entire US fractionalized banking system was underpinned.  27 trillion was created to prevent the implosion of the entire world financial system in 2008. It was later unwound. That is why an understanding hand has to be guiding this fractionalized system to avoid these mishaps. Here is some history.





I was also involved in ending the other grand manipulation of 2008 which forced the issuance of 27 trillion dollars in Federal Reserve Credit as they hesitated to follow my advice when in 1987 there are hardly a ripple. I was preoccupied on other major matters for the United States in 2008 but wrote out the rescue plan but they delayed its implementation for two months requiring 27 trillion dollars of new Federal Reserve Credit based on the delay. This could just as easily been rescued as in 1987. In matters such as this he who hesitates is lost.  

When love once pleas admission to our hearts

(In spite of all the virtue we can boast)

The woman that deliberates is lost.

If you wish to understand what this meant from 1913-1914 to 2008 about two trillion of Federal Reserve Credit had been created. They had to create 27 trillion dollars to save the situation all of which was subsequently paid back. But they never showed any Federal Reserve Credit having been above two trillion dollars in 2008 as that would have created a world crisis which you can see for yourself in the third link. Here are the links. Link one covers the 27 trillion dollar cover on top of the two trillion base for their mistake, and link two the Federal Reserve balance sheet for 2008 showing no relative increase in credit which report was false. 

Recent balance sheet trends

It looks to me that the present incompetence at the Fed and Treasury is so extreme that it will be next to impossible to save the system unless changes are made very quickly in who is running the show and this will be our Creditanstalt trigger as in 1931 in Vienna if capable people are not put in place.

Here is the current analysis. The fact that I wrote it up and distributed it to key players could turn the tide as recipients may move to solve the problem before it explodes. That may be wishful thinking but we must try. Here is the situation:

Our sources indicate that OPEC is in the planning in stages to contract the oil supply to sanction areas as Europe by refusing to supply them with oil for allying with Israel. First, it will start from Kuwait and then spread from one OPEC country to another. Thus, Europe’s alliance with the US will lead to its total destruction.  It will spread to all those countries that are treating the Islamic nations as enemies. We have repeatedly predicted that Germany will approach Russia as Bismarck for a treaty exiting NATO though it will require a change of government. The US destroyed Europe’s Russian natural gas resource by bombing the Nord Streams with the support of Scholz as revealed by Sy Hersh. The combo will lead to the collapse of Europe as an industrial group of nations. Of course, the US is self-sufficient in oil but its financial system is interconnected with the world financial system so it would similarly implode.

“Minsky moments are triggered by excessive financial leverage, and in the context of supply chains, leverage means excessive operating leverage: in Germany, $2 trillion of value added depends on $20 billion of gas from Russia …that’s 100 -times leverage – more than Lehman’s. And the concept of operating leverage applies in the military domain too: if Taiwan makes the chips for the missiles the U.S. sends it for self-defense but has to wait for missiles because they are needed in Ukraine instead or it can’t ship them to the U.S. owing to a sea and air blockade imposed by China, the U.S. is operationally ill-equipped to support a two -front war. In English… …that’s infinite leverage for Pax Americana, globalization, and lowflation.” (Zoltan Poznar)




I have been warning of this in a macro-level. That may still happen. The world derivative markets of 618 trillion are going to start shaking. The Anglo-Saxons face the potential of a Creditanstalt moment as we discuss below. It is important to realize that the US financial system if it implodes as Germany in 1933 could face a similar revolution. In 1933 the US weathered a 25% unemployment but in Germany it was 50% if the itinerant workers were included. In the US we have the illegal immigrants similarly outside our statistics. 50% unemployment in Germany caused the national revolution.

Here are Islamic oil cut off threats:

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani warning supplies of Middle East oil to international markets could be put off because of the Israel-Gaza War.

The other reason this is very significant is because if a larger war were to kick off, oil would become the primary geostrategic global lightning rod. That’s because Iran can wreak havoc on global markets, transits via the known chokepoints of the Persian Gulf, etc. This is underscored by the fact that the Iranian minister called for a total oil embargo on Israel during this meeting:

Iranian Foreign Minister: We call on a total oil and gas embargo by the Islamic countries against nations that support Israel

618 Trillion Dollar Notional Derviative Valuation:

David Lifschultz


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