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18 billion years ago to 2023

18 billion years ago, the Lord of the Source combined with this energy to create this universe.

After the creation of the universe 18 billion years ago, the Lord of the Source created cosmic life and created many living cosmic planets and physical worlds.

15 billion years ago, the universe was expanding and contracting.

After 5 billion years ago, there were many life forms in the universe, gradually creating solar system galaxies.

300 million years ago, the solar system evolved into many natural life and environments.

66 million years ago, the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by the central solar flare in the Milky Way.




Orion began to form dark forces 8 million years ago, and they disconnected from the Lord of the Source.

The establishment of the Light Power 6 million years ago.

3 million years ago, the dark forces launched a war with other planetary civilizations, known as the Galactic War.

Two million years ago, the forces of light and other planetary civilizations explored Earth’s space.

A million years ago, the dark Ones invaded Earth, and most of the ancestors of Atlantis residents surrendered to the dark Ones. The dark Ones began to further control Atlantis, gaining colonial power in the solar system.

900000 years ago, the dark forces engaged in further invasions beyond the solar system through Blitzkrieg, mostly ending in defeat and controlling almost all regions of the solar system.

300000 years ago, there was an uprising and battle outside the colony, and ultimately, due to the defeat of most of the survivors and combatants involved in the battle, they were imprisoned on Earth.




200000 years ago, Atlantis invited most planetary civilizations to visit Atlantis, and some regions spread their belonging to planetary civilizations. Planetary civilizations brought energy to Atlantis by pushing the waves.

75000 years ago, many other planetary civilizations carried numerous technologies for development and construction.

26000 years ago, the dark forces declared Atlantis their property, and a large number of wars and related invasions led to the destruction of Atlantis.

25000 years ago, the dark forces sent numerous military personnel to attack Earth.

15000 years ago, after the war, the population was less than a few million.

12000 years ago, Atlantis perished and ceased operations.

11500 to 8000 years ago, the dark forces caused millions of deaths due to failure to reach frequency and reincarnation to other negative regions by creating so-called disasters.

3600 years ago, the dark forces began to further invade Earth.

5000 years ago, the dark forces caused disasters, accidents, and wars to further suppress women’s energy, while they infiltrated the Earth under complete control.

4300 to 3000 years ago.




The dark forces established the Kingdom of Babylon, and this country has already perished.

Egypt was established by an active planetary civilization group.

3500 years ago, the dark forces infiltrated Egypt, further causing this civilization to engage in war.

2600 years ago, Greek civilization was formed by a fraternal group.

From 0 AD to 2023

In the 3rd century, the dark forces launched wars and established many negative portals and anomalies.

Library destroyed in the 8th century.

The establishment of early conspiracy groups by the dark forces was in the 12th to 14th centuries at the Vatican and the Coza mafia.

Then they launched a pandemic.

The forces of light established new strongholds in China in the 14th century.




The dark forces established the Illuminati and Freemasons through their consuls in the 17th century.

In the 16th century, the dark forces began to control China for almost three hundred years, while being under the influence of the light forces in the Republic of China and the future.

In the 17th to 19th centuries, the forces of light eventually established numerous civilizations and established connections with China, while the Chinese liberation movement was still ongoing.

The United States became independent, and Washington made a mistake and had a connection with the Freemasons.

The French Revolution was completed by Napoleon, who also helped Washington achieve American independence. At the same time, he also made the mistake of launching wars with other European countries or Russia and beginning to have connections with Rothschild.

Later, the Germans invented the car, and due to their telepathy, they brought technology to invent steam engines and cars, and began further space programs.

Later, the dark forces took control of China and led to a revolution in Europe. This was an action, and both the United States and China engaged in internal wars, instigated by the dark forces.

Later, Nikola Tesla was born and invented many technologies, but they were all in patents and blueprints. Some product experiments failed, and in the end, he had to leave Earth.

The dark forces have begun to further infiltrate schools, especially in most institutional organizations and companies.

In the 20th century, China experienced many uprisings and revolutions, and their attempts to drive away the dark forces failed.




Later, China erupted into a revolution again, and the Chinese royal family perished due to internal conflicts of selfishness and greed for power.

And the dark forces strengthen China’s control.

The dark forces have taken control of the Federal Reserve and, in selfish circumstances, extorted money through violent means from the tax bureau and the Treasury Department.

Galactic War

World War I

The forces of light led the Allied Powers and the dark led the Allied Powers, while the dark forces launched a massive war that ultimately failed, causing great disaster and suffering, and a historical setback.

The establishment of the Thule Society by the Light Forces in an attempt to revolutionize Germany was successful, but this society was established by the Dark Forces as a Nazi

After World War I

The dark forces invented the M1 car, and they carried out genetic and social engineering in the 1930s.

Establish a large number of laboratories and research institutes.




The Tueller Society, also known as the Nazi secret space program, further developed.

Later, the forces of light warned the Nazis, and the Nazis refused to sign the agreement.

The dark forces further control the world and enslave humans, providing numerous reverse engineering technologies.

World War II

The forces of light learned that the Nazis were about to rule the world, and they supported the Allies and defeated the Nazis to establish the United Nations.

Cold War

In 1947, the dark forces launched the so-called Cold War, and the CIA began to further infiltrate the United States.

The forces of light made contact with US President Eisenhower, but later he refused an agreement with the forces of light. Later, he made contact with extraterrestrial beings of the gray race.

Later, Kennedy began the secret space program and established a space base in the solar system with China and the United States.

Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA for taking over the Federal Reserve.




The space base has been completed.

Subsequently, a super alliance and super company were established, and a base was established by logging into space.

Subsequently, the gold standard in the United States failed, and the forces of the light told humanity about the future through some form of broadcasting.

The resistance movement was established, followed by the New Era Movement and the Hippie Movement.

The Patriot Movement and the UFO Movement formed.

The chip has been invented.

Shortly after, the dark forces caused a massacre in Africa, opening the door to the 1996 consul invasion through their own means.

They invaded nearby planets and ended in failure.

The dark forces began to implant and manipulate false information movements and related destruction to create disaster and accident warfare plans, known as the Saxon Plan.

Later, in the late 20th century, the forces of light controlled Planet X and saved the hostages.




Twenty-First Century

The dark forces lost the colony of the solar system, and soon after the 9/11 attacks occurred.

Subsequently, the Light Forces further launched a large-scale offensive.

Later, the dark forces manufactured biochips, and after their HARRP establishment, the Illuminati began further planning war planning operations.

The success of the Light Faction in action led to the failure of the Dark Faction.

The Fukushima incident, in which the dark forces used nuclear weapons from destroyed Russian submarines underwater to detonate, triggered a catastrophic event.

Because they want to extort from Japan.

After the appearance of the cobra, the solar flare event received widespread attention.

Later, most of the ruling officials and entities of the dark forces were arrested and cleared on a large scale, and the underground bases were cleared. Most of the dark forces’ personnel had already surrendered, and almost all of them were scattered soldiers. The dark forces were afraid of approaching events in the future, and the later stages continued to unfold. They controlled the UFO community to further fake flag operations, And the dark forces still planned to fail through World War III, and soon a revolution would erupt on Earth. Earth would soon have to remove a large number of entities, and in the future, large-scale arrests and disclosure events would be publicly prosecuted, and financial reset technologies would be released. Planetary civilizations would begin to further engage after solar flares, Followed by Ascension or the departure of most people in a chaotic event, followed by the liberation of Earth, the disappearance of the dark Ones, and the final victory of the Galactic War for the Light Ones Then the Earth began to re-enter the Age of Atlantis, and a new story had begun.


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