Steve Beckow: Ask the One Who Pulls the Strings

Ask the one who pulls the strings


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

October 24, 2023

Ask the One Who Pulls the Strings

What’s different about this time, this conflagration, this war from many others is that, at last, the rallied and awakened global majority, whether populace or military, is coming together behind the white hats to arrest the puppet-masters.

Every level of the deep state has a puppet master. Every level is isolated from every other for damage control.

So far the citizen soldiers of any army have found themselves at war against the citizen soldiers of another country in circumstances from which only bankers, arms manufacturers and their colleagues emerge victorious.

These wars were often the result of false-flag operations; that is, we desired war and so “our side” started it. (1)

No one has seen the dark ones behind the scene who are commanding the creation of this havoc we see around us.




And those who have seen them or their operations and told about it have been assassinated – JFK, Bill Cooper, Andreas Noack, who discovered and warned us about graphene hydroxide in the vaccines, etc.

Let’s take the focus off our countries or religions or even genders and place it where it belongs – in our opposition to (behavior, not people) Satanism, adrenochrome production, child trafficking, sexual slavery, corruption, blackmail, extortion, money laundering, and all the other behavior that departs from what we know to be our spiritual truths and teachings.

I can’t tell you what yours may be, but I can share mine:

  • That all souls are equal, no matter what form they’ve donned this lifetime.
  • That all souls are equally launched on the same journey – from God to God – a journey that takes many lifetimes.
  • That in our many lifetimes all of us have played many, if not most, parts.
  • That where a soul is at is simply where a soul is at; it isn’t “behind” us or “lower than” us or even “higher than” us.
  • However, that certain behavior is unacceptable and needs to stop wherever it is found and whatever the justification.

No religion can justify some of the serious human-rights abuses that exist on this planet today. (2) No racial or any other theory based in separation and inequality has any spiritual weight.

The evil being done today must stop and it will stop. (3)

Meanwhile, are we, as Cdr. Hatonn put the matter some time ago, “able to honor all people as parts of God and separate that from their ungodly thoughts and actions”? (4)

That’s the challenge and, in my opinion, it’s up to us lightworkers to do the heavy lifting in honoring all people as parts of God while separating them from their ungodly thoughts and actions.




Human-rights abuses must stop, but the execution of other “parts of God” must also stop. Otherwise we’ve descended to their level, which is no way to enter a Golden Age.

In sum, we need to keep the light of love shining on the puppetmasters, who soon will be gone but until then whose evil behavior must be stopped. (5)


(1)  For instance, the USS Maine in Havana harbor and the Spanish-American War, the Marco-Polo Bridge incident and the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, the Gulf of Tonkin and the Vietnam War, Operation Northwood and the aborted attack on Cuba, 9/11 and the invasions of Afghanistan (opium) and Iraq (oil), the Hamas attack on Israel (deflection from vaccine disaster and from losing Ukrainian war), etc.

(2) A report from 2013 on global gender persecution probably has changed little. See Country Reports on Human Rights Practices at

(3) Apparently, this is the fate that awaits the dark ones who persist in evil-doing:

Blossom Goodchild: Will the dark ones still be able to function after this [Ring of Fire] Wave of Love has taken place?

Federation of Light: No. … That which is coming, Blossom, that which ‘This Event’ will bring with it, is of such Light, Such Energy change … for/of … ALL THAT IS both on and off Planet. This is why we have said, ‘All eyes are on your Planet’ as it is part of the upliftment of everything … for everything is connected.

This LOVE LIGHT that is to sweep over, through and within, is of a magnitude that has not yet been experienced in such a way. … The souls of many of such Beings will leave immediately via ‘disintegration’. …

Yes, Blossom, it shall be as if their physical Being literally crumbles and disintegrates.




B: For real?

FoL: Yes, for real Blossom. For the Energy that is carried within the entire body and soul of such ‘naughty folk’ is so ‘dis-eased’ that the Wave of Love … the Strength within it … will cause such Beings to crumble, for it cannot possibly survive within the Vibrational Frequency that the Wave brings. …

We understand that it all may sound farfetched … for your programming has been so ‘normalised’ and all thought of such happenings leads you to believe such things are only make-believe. (“The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 25, 2021,” July 24, 2021, at

(4) Hatonn in Matthew’s Message, Oct. 10, 2010, at

(5) Jesus: You live in tumultuous times and you live in a time of fulfilment. … You are leaving compassion and latitude for correction and understanding.

You are bringing to light what needs to be revealed so it doesn’t destroy the fiber of your society. … When you see the shadow, it defines the light.  (Jesus through Linda Dillon, Heart Call, Sept. 19, 2020.)


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