(Reader: BQQMER) Response to Lena Rae “Telling Some Hard Truths”



Reader Post | By BQQMER

Lena, I find it really difficult to read your article due to some inaccuracies of your posting of “hard truths” as you quipped your most inaccurate statements. Your article proves my point of the readers that have opinions about topics that they have not properly researched. Improper research is also disinfo intentionally or unintentionally!

Speaking precisely about the video link as there are so many other points to make about your post. I had to make a choice of what to comment on as this would be very long…

What you took from that video that you posted the link to was simply a misunderstanding on your part. President Trump was soft disclosing about NESARA and Meds beds. At the time of that speech, he could not come out and say exactly what was going to happen. You must not know what happened at the very beginning of the lockdown in NYC under those white tents in Central Park. Those tents were over the exits and entrances to the tunnels. Thousands of human trafficked persons were brought up from the tunnels and their mangled bodies and shattered minds were taken to meds beds for healing of their bodies and minds. Lockdown in major cities was a rescue mission for the trafficked. Trump always made a positive out of a negative situation.

If you only researched the good that he has done in his life for the public, you would be ashamed of yourself for misleading other persons that did not know facts either in order to  distrust President Trump. You slandering him and his reputation is not a WWG1WGA moment. We are supposed to be UNIFYING not bringing the house down with negative half truths.

My President has been working for the White Hats since he was 18 years old. He knows how to get the Cabal. He plays 5D chess with them and they have lost. They know they have lost. He cares DEEPLY for America and actually the whole world. Do us all a favor and do some REAL research and dig for TRUTHS. MSM buries the truths and so does Google, that’s why we all need to use alternative search engines and follow alternative news channels and even then always USE DISCERNMENT. We are in WW3 and have been at war since 2015 against the Cabal. Once they found out he was running for President on the Republican side, they knew he was coming to get them all.

Everything President Trump said in his Inauguration speech in 2017, came true. Promises made, promises kept! Of course, it was not published by MSM! You have been tricked yet again by the Cabal, Lena Rae. I challenge you to watch his speech in 2017 again or possibly for the first time. He has done so very much for the citizens and you have the audacity to knock him down like this? I’ll remind you what he said that he will take slings and arrows for us all and stand up for what is right and true. He doesn’t deserve how he is being treated by many…including those that spread disinformation about him.

In my eyes, you might as well go get a job at CNN! To me, half truths are worse then point blank lies! It confuses the public that are too lazy to research the true answers.




Once the GCR and RV happen, I just wonder if people like yourself will change your tune and realize that he never wavered in his fight to beat the cabal for us. You see, he did not need to do this for the grateful and ungrateful citizens. He had a wonderful life already! He actually lost money by being President. He and JFK Jr too, did it for the love of America and the citizens of the world, I am very happy that he is STILL POTUS!

FULL DISCLOSURE will prove all the ungrateful naysayers wrong!

In truth and light,


PS. Thank you, Patrick for all you do! I appreciate you!


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