(Reader: Lena Rae) Telling Some Hard Truths



Reader Post | By Lena Rae

Hi, I rarely post under my own name, if at all, but I felt the need to speak up about some things I’ve been reading both on this website and in the MSM.

1st, Judy and her people are right.

Listen to them, they know WTF is really going on.


I have been trying to prove these guys wrong for a few years now, and I have been unable to do so.

I have tried writing to Biden and communicating with him and his administration, and what I get in response is half-working website links, form letters and references to the Biden administrations agenda, policies and rules.

There is no humanity, or American emotion, or understanding, coming from Biden.




From what I can tell, his administrations agenda is to indoctrinate “un-desirables” (homeless, mentally ill, or impaired in some way) into their economy and use them to make their government money, to pay off the United States debt.

Essentially, they are forcing free people into slavery to pay for the 1%’s debts.

They are using trickery, regulations, mandates and laws to do this.

They claim that “jobs” are going to miraculously fix everyone, and tout their success, when they offer no viable alternatives to their agenda (which is to pay off their debts).

They make false claims that they “care” and use beguiling methods to trick mentally ill and desperate people into their slavery system.

They offer food, housing, health care and gifts…prizes…candy…from a man in a van.

They are creating problems for normal, unique American citizens, preventing free travel, preventing free speech, creating diseases, and creating “incentives” to push people where they want them to be.




And if that doesn’t work, then they’re going to turn to mad-dog Trump and his governments plans to force everyone left, who they couldn’t trick, into mental institutions.

I am not making this up, it’s on his campaign website.


So if you think for a second Trump is going to “save us” or has the best interest of the people in mind, you are being fooled.

While Biden speaks deceit softly and whispers seemingly peaceful words, Trump in contrast speaks loudly and ferociously, about forcing free people into camps, just because they have been deemed as “sick” by the US governments fabricated rules.

They made it up peeps.

They made it ALL up.

Every part of any government is 100% made-up, and has no legitimacy unless enforced.

So what Biden is doing, is offering a sleepy solution to a “problem” that the government has honed in on, that they can use to make money, to pay off their debts.

And very likely the only alternative to his sleezy methods is going to be Trump’s highly un-American plans to forcefully enslave everyone the money-grubbing government deems to be “undesirable”.




They are infected with greed and they are using everyone to pay for their needs.

As for the MSM, they are being heavily censored and can only provide information to the public that falls within the agenda of the corporation who is paying their bills. (don’t bite the hand that feeds you)

As for the DUMBS and underground tunnels where children were/are being held, tortured and experimented on…I have no provable evidence that is a valid claim, but I have had nightmares and visions of these troubled souls.

I have also encountered some people on the road during my travels around the country and over seas who have claimed (with much discomfort and fear) to be escapees of these facilities and relayed their horror stories to me.

They told me they had pieces cut out or their bodies, harvested until they grew back, and that they were hooked to machines that caused them to regrow quickly.

They were released after they reached a certain age, placed with foster families designated by the US government, and given “benefits” for mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

They were/are forced to attend “therapy” or receive “medical treatment” to keep them subdued, sedated, brain-washed and under control of the government who caused their trauma in the 1st place.

They are treated like lesser-beings, dangerous, crazy or otherwise un-believable by the MSM and the people who have been brain-washed to believe that those with alternative brain chemistries are somehow deformed or unreliable sources of information.

These claims come from people who are both homed, and homeless.

On a personal level, the US government, through the school system, tricked me and told me I had to take their drugs or they would expel me, for defending myself against assaultive boys who kept attacking me until I finally stuck back, and then they ran to get “help” from the “crazy” girl.




These deranged boys (who were also being abused at home) took out their anger on me for months, while I was trying to nap, alone, by myself, not around them or anyone, in between classes, at recess.

They continued to torment and torture me until I finally struck back, and then made false claims to the principal and teachers.

Those “authorities” then “medicated” me without need, and created physical health problems that I am still healing to this day.

Never mind the fact that I was born blind, and couldn’t even see who was attacking me.

Or the fact that I had to pay for my own corrective eye surgery later in life, because the US corporation’s government issued insurance would only pay to keep me visually impaired, not pay to correct a physical deformity I had been born with.

The only reason they can’t legally medicate kids under 12 years old, is because of the legal claims I, and many other victims/survivors of their medical mal-practice filed in order to get financial compensation for our suffering.

We had to suffer, be hospitalized and treated like shit just to prove that something was wrong.

And all they did was pay us less than we deserved, and put us in a corner.

Out of site, out of mind…right?

Due to the actions of some good people still fighting for actual health care in the medical field, I was able to get clean from their “medications” and begin my path to full recovery.




However, now I am at risk of loosing my financial benefits, because I am too healthy, young and intelligent, for the government to be able to fund.

(they only want compliant, retarded, drug addicts who are easy to control)

They are trying to force me to work for the same people, the same system, that hurt me in the 1st place.

The same system that doesn’t care about us.

They are using the medical system and their mandates to maintain their power, and their control.

They are great providers of drugs, and mind-altering substances, but not actual health care.

They won’t given people a break to rest (jobs jobs jobs), be with their loved ones (jobs jobs jobs) and live their lives, evolving and growing naturally (jobs jobs jobs).

They won’t pay for corrective procedures (keep them down).

They won’t allow people to retire until their already worn out, or sell out and become exorbitantly rich (“join us”…jobs jobs jobs).

They won’t even let their own workers rest when they are unemployed and looking for work.




You have to submit job claims and/or attend their un-helpful, brainwashing classes every week to claim the unemployment benefits you and your employer legally earned.

Oh, and under their rules, they won’t let people in love (couples) have their own bedrooms, under the thumb of their “helpful” housing programs. (keep them down, don’t let them rest)

They consider individuals who want to get married, or claim to be in a loving relationship (heterosexual or homosexual) to be 1 entity, and force them to share increasingly tiny spaces.

This creates a breeding ground for domestic problems, contagious illness and exhaustion from lack of restful sleep and over-working.

It creates the foundation for domestic violence and illness.

They are creating the problems that are tearing families apart and keeping people in a cycle of sickness.

Then they offer “help” from their medical “bro-fessionals” who offer drugs to “ease their suffering”.

They are evil.

They don’t care about us.

They want us to pay for their shit, and die of “covid complications”.




The only way left to survive in their economy seems to be to either lie to them, or run from them.

So, to recap, they’ve created a world where we HAVE to lie to survive in their economy (is it any wonder Loki is so popular right now?) or pay for their bills by working ourselves to death.

Let freedom ring, right?

A few tips for survival in the new normal nazi economy;

1.) Lie to the liars, don’t give them what they want.

Accept their “medications” but don’t take them.

Take them on paper, but waste their drugs in practice.

Dump their poison pills, but don’t sell them.

2.) “Independant Contrator” is the only way to file and benefit.

3.) Remote work is King.




4.) Turn off your internet and phone when not in use.

UNPLUG as much as possible.

5.) Don’t listen to, watch or believe the lies in the MSM.

They are skewing the numbers to bolster their own agenda.

Take everything with a “grain of salt”.

6.) File petitions, write letters to your congress and senators, attend meetings, webnars and fill out surveys.


Speak up, stand up and do not be deterred by their mandates, rules and regulations.

7.) Speak the truth, provide facts and evidence and do not pass around their lies and agenda, like the contagion it is.

8.) Do not give them what they want!

Don’t fund their hired hit-men (police), or government control programs.

Don’t retaliate in violence to their hired hitmen (police), or create a scene with “hot-tag’ language and raised voices.

Stay calm, collected and “sane” under their pressure.

Make them question their own sanity and the side they’ve chosen.

9.) Demand humanity from our government.

Demand that they care.

Demand that they prove their allegiance to their own citizens.

Demand honesty and integrity of the people who claim ownership of you.


WE THE PEOPLE, need to take back control of our own government.

1 person, 1 vote.

No more “elected” officials to rule over us, and pass laws in the dark to fulfill their own agendas.

No more corrupt judges that never leave their positions until they die.

No more un-necessary laws and harmful/destructive rules, that keep people from living healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

No more wages that don’t pay for shit.

No more money in control of our government.

PEOPLE, specifically the people of our own country, should be/need to be in charge of their own politics, regardless of how much money they have.

We can still have a blooming economy, buying and selling goods and services, without the market ruling our government, and our lives.

Government and money need to be separated.

Government officials need to be volunteers, paid by the hours they actually work, at a rate that is equivalent to the work their actually doing.

With the introduction of the internet, remote work and the increased fuel efficiency, our government officials do not need paid the ridiculous salaries they are getting.

All they really need to do, is answer public questions, file paperwork, push buttons and relay only necessary information to other world leaders.

They don’t need to be paid a ton of money for that, especially if all their personal needs are already being met by the UBI.

With the creation of the proposed UBI, no one should have need to work just to sustain themselves in the currently failing economy, and that leaves us the ability to focus on increasing the quality of our work.

That means we get higher-quality, duely elected, government officials that actually care about the people of their country, not making a profit off of the people of their country.

The reason a GCR is essential to making this happen, is because the current cabal regime is ingrained into our governing system, by way of financial control, on a global level.

We can’t fully take those dark forces out of play without de-powering them 1st.

And they happen to be using global debts, the financial system and government mandates, rules and laws to fulfill their desires.

So, we have to take away their toys, put them in a corner and force them to think about what they’ve done to all the rest of us…Like the bad babies they are.

That being said, if we don’t eradicate these baby roaches entirely, it’s likely they will spread again at some point, and we’ll have to deal with their schemes all over again.

But does killing the cabal make us any better than them?

This question may be the only thing that is preventing an all out World War 3.

I think each and every one of us should be asking ourselves some hard questions, daily.

How much, is too much?

When are we going to stop playing games, and start fighting back?

When they start putting people in camps for sleeping on the dirt?

When they arrest you for “talking too much”?

When they drug you for being an individual? For being different, from them?

Where is that line?

And will there be enough of us left able to fight them, when they finally cross it?

It’s up to all of us to decide where that line is, and fight back in whatever capacity we can.

I know this is a lot to intake, and hard decisions to make, but it’s time to make them.

It’s time.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Sincerely, Lena.


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