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Reader Post | By Victor

Wow..that was entertaining for sure. But like you said in the very last line of your article…” and a new story has begun”. That is correct because all you have done is shared a long story about a lot of stories when?  “EVERYTHING IS ME”…or ” EVERYTHING IS MYSELF”.

So stories, no matter how exciting or horrible they are? Are only stories. Because YOU ARE EVERYTHING AND YOU ARE HAVING A DREAM. So your article is only a story from your perspective. If you were an invading alien or a rock the bottom of a lake? Your stories would be different and then on the other hand they would be exactly the same. THEY ARE ONLY STORIES!….just pure made up bs that does not even “exist”. But they exist for you …”if you say they exist?”…OR you attach yourself to any idea or stories by identifying with a story and then manifesting it with your awareness upon it..

You may think that you are very advanced and deep diving into the truths or the universe? Maybe you are? And maybe you’re just lost in a story? Which imo you are and everyone in the dream is….so you are not alone in this state of …”amnesia”…or forgetting your SELF. Which points to what really matters is:…”KNOWING YOUR THE DREAMER? Have you deep dived into that idea? Because no stories survive that deep dive. Does your long history of mind survive in SILENCE? NO STORIES THERE.?…Right? Close your eyes and be still. Nothing there.

But you are there in Silence? Check right now if that is true. Be still and see if you are there or here right now? You are right? What is that? You do not know because if you did? You would no longer talk about stories because they would be known by you as a dream. So…you have been addicted to stories and do not see “WHAT HOLDS”… any story that you believe in to be the truth. It does not matter if you are an alien from some other planet or a rock. Both rock and aliens are BS since they die in SILENCE….BUT YOU REMAIN.

That means that all stories and all Bibles and all religious books are all….PURE BS STORIES….no different than any of the wonderful fantastic dreams stories that you shared. The bible dies in silence along with Torras and Korans etc…In SILENCE nothing of the world remains and only YOU REMAIN…..YOUR THE ONE.

You shared YOUR OWN DREAMS….since YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE HERE. In your dream state you believe your dreams to be real. You do this every night. You think your dreams are real and you wake up from a nightmare scared and maybe even screaming? Haaa….haaa….boy are you a good dreamer and you are a good dreamer…as we all are when we dream from a specific point of view. Which is where the perception of a separate person being born manifests.That is the dream and then more stories are added as you have found in your research. 

So….imo…your research is focused OUTWARD and then You just laid down a whole bs story of earth’s history, but you fail to disclose and discover for yourself…..that it is just a dream. And ….imo….that you are soundly asleep in bed dreaming you wrote this article to save other people? Let me add that I am not putting you down because you have come a long way that I am familiar with but there is more to the deep now that you have come so far…..and I also know about that delusion in trying to save ” other people”. It’s a very self indulgence dream that one….imo again…But let’s move on.




If you do not look within and rest in SILENCE….YOU as a “person”…will never see that “THERE IS NO REAL PERSON THERE”…IT IS ALL A BIG DREAM….ALL  OF IT…..Even the Bible and the saviors and the demons and the creation of galaxies and the idea of a solid material world? Haaa…..a material world? Where can you prove that one?. YOU CAN’T….because it is not true as the dream stories are not true and the idea that you are a live dream character independent in a dream….is not true. Since any dream is not real.

Can a dream character become a real person? NO…you’re not real. So why would a dream character even need GOD to save it from what? You are being dreamed up by YOU. Who is there to save but YOU?…and YOU DO NOT NEED SAVING…YOU NEED…Waking up and then SILENCE REMAINS? A dream is an illusion within YOU. YOU ARE THE SINGULAR ONE HERE…..and then you dream everything else up.You drean the universe and all of its history…since YOU HAVE NO OTHER WAY TO BE ALIVE.

I just listened to Johnny Cash and his last song “HURT”…In there in his last line also…..He says….” I will keep myself. I will find a way”….and you did.YOU MADE UP A STORY TO FEEL ALIVE….and that YOU is the ultimate YOU….since YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE HERE.

 Because “Everything in Me”…When you are everything you fill even the smallest void in the universe with YOU. That means all is you.Since you are everything!… and that feels like ME ….Everywhere….but when I feel myself as everywhere I can not feel a thing because Everything Is Me and that feels like Everything Being Nothing and Feeling frozen in a bolt of lightning.That is the ABSOLUTE….YOU ARE THAT….but when you are that which you are, there is no creation yet because you have not dreamed up the stories yet. But now a universe you made with many long and old stories and you keep on making more stories so that YOU CAN FEEL SOMETHING….because as the ABSOLUTE….you do not feel individuality and all of it’s….”HURT”…..? You needed duality to feel hurt and the need for GOD….or yourself. 

You rigged the dream of all of creation so that it will always be about YOU and come back to YOU. Since that is the only TRUTH….”EVERYTHING IS ME”..

So?…..YOU are that… or ,,, “Everything Is Me”.,,When you feel everything is YOU….YOU are in a manifested state of an “I”…a GOD…of “I AM”….I EXIST…..But that stepped down AWARENESS then created the universe or…..I HAD A DREAM…and created within its own awareness something called the “illusion of birth and death and a You here”…. HERE…. we can feel… because now I AM manifested… with that sense of I AM…Then within that I AM…there appears …an I AM in a human body, who can also dream. I AM dreams that it is GOD who then creates a world and then puts everything in that world….but it’s just a dream within awareness always.

There is no solid world….that is the dream of SOLID THINGS. Stories promote the idea of Solid because both come from the MIND concept manifesting….and it has no separate SOUL….If it did? thoughts would exist in SILENCE…but they are not there. So in that dream you think you need others for example to tell you about GOD?.You then pretend to be lost and need to  look at bibles and many versions of it and then look all over the world at their religious books and all are the same. An empty STORY…just as your history of the world stories. It means NOTHING….because in SILENCE …only YOU ARE THERE.




That is why “EVERYTHING IS ME”…and I say…”ME”…because LIFE IS VERY PERSONAL….I said earlier to be in SILENCE….and notice that you are there? THAT IS THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL AND THE ONLY THING THAT …”IS”….YOU IS AND STORIES IS NOT….

So stories come with the individual mind idea of a Creation and promote that as a reality…But the real REALITY….is dreamed up BY YOU…in order TO EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING…or anything. This means that when you wake up ….YOU WILL KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS ME….This is a real experience that you will have. Then?…Then what good are stories? Well they are all that is in the way of experiences and the only way to have any experience at all. As the Absolute in pure SINGULARITY….NO EXPERIENCES of duality can happen in that state. So this is YOU dreaming you up in a story and infinite stories with infinite points of view….because even a rock is YOU….EVERYTHING IS YOU.

Here is a way to get out of mind and a simple way to throw all religious books in the trash along with all the stories that also have to be seen through as worthless in FINDING YOU…because STORIES will not save YOUR SOUL…..they are only full of made up distortions to add spice to your dream and to make it challenging or very hard to wake up. With all of eternity at stake, you made the game very hard in order to make it exciting!.

Here is a simple prayer that you can use to get out of mind and start to feel and be still and silent.


These lines you say to yourself or (ME)….the inner child, to start much healing on the emotional level. Then as GOD transmutes your dream you will heal and get to the VOID….or the state of “I AM”….That state these 6 lines will take you too. They are a tool to get to the ..”I AM”….there YOU AND THE FATHER ARE ONE….and there is only ME….

There you will see that your universe and creation IS WITHIN YOUR AWARENESS….and then within that there is “your body” and within that there are “your stories or mind”….yet all along YOU were there hiding observing as AWARENESS….and like in the song “HURT”.. YOU SAY…..”I will find a way to keep myself”….and you did when you realize that you are the dreamer and not the dream character who dies. YOU NEVER DIE….so to find the way is to wake up to who you are.

Now the dream history you shared “exists”…in a way as you shared then and some are not correct because I have heard what you wrote before and there are also other interpretations….but I wanted to share that it DOES NOT MATTER!… Since we are more than the story and I have you can comprehend some of this that I share in order to not become stressed out by the stories which will always keep going as the dream of creation will never end and can not be stopped. So the correct context of the SELF is a must to have in order to ENJOY THE STORIES AND DREAM….and to WAKE UP TO YOU.

(3447) Johnny Cash – Hurt – YouTube






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